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New Pikmin 4 trailer

Pikmin 4 coming to Nintendo Switch July 2023

Nintendo has unleashed a new trailer for the long-awaited fourth Pikmin game which is due out on Nintendo Switch next month. The brief new trailer shows off the game’s customisation aspects as in Pikmin 4 you will assume the role of one of the Rescue Core and you can choose from various preset appearance options for your character. Nintendo will presumably show off more Pikmin 4 action nearer the game’s release date, which is 21st July.

“Customize your explorer and embark on a journey to find and rescue fellow explorers! You will befriend plantlike creatures called Pikmin and their fate will rest on your hands.”

13 thoughts on “New Pikmin 4 trailer”

  1. Character customization is cool and all, but I really hope that we get to play as the captains and their crew members as well. Avatar-type characters have a bad tendency to have little to no characterization and personality, so I’m a little worried that this will apply to Pikmin 4’s protagonist.

    Pikmin has always been a great series in both gameplay AND characters. The captain logs from the previous entries are pure gold and add so much more to the games. I hope that this game doesn’t take away that characterization established in the previous games

    1. What if the twist here is that you design all of the captains and only start with one, and you have to rescue all the other ones you had created in the editor? And each one has a predetermined personality depending on what order you created them? And we just have no idea?

      1. I mean, yeah as long as they have personalities I’m fine with that. All I want is the characters to have the personalities and characterization that the series is known for

    2. I agree with you. There’s a big trend of customizable characters in games lately, but sometimes I want the game I’m playing to have a defined character. This is one of those games.

      I don’t go to Mario games to play as my own character. Pikmin is one of those franchises with a rich enough history that I feel as though not playing as them is a bit of a waste.

  2. Pikmin 4 will be my first Pikmin game, because I’ve been on PSN since the PS3 era and haven’t ever experienced any previous Pikmin titles.

  3. Something doesn’t make sense, didn’t The Captian, Britney and Alph at the end of Pikmin 3 all leave the planet with Olimar and Louie? So why is Pikmin 4 acting as if that story from Pikmin 3 didn’t exist?

    1. Olimar’s company likes to send him to the planet in order to get treasures that sell extremely well. This means that Olimar is likely sent to the same planet numerous times. Other than Pikmin 2, Olimar has crash landed on the planet in every game.

      So they’re not saying that Pikmin 3 never happened, and they’re not trying to combine the stories of Pikmin 1 with Pikmin 2; Olimar is just really good at crash landing.

      1. Here is what doesn’t make sense
        After Olimar and the Boss returned back to get Louie they also made it their goal to collect ever treaure on that planet. When the Hocotate ship returned back with Olimar and Boss, the ship was now gold because of the money they got from the treasure. On Pikmin 3 Hocotate ship wasn’t gold and was destroyed when AlpH Charlie and Britney arrived. So for Pikmin 3 they already acted as if on Pikmin 2 Olimar, and Louie never left and that Hocotate ship never gotten an upgrade of being made of Gold.

        1. They didn’t get all of the treasure on the planet, only all of the treasure in the game. Each game takes place on Earth, but we always see new locations in each game.

          I always took the ship not being good in Pikmin 3 as a sign that the company collecting enough to make the ship gold simply wasn’t canon. Collecting every piece of treasure in Pikmin 2 wasn’t a requirement for saving Louie, so it doesn’t conflict with the canon in that way.

          Occam’s razor indicates that the simple answer is the right answer. In this case the simple answer is that 1) in the Pikmin 2 canon ending the ship does not get a golden exterior as collecting everything isn’t required to beat the game, 2) Louie and Olimar go home like the Pikmin 2 ending shows, and 3) the company likes free money, so it sends Olimar and Louie constantly on new trips to earth, to new locations on earth, all so that they can get even more money for the company.

          Nothing is in conflict with the canon. Every event in Pikmin 1 and 2 is canon outside of the golden ship reward for full collection’s sake. Think of it like how in Luigi’s Mansion 2 they show that Luigi bought a house with the money he found within the first game’s mansion, but instead of the canon house being best mansion you can get in the game, it’s the more modest mansion

  4. Another thing that doesn’t make any sense is this game is called “Pikmin 4” why on earth are they trying to fuse the story between Pikmin and Pikmin 2?Olimar left the planet on his own in under 30 days. And then later returned back with Louie to retrieve treasure items. Louie was actually the one stranded. What I wanna know is what happened between Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3 because Olimar, Louie and the boss left the planet after collecting all the treasure. Yet for Pikmin 3 have it as if they never left the planet by the time Captian, Alpha and Britney went there. Now they trying to fuse the story some more for Pikmin 4

    1. “What corps?” At the end of Pikmin 3, Alph, Charlie, Britney, Olimar and Louie all left the planet together. Am I the only that beat all 3 Pikmin games? It’s like everyone forgot about each ending.

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