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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom livestream announced leading to midnight launch

The long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will launch worldwide next Friday and in anticipation of the event, the Nintendo New York store will be hosting a special livestream. The stream, which will showcase Link and Zelda’s latest adventure on the Nintendo Switch, will take place from the Nintendo New York store and streamed live by the team at Nintendo Treehouse at 6.45pm PT / 9.45pm ET.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

7 thoughts on “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom livestream announced leading to midnight launch”

  1. Oh cool I love being a part of events like this, so much hype involved.

    Have Nintendo ever done a launch stream like this before? I don’t recall them having done so but I hope they do it for more major releases in the future.

    1. +MoonStruckMelody
      Hmm…That’s actually a good question, I don’t believe they have.

    1. Switch release day was the last o knew of. They released BotW and 1, 2 Switch then and then with Odyssey and they Smash Ultimate also, I don’t think anything else got a midnight launch and none were even as big of a deal as ToTK. Then again Nintendo isn’t or wasn’t very big into doing these kinds of things before. They have changed up their marketing quite a bit since the switch as they have a Burt load of cash they can do things with now.

  2. I’m guessing this is just like any other open world crafting game, but just backed with tons of hype. I love 2-d Zelda not so much open world crafting 3-d Zelda. Im sure it will be a fine game if you like that kind of game to begin with. It doesnt interest me.

    1. +Bob
      I mean if the trailers are anything to go by this is way more than just a “Open World Crafting Game”.

    2. Way more than that. BotW was way more than that as well.
      What you want to say is you like more linear games. Although I still say Link to the Past is my all time fav next to the original Zelda so I definitely see where your coming from.

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