Supposed Super Smash Bros Universe New Character List

Another day another rumour, this time the rumour comes direct from a Japanese image board and has been reposted on 4Chan. The original poster basically claims that he has a leaked document containing the character line-up for the forthcoming Smash Bros game which is already confirmed for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The list reads:

King K Rool (Donkey Kong)
Zoroark (Pokemon)
Ghirahim (Zelda)
Little Mac (Punch Out)
Saki Amamiya (Sin and Punishment)
King Hippo (Punch Out)
Ridley (Metroid)
Prince Sable (Frogs the Bell Tolls)
Palutena (Kid Icarus)
Professor Layton (Professor Layton)
Megaman (Megaman)
Crystal (Star Fox)
Slime (Dragon Quest)
Shulk (Xenoblade)
Sonic (Sonic)

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                  1. instead of having two versions of link, just add skull kid! he is my second favorite zelda character (besides vaati) i love the final smash bein’ bring down the moon

              1. Or a re-do of toon link where he plays like Pokemon trainer, and can switch from the Different masks from MM and his final smash can be Fierce Deity

              2. they need lioyd from tales of symphonia he will be an awesome smash brother an pacman.namco bandi is already helping make the game so add them in an people will be happy plus there’s a link between both characters so for smash brothers 4 people will love lioyd from tales an pacman

                1. ok modern pacman an lioyd from tales of symphonia both characters will fit in well with smash brothers 4 . i am a huge fan of both of pacman an lioyd from tales of symphonia also a fan smash brothers game an supported and purchased everyone an will be buying this one to. please if anyone reads this an feel the same as i do vote for the characters on youtube or smash brothers dojo.

                  1. ok list of characters i would like to be playable!1# lioyd from tales 2# pacman 3# shadow the hedgehog 4# rayman 5# golden suns main hero 6# luke from tales of abyss 7# pokemon trainer female 8# bowser.jr 9# wolf link from twilight princess 10# battle network megaman. wish list for smash brothers 4 hope some of them make it in an hope the new character roster will be 45 to 50+ with all veterans returning. also all characters should have alternative costumes an for wolf link make him link/wolf link like zelda/sheik. so again my ideas for smash brothers 4.

                    1. whatever you do super smash brothers 4 developers put lioyd from tales of symphonia an modern pacman please!! and if you could get extra namco bandi characters in put luke from tales of abyss kratos and sheena tales of symphonia. thats all

            1. HOLY CRAP ENOUGH WITH THE SWEARING!!! This site is for people of all ages, kids will read that! Sheesh!

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          1. slippy is sided character that u cant be in any of starfox games plus u can be falco,wolf,fox, and crystal in some games

    1. This is COMPLETELY fake, nothing coming from 4Chan is true, they’re only fanmade rumors to claim their prediction as “real” when it’s completely false.

      1. The list and whatnot came from a different source. A Japanese gaming site if I remember right. 4chan were the ones to translate and release it is all.

    2. esta lista es falsa (pienso yo) porque score enix (perdón si lo escribí mal) no se pondría para este juego a slime si no a (pues de pronto) a personajes de kingdon hearst o final fantasy

    1. I mean specially when this is not even real WTF @sickr you fucking asshole posting false hope you deserve to be murdered choked to death BITCH. Super Smash Bros Brawl is the best game evar so if you think you can play with us like this YOU’RE WRONG SON OF A BITCH
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          1. Yeah, it is. I’m not one to troll, and definitely not someone to post retarded and empty death threats.

            If the dude really wanted to make it look like me, he would’ve put up the link to my youtube page.

            I swear the internet gets more retarded everyday…

            I appreciate what you do, I always like to stay on top of Smash Bros rumors.

            1. i know sonic is in smash bros. i have the brawl game and sonic helps weaken tabuu by blasting himself through tabuu’s wings.
              brawl is where sonic is in i have came up with my own super smash brothers game called destroy with 150 characters so far from shows and game.

      1. you know. You copy ID.

        You are retarded and you should not hate Sickr because you don’t really know who he/she is.

