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Nintendo & Universal close to finalizing deal to make Zelda movie

Illumination and Nintendo struck lots of gold this year with the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. So, it isn’t surprising that there has been lots of fans interested about what the future of Nintendo and Illumination’s plans are. The parties involved have previously suggested doing more movies, especially with other Nintendo IPs.

Well, it seems that is definitely going to be the case. It is being reported that Nintendo is teaming up with Universal Studios, not Illumination, for their next project and are close to finalizing a deal involving the production of a Legend of Zelda movie. There isn’t much in the way of details, but if a deal is almost finalized, then that may changed soon. Here’s what was said:

“I’m told that Universal is, in fact, closing a ‘big deal’ with the Nintendo corporation for The Legend of Zelda,” Sneider said on the latest episode of The Hot Mic podcast. “Zelda is looking like the next big Illumination-Nintendo franchise, which we were all sort of expecting. I’m told that is happening.”


24 thoughts on “Nintendo & Universal close to finalizing deal to make Zelda movie”

  1. I’m gonna say this before everyone starts getting super negative, if Nintendo is doing a Zelda movie with illumination it’s most likely gonna be toon link focus movie and considering how tame the super Mario bros movie humor is compared to illuminations usual movies I have a lot of faith that they can pull off a toon link focus adventure.

  2. Ugh, please not Illumination for this.

    A Mario movie suits Ilumination’s style and ended up working really well, but not Zelda. While Zelda games do have light-hearted goofy moments in them, they also have a lot of serious and heartfelt moments, even in generally lighter games like Wind Waker.
    Moments that I have zero faith in Illumination to do proper justice.

    I feel people are pretty justified being worried about this.

  3. I just have no interest in seeing videogames already in 3D computer animation done as computer animated movies. Even if it would suck deku nuts, if there is going to be a zelda movie, i want to see it live action. If i wanted CGI animated, id go replay the games.

    1. I mean, how can you already claim that you won’t be seeing, we know nothing about it, nothing has been written… talk about a knee jerk reaction :D

      1. Thank you. Im glad someone else has sees the negative comments the same way. Just wait until the trailer, people, then you can start ranting

  4. I know everyone is ready to dog out illumination for picking up the Zelda movie, but I think they can pull it off; now I’m just curious as to which movie they’ll choose to adapt.

    Part of me hopes they go with ocarina of Time 🤗

    1. Your probably correct.
      Ocarina of time is…ahem, timeless.
      It still has great appeal for Zelda fans. And it would fit well with Illuminations current style. This is probably a practice run for Breath of the Wild which would most likely fit with the Creator’s of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. I would enjoy both types.
      A conglomerate of Zelda games by Illumination would still work.
      Yet again Breath of The Wild/ Tears of The Kingdom should be a serious/ Pirates of the Caribbean goofy style to be relevant.

  5. I’m taking this with a huge grain of salt, but honestly while it seems like the logical choice for Illumination to make a Zelda movie given the success of Mario, their style doesn’t really fit Zelda unlike Mario.
    I can only hope Dreamworks is involved somehow as they would be a more suitable choice for a Zelda movie.

  6. I figured this might happen after the success of the Mario movie, i’ll give illumination the benefit of the doubt and hope they don’t blow a great opportunity and try using Minions humor. I’d perfer a live action movie adaptation over CGI. If they take inspiration from Beowulf and/or Lord of The Rings under the right guidance from Nintendo it might turn out half way decent.

  7. Naaah :(
    Zelda need big real movie like lotr! No animation :(
    Yes this animated zelda create big money but soulless :(

  8. Bad idea, Zelda games are already movies. They’re not going to be able to give that kind of a detailed story in under 2 hours. This is not as good as Mario, because Mario games are short to begin with, they’re not action/adventure games, thus they make good movies since the movie was really a Mario game. This won’t be able to do the same for Zelda, a much, much larger and detailed story game.

  9. I think a zelda movie in the way rango was animated and produced would make a great idea. Could be dark and gritty, have some comedic moments, maybe be similar to twilight princess or majoras mask in terms of story. That way you’d have your zelda elements seem more realistic when need be yet still be animated.

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