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Epic Mickey 2 US Sales Have Reached 529K

The NPD Group has announced that Epic Mickey: The Power of Two sold 529,000 copies during November and December in the United States. Nintendo 3DS exclusive Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion sales combined with Epic Mickey: The Power of Two reached 695,000 units sold in North America over the same period. We learned today that the studio behind the games, Junction Point, has closed […]

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Epic Mickey Studio Junction Point Apparently Closing Down

Junction Point, the development studio behind Wii exclusive Epic Mickey, is apparently set to close in seven days time. There’s no indication why the studio is closing down, but it’s thought that poor sales of Disney’s Epic Mickey: The Power of Two have something to do with it. Disney’s Epic Mickey: The Power of Two came out in November and only […]

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Warren Spector Would Like To See Epic Mickey 3

Warren Spector, the developer behind the Epic Mickey franchise, has told Red Bull that he would love to see the Epic Mickey franchise continue. Spector also suggested ideas for some Oswald games, as he would love to see the character have his own shot at stardom. Here are some of Warren Spector’s ideas. “Oh man, there are so many aspects of […]

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Epic Mickey: The Power Of Illusion Video

There’s some new footage floating around online of the promising Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion for the Nintendo 3DS. The footage showcases the Little Mermaid stages that feature in the game. The game also includes stages for more recent Disney movies such as Tangled, and older classics such as Snow White. The 2D platformer will launch on November 18th.