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Video: Hogwarts Legacy “Magic Awaits” Switch trailer

Hogwarts Legacy in-game logo

In a little over a week from now, Hogwarts Legacy will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch. The game has already been released on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X earlier this year. The Switch version was originally supposed to release in July, but the date had been changed to its current November 17th release and the Switch port had been delayed.

With the release so close, a brand new trailer has been released. The trailer, which is called “Magic Awaits”, isn’t very long. However, it does provide a little more insight into how the game will be running on Nintendo’s hybrid console. You can see the trailer for yourself down below.

5 thoughts on “Video: Hogwarts Legacy “Magic Awaits” Switch trailer”

  1. Honestly it looks better than I thought it would. The graphical downgrade is very noticeable, but none of the glitches present in some other ports (MK1 comes to mind). You can see they properly cared for the port. Coupled with the leaked gameplay not having any stutter, lag or framedrop, it might as well be the next “impossible port” people managed to pull off. Will play it for sure, since I ended up not getting it for PS4.

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