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Pinball FX now has has Star Trek: The Next Generation DLC

star trek in pinball fx

In an exciting expansion to their pinball universe, Pinball FX has taken a bold leap into the cosmos with the launch of a brand-new DLC package featuring the iconic Star Trek: The Next Generation table from Williams. Available for download on the Switch eShop at £8.99 / $9.99, fans can finally experience the USS Enterprise’s virtual-pinball debut through the captivating launch trailer. This virtual table is a treat for die-hard Trekkies, offering original series music, authentic voices, and an array of Easter eggs to discover. As players navigate the game, they’ll defend the starship by firing torpedoes, conquer the Shuttle Simulation in the Holodeck, and engage in various other challenges. The DLC features an impressive lineup of table characteristics:

  • Embark on eight USS Enterprise-D missions
  • Immerse in the series’ original music and voiceovers by eight cast members
  • Employ Photon Torpedoes to safeguard the starship
  • Outpace competitors with the Warp Speed ball delivery sequence
  • Triumph in the Shuttle Simulation within the Holodeck
  • Attain Warp Factor 9.9 for exclusive rewards
  • Unearth secret modes hidden across the galaxy and become an honorary Starfleet officer


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