        Is he bad?
        Is he from US?
        Is he a idiot?

        Just to tell you all the questions above are all incorrect if you did want to know

        1. Uuummmm…. Melee was fun and all but it’s adventure was SHIT… plus it had less better graphics…. Brawl on the other hand actually had a storyline AND more people
          to play as AND more moves AND more maps AND bosses AND third party people…. just sayin though…

          1. i should point out that in 64 the characters were allot heaver if you play the version from recent to earliest one gem then the next you can see a tremendous difference in the gaming quality and character traits. however form melee to brawl there isn’t that much difference in the game play experience when fighting against other ppl i mean just the mechanics of it. fortunetely i have run into slight issues with game play pvp in brawl. i agree that brawl is the better game however i got a better fighting experience from melee. that aside it would be rather hard to fit all the characters we want onto one screen, why not on the choosing area page have the universe that the group of characters belong to and then go through a list kinda like folders and sub folders, this would allow a much easier navigation between characters in a very large selection. i would love to see a much larger variety of skins for each character as well. i understand that guilty gear is another fighting game but i would really like to see some playable characters from that universe in super smash bros universe, after all guilty gear was sold on the one of the variety of gamboys and it does have a story back round in it.
            i would also like to see more creative freedom in universe than there was in brawl for custom stage building
            and to input your own bgm files and be able to change them manually
            it might be to much to ask but if possible your own skin creation kit for custom skins… maybe?

      You keep thinking that. He isn’t even the main villain of Skyward Sword. If Zant were included in brawl, I would say differently. Demise will most likely be in SSB4. He is the main villain of Skyward sword! And they could put him in instead of Ganondorf! Him being his reincarnation and all. And im sorry, King K.Rool, Shulk, Little Mac, Saki, Zoroark and Megaman make less sense than Ghirahim? Realy?

      1. Technically Ghirahim was the main bad guy in skyward sword, he appears 7 times all up in the game, as far as Demise goes, in his true form he only appears for like 10 mins of the game, which isnt much.

  1. Since when sonic is a NEW Smash bros character?

    Despite that, could it truely be a leak? I mean, with the incoming Nintendo Event…

          1. i remember pokemon trainer red at browl.Now i want team rocket or rocket grunt at smash bros 4
            (cacnea,seviper.yamask etc)

  2. Interesting if there ends up being even a speck of truth from it. I get the feeling we haven’t seen the last of Girahim.

    Palutena as playable? Interesting.

    Megaman huh? If he was to be in, I wonder which version of him, as there are so many.

    1. zx! or battle network! or maybe whatever those “late megaman X pseudo anime games were about” megaman, …dragon force megaman maybe? I still say stick with the original… and not that overweight miscommunicated one.

    1. Could someone please explain what makes Zoroark so special? The only thing that even remotely interest me is his Illusion ability.

      Beside, it’s not like he’s the shoe-in many people think he is.

        1. I find nothing appealing about that. As a matter of fact, it makes me dislike him even more. A lot of the support for Zoroark is related to him being a replacement for Lucario and I fail to see why Lucario needs replacement.

        2. No, no he is not… he would be more of a kirby clone than anything. Able to steal abilities but have his own set of moves just like kirby.

    1. Ryu Hayabusa would be bad ass! Hopefully his oldschool blue suit is an option.
      I have fingers crossed for Geno from Super Mario RPG as well. I was really expecting him to be in Brawl after Sakurai publically said he is a possibility… But instead we got an oddly placed “random select” box in the last roster slot. Makes me wonder what happened.

  3. I doubt we’d hear of any SSB4 list yet. I mean, has development on it even began? >_> I doubt even Sakurai has a confirmed list right now. And I’m crossing my fingers for Paper Mario.

    By the time SSB4 comes out, there’ll be 4 Paper Mario titles (5 if you count SMRPG but that’s highly debatable). Its about time it gets recognized with a playable character in Smash Bros. And to those saying he’d be a clone of Mario, no, not likely.

    Partners, hammer, folding into paper objects like in TTYD, etc. could make for a unique and fun characters. And its not like Smash Bros. is new to 2D characters (Mr. Game & Watch says hi).

