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Super Mario RPG remake official site reveals option for classic SNES music

Super Mario RPG seems to be shaping up as a top-notch remake of the classic Super Nintendo game developed by Square Enix, now heading to the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo unveiled a new trailer for the highly anticipated game today during the Nintendo Direct, and they have also updated the Super Mario RPG Japanese website, which, among other things, provides a glimpse of the world map. One of the things noticed on the official site is that players can switch between the new soundtrack, composed by the talented Yoko Shimomura, or the original SNES soundtrack also soundtracked by Yoko Shimomura . The choice is yours, as they say. Super Mario RPG will launch on the Switch on 17th November.

World map:

Soundtrack toggle

9 thoughts on “Super Mario RPG remake official site reveals option for classic SNES music”

  1. As long as they don’t add fast forward dialogue and battles like certain other games that get a remake. Everyone waits for the remake, just so they can fast forward the entire game like It’s a race and don’t enjoy it as it was intended.

    1. These options are added so people can enjoy the game the way they want to. That is the intention of the game developer by adding the option. Not everyone has to enjoy the game the same way. I personally will be reading the dialogue

  2. Oh WOW! It must have took some effort to add in music that already exists. This now fully justifies the $60 price tag for yet another remake(remaster/port) where a lot of the work is already done.

  3. Love The original and happy to see this remake being done.
    I apreciate that The original composer coming back aswell. For The love of The game, The culture and heritage. Snd ofcourse The money aswell.

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