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SEGA believes Persona 6 could achieve 5 million in sales

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All eyes are currently on Atlus’ to unveil the next numbered entry in the crucially acclaimed Persona franchise, which would be Persona 6. Speaking to investors SEGA’s CEO Haruki Atami and Koichi Fukasawa talked about their internal targets once the next Persona entry is released and they are confident it could achieve over 5 million copies. They have also said that they have high hopes for Metaphor, which is a brand new IP for the company planned for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Here’s what was said:

Q: Is there a chance that, with its overseas popularity, the Persona series could sell 5 million copies in its first year?

A: By increasing the number of platforms it is available on and the regions it is released in, we have been increasing the sales of Persona 5. We believe that it would be possible for a major Persona title, such as a numbered release, to sell 5 million copies in its first year by releasing it on multiple platforms and simultaneously worldwide from day one.

We also have high expectations for the new IP Metaphor: ReFantazio from the developers of Persona 5.


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