      1. Think if you had a Upad and Paper mario’s final smash was turning side was to where you can’t see him on screen, but on the upad he’d be huge and knock off everyone in a side pop up view. It would be ridiculous!

  4. I would love to play as Shulk or Ghirahim if this is true. And is this said to be the unlockable ones then because Sonic was in Brawl. And if they were to bring Sonic back I would at least like to see Shadow come back as a playable character. Although it is odd Capcom would let Megaman in this and not putt him in MvC3.
    I am almost certain it isn’t true, but some of these characters are ones I would like to see.(Except Zoroak which will likely be a carbon copy of Lucario which was a copy of Mewtwo, wish they would keep either Lucario or bring Mewtwo back and add in another unique character).

  5. If that’s real, awesome! Maybe they could add Luke (ProfLayton), Demise (in it’s latest form, or just as another version of Ganondorf), Zero (Megaman, duh) and more pokeymans. Of course, this is just wishful thinking.

    1. Little Mac, Saki, and Megaman too. A lot of Megaman nerds want him in, and Nintendo tries to listen to the public. Same with Little Mac and Saki. Sadly, it seems as if Geno will never get his time to shine.

    1. Umm…

      some capcom characters are in it.

      I bet it’s going to be slippy not krystal

      Also Ridley would take half of the stage so….

  6. Several of these characters are 3rd party characters which would be cool, but not likely to actually show up. I’m having a hard time picturing Mega-Man or Slime in the game. Would be cool, but unlikely.
    Little Mac would be neat, I’m not sure how they would make Riddly a player character. And I don’t see Professor Layton being a player character at all; he’s not a fighter, he’s a thinker/puzzle solver.
    Neat rumors though.

    1. They could make him smaller, like Bowser is usually huge, and Mario is a midget. As for the Prof. he could use the coin gun thing from The Unwound Future.

    1. If they keep Sonic and Snake in the next game, then it’ll be only five in total, compared to the shitload of first-party characters. So long as the first/second-party to third-party ratio is high, then I think it’s fine.

      1. Sakurai has stated it is harder to fit third-party characters in then make the game. We are not getting three new third-party characters in Smash. If third-party return, expect only one newcomer.

  7. Looks hard to believe. Don’t Smash Bros. games like only the franchises from first (like Mario and Zelda) and second party (like Kirby and Pikachu)? Plus I think the Snake and Sonic from the previous game (hypothetically) is a one chance thing so those extra third-party characters are unlikely.

    Finally seeing those fan posts surrounding that one photo of a document, fans’ dream speculation.

  8. i think that some character can be helpers like megaman becouse i dont think that the put megman whit all the power XD i want to see king king k. rool jajaja good memories

    1. They said they haven’t started it about six months ago. Then no word on it. It’s extremely possible that they started in that time up until now, and choosing characters is something they’d take care of in the beginning, during brainstorming.

    1. You’ve summed up why I am highly against him. People treat cuts as inevitable (even thought we don’t have a source) and they look for the one they assume is the easiest to cut. Because of the misconception that Lucario replaced someone (hint, he didn’t), he is frequently a target for a possible cut. And this is where the majority of Zoroark support at least partially come from.

      1. Mewtwo isn’t there, Lucario appears, they both shoot large spheres of energy. Do the math. but I actually like Lucario. I want both Lucario and Mewtwo. NO ZOROARK!

  9. Fake and gay! its fake because they didn’t start making SSB4 yet and if they did they only have so little done so how can somebody have a leaked character list? think about people. and its gay because its from 4chain

  10. This is fake. There’s no way this is real, especially since I’m pretty sure they haven’t started it yet. (Maybe they have, who knows?)

    I really don’t understand why everyone wants to play as Ridley. Isn’t he better suited as a boss character?

    1. I don’t anyone believes this is legit. We’re just having fun with the possibilites.

      I agree with you though on Ridley. I get that he’s popular and all but he’s better as a boss battle. They made Bowser work as a playable character, but I don’t think the same could be said for Ridley.

