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4 more retro games available for Switch Online members

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A little more than a couple of weeks ago, the Nintendo added Metroid Fusion to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack’s Game Boy Advance library. Because of this, it was only a matter of time before the other libraries received some additions of their own.

Well, that has happened. Nintendo has announced that 3 retro libraries have received additional games tonight. Kirby’s Dream Land 2 and BurgerTime Deluxe are available in the Game Boy library. Meanwhile, Nintendo added Side Pocket to the SNES library and Xevious to the NES collection. You can see Nintendo’s announcement tweet down below.

17 thoughts on “4 more retro games available for Switch Online members”

  1. Nice. I’ve been wanting to play Kirby’s Dreamland 2 and I was debating on whether I should buy it on 3DS before the eshop closes. Now I don’t have to.

      1. I’m more interested in playing it, not owning it.

        Actually… I guess I do own it as I have Kirby’s Dream Collection. But it’s gonna way easier to play it on Switch vs hooking up the Wii or Wii U, getting batteries for a Wiimote, and playing it on a TV instead of handheld like the original.

        1. @cfg – you do realise that Kirby dl 2 is a 3DS only title and has nothing to do with Wii and Wii u, the 3DS was as much as a handheld as the switch

          1. You do realise that Kirby dl 2 is a Game Boy title that was released onto 3DS for Virtual Console and before that, on “Kirby’s Dream Collection” for the Wii?

    1. Kinda, though Mario Land 2 is definitely much more of an actual “game” than Mario Land 1 was (which by todays standards feels more like a demo given that it’s only about 20 minutes long) so I’d say it makes for a much more appetising launch title.

      That said, there’s no reason why both games shouldn’t have been there at launch.

    2. The launch list did seem rather random. Personally I would’ve released Donkey Kong 94 over Game and Watch Gallery 3 (Not that it’s a bad game, but DK 94 felt like the strongest title on the system besides Pokemon).

        1. It’s a game called Donkey Kong that was released in 1994 for the Game Boy. It starts off with the original arcade stages, before evolving into Mario vs. Donkey Kong-esque stages and gameplay.
          I agree that it’s one of the best games made for the GB.

          This game also introduced the design of Pauline as we know it today.

    3. I do find it odd (although Mario Land 2 is the better of the two games). I also note that as far as I’m aware there’s no confirmation Super Mario Land is coming to NSO at all. Surely it will, but it wasn’t on the list of games that are going to be released in the future.

  2. Speaking of NSO, apparently Harvest Moon 64 recently released on PSN recently? If it’s Natsume being stupid with the rights I wonder why it can release on PSN but not the international NSO.

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