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Final Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer released

A little more than 2 weeks ago, Nintendo confirmed that the last trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie would be releasing via a Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct on March 9th. Well, March 9th is today and, as promised, the Direct has aired and the trailer has been officially released.

A large portion of the trailer focuses on the previously-revealed Mario Kart race that the movie will have. The official Twitter account for the movie tweeted the trailer not long after it premiered, so you can see their official tweet about the matter, which includes a link to watch the trailer, down below.

9 thoughts on “Final Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer released”

  1. I remember Wario at the end of super Mario land 2 using the carrot and fire flower that was pretty awesome too 😁

  2. This was the first trailer that really worked for me. The trailer was overall excellent. Still wish DK sounded better, but you get used to it… I suppose.

  3. Mario still sounds super wrong. I will still be skipping it. Not worth my money and this will be the first time nintendo doesn’t get it.

    1. I know what you mean. But you don’t think for once if they used the original voice from the games, listening to that for 1hr 45mins wouldn’t annoy you?

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