    2. Metroid needs another character representation outside of just Samus and Zero Suit Samus doesn’t really count despite Nintendo and SSBB’s feeble attempts to play her as such. She was more of an expansion on an existing character’s moveset and mechanics.

      And when it comes down to it: Ridley is the most likely choice as he’s Samus’ iconic nemesis. Besides, who else is there? (Aside from Dark Samus but I consider that a lousy choice)

      1. Metroid doesn’t have a lot of characters to begin with, so…, I disagree. Metroid doesn’t need another character representation. And if it did, I don’t think it should be Ridley.Maybe one of the DS hunters, but basically I think being playable would ridicule him, since they would have to scale him down from his large size, and his skinny long body will have to be contracted into a smaller space. The so the main but not the only problem is that he’s too big.
        (It worked for Bowser, because there were games in which his appearance wasn’t that much bigger than Mario, and it would be easy to imagine him scaled down to a smaller size.)

  11. This is must likely fake. I’m hoping Debbie will be a character though. He is my favorite Zelda villain and I think he could be a good counterpart to Link by having sword attacks. A Gen V Pokemon would be nice, I also would like to see Little Mac. Other then that though, nothing really catches my eye.

  12. what i want: CLONES (Roy, Dr Mario, Young Link, Toon Link, Mewtwo, Daisy, etc). Space Pirate (Metroid). Bowser Jr, Boo, Koopa, Waluigi (Mario). Goron, Zora, Skull Kid, Gerudo (Zelda). what would also be nice is to have costumes of the characters’ different series; ex: When you choose Link, you can then pick either OoT, Twilight Princess, or SS version. Also, an advanced Stage Builder would be marvelous.

  13. If Shulk really is in this, then shut up and take my money.
    Either way, it looks kind of fake. And it’s from 4chan, so it’s not completely reliable.

  14. This list seems so unrealistic… Plus the game has hardly even started development and they’ve probably not started thinking much about new characters…

  15. Hasn’t Sakurai said before that as soon as the process of developing Kid Icarus Uprising, then he would start with the new Smash?

    1. I hate when people use this excuse. You can scale Ridley down. Smash Bros. has never been entirely accurate when it comes to canonical size of the characters anyways.

      1. True.

        Olimar and the pikmin are only around 3cm high in the pikmin games as of the instruction booklet.

        Now they are 6ft high in SSBB!!!

      2. I have a great idea, make Ridley able to change from his evolution stages (like in Other M) and add Samus’ amazing Melee moves from Other M as well. I sure would like to put Mario in a headlock and putting a laser through his head

  16. Why doesn’t anybody have fucking Hammer Bro, he would be the sickest character. Baby Bowser would also be pretty awesome. But seriously, HAMMER BRO!!

  17. I’m calling bull. And the fact that it’s from 4chan doesn’t help it. There’s too many weird and 3rd party characters.

    1. Uh no he’s not. When Rare left Nintendo, characters they made for the Donkey Kong and Star Fox franchises were left in Nintendo’s ownership. That’s why K. Rool and some of his Kremlings were in Mario Super Sluggers for one example.

      1. If King K. Rool is in it again, then what if they make another DKC game? Could this be a sign of the kremlings coming back?

  18. Here is an idea. Bring back young link and make him from majors mask. Like Pokemon trainer, pressing down + B would swap him between characters being deku, zora, an goron link. Final smash would be fierce deity link. Awesome character = must have

  19. Okay not only is this old news but it’s fake. Sakurai’s stated numerous times that he’s not going to be making the next Smash Bros. until after Kid Icarus Uprising is done which is going to be late March. Other than a mention of him possibly implementing RPG-elements in a few interviews, and even that’s not set in stone for sure, there is nothing but rumor and false info going around in regards to the next Smash Bros.

  20. If some of them actually make it to te game they will be more like helpers i mean Ridley seriously? Or slime?, some of the will be great addittions like grahim or crystal and eleven megaman

    1. Ridley isn’t a bad choice, he is the most recurring metroid character plus you could resize him to the size of bowser, in Super Mario Sunshine bowser was like godzilla compared to mario and in smash bros they shrunk bowser down, another example is the size he is in the SSBM opening.

  21. I call bs just because of Ridley. I’d love to see that but, I just don’t see him working as a playable character. Also I would like to see Zero more than Megaman, and something like Ichigo from Bleach, there have been several Bleach fighters for Nintendo systems so why not?

  22. I’ll pretend that this is real:
    King K Rool (Donkey Kong) – Perfect addition for DK series
    Zoroark (Pokemon) – We all expected him, he should be okay
    Ghirahim (Zelda) – I’m personally excited for him, I loved him in SS and I think I’d like his moveset
    Little Mac (Punch Out) – Yup, now is the time. After Punchout!! for Wii, he should easily get it
    Saki Amamiya (Sin and Punishment) – Same has Little Mac, there’s been a S&P game recently.
    King Hippo (Punch Out) – I don’t think Punch Out needs two additions, but if there were two, King Hippo would be the most likely
    Ridley (Metroid) – Long overdue
    Prince Sable (Frogs the Bell Tolls) – He would be the Ice Climbers/Pit of this game. Maybe his series could be brought back
    Palutena (Kid Icarus) – I expected Medusa, but Palutena is more popular
    Professor Layton (Professor Layton) – A lot of people should like this. A good third-party character, I’d say
    Megaman (Megaman) – The best third party character after Sonic
    Crystal (Star Fox) – I’m personally excited. She’s popular and won’t blast a gun all day
    Slime (Dragon Quest) – How the **** will it play?
    Shulk (Xenoblade) – Awesome. This guy should get popular
    Sonic (Sonic) – Eh, cool. I don’t really care for him

    1. Actually, Ridley is long overdue for making an appearance. There is only one character from the Metriod franchise, and that’s Samus. I can pretty much guarantee you that Ridley, Crystal, and Megaman will be a playable characters.

  23. I’d Love to see an All-Star Zelda cast in SSB:
    – A Goron who throws rocks and bombs
    -A Zora who can freeze characters
    – Hero Link from the best ending of Majora’s Mask
    – Ganon in all his huge, Bowser-Like glory.

    Yeah?! It is the 25th anniversary after all, hell, make them unlockable!

      1. “Best Ending” = Mask that let’s you Kick Ass… That, of course, is what I meant.

        There is “THE” Mask… You know which one, yeah?!

  24. This list is obviously false. Sonic is weirdly lumped up with the newcomers and Krystal is spelled incorrectly. There is also no chance of us getting five third-party characters and those who say otherwise needs to realize that Sakurai has stated it is harder to put them in then to make the game.

  25. As soon as I read シュルク (Shulk) I was like “Nah this is a fake” I just doubt anything from Monolith would be in a Smash game.

  26. I don’t believe this list one bit.
    On a side note though, if they’re gonna keep Sonic, I WANT SHADOW DAMMIT! And some of Mario’s enemies, like the hammer bros!

  27. A post from 4chan – regardless of the original source – is most likely bullshit.

    While it’s very possible most of these characters will be in Smash Bros in some capacity – this list should not be regarded as anything more than that turd you just flushed down the drain.

    1. its from sylphys.dd, a japanese image board. There have been several game leaks from there in the past and more than one have ended up being legit. Using 4chan as evidence against it is liking using this site as evidence, its nothing more than a repost.

      1. I’ve kinda avoided 4chan by it’s reputation for being a group of morons and trolls hating on everything. I don’t know that to be true – just based on what I’ve read elsewhere and what I’ve witnessed my self in my few visits. should have sourced it back to Sylphys – and while I don’t know them either – sounds like they have some credibility.

  28. How about having a Mii? With customizable voices and fighting moves? (as well as wardrobe) Ah! it’s making me geek out!

    1. Well, hopefully, the Wii U will expand on how you can customize a Mii.

      It was a good concept created for the Wii, so hopefully it’s expanded.

  29. I don’t think this list is legit, but many characters on this list are very plausible. Especially Ghirahim, K. Rool, Little Mac, Saki and