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Dead by Daylight announces content for year 8

Behaviour Interactive has announced a slate of new content for Dead by Daylight, including new Chapters, Collections, and a surprise addition of actor Nicolas Cage as a playable character. The first Chapter of Year 8, “End Transmission,” introduces science-fiction horror to the acclaimed action horror game. With a new Map, “Toba Landing,” set on a mysterious and terrifying planet, the Chapter takes players into a unique biome with menacing flora and an atmosphere unlike anything on Earth.

The newest Killer, “The Singularity,” is a monstrous amalgamation of restructured organic matter and machine parts seeking to become the perfect lifeform. Hope rests with new Survivor Gabriel Soma, a talented technician whose determination helped him escape The Singularity and avoid the terrible fate that befell his crew. “We’re thrilled to push the fear of the unknown to new heights with ‘End Transmission,’” said Dead by Daylight creative director Dave Richard. “With this new Chapter we are expanding the bounds of The Entity’s reach and exploring dark themes of advanced technology and I think this will be a very frightening experience for all players.”

“End Transmission” will be released on June 13, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Windows Store.In a collaboration that fans didn’t know they needed, Dead by Daylight is thrilled to announce the arrival of the incomparable Hollywood legend: Nicolas Cage. In his deadliest role yet, the award-winning actor will step into The Fog as himself, yet another Survivor doomed to fight for his life in The Entity’s Realm. Players can learn more about this thrilling addition on July 5, 2023. Exciting new cosmetics are on the way! The Dead by Daylight team is delighted to honor metal legends Iron Maiden and Slipknot with their own Collections. The Iron Maiden Collection is inspired by Eddie, the band’s figurehead, and its numerous appearances on the group’s album artwork, while the Slipknot Collection features nine iconic Killer masks that pay tribute to Slipknot’s members. Stay tuned for more details.

The upcoming Artists from The Fog Collection sets the spotlight on Dead by Daylight‘s incredibly talented community, and features four creators from Canada, the United States, Poland, and Spain designing Outfits for two Killers and two Survivors. The fifth artist hails from Japan and is none other than the colorful creative director, Ikumi Nakamura, who designed Cosmetics for The Oni, The Legion, and Yui Kimura. The 7-Outfit Artists From The Fog Collection will be available later this summer. Lastly, fans can expect another major addition to the store offering in the next year with a Collection that will be nostalgic for long-time followers of Behaviour Interactive’s work. Naughty Bear, the beloved deadly plushy going on a wild rampage, will be making its way to the game in the form of an Outfit for The Trapper, complete with a unique Mori. Dead by Daylight is available now for Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store.


8 thoughts on “Dead by Daylight announces content for year 8”

  1. I like the cool mutant robot, but what really shocked me is that Naughty Bear being in the game… like how?!
    That game was forgotten about by many people but having him be in the Game, I kinda want to play this now

  2. Anonymous Skywalker

    Was not expecting Slipknot as a collab for this game. Now I’m thinking i should buy this game.

  3. Should totally bring John Carpenter’s “The Thing” as a new Killer and the bunker would make a great location.. imagine a killer that can mimic/”possess” the body of a survivor.. sabotaging generators instead of fixing them while waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Please share this idea to the right people, thank you.

  4. Nicholas… Fucking… Cage..! I might have to buy this on day 1. It’d be my first time not waiting for a sale for a DBD character. (I’m actually hoping this ties in to the movie they’re making as they already got Cage to star in that, too. Like Keanu, I’m enjoying the Cage Renaissance.)

    1. Nicholas Cage has always been overrated. He is the Britney Spears of acting. After seeing him be outdone by the great Sir Sean Connery in ‘The Rock’ was the final verdict. In Con-Air the supporting cast was way way better than him.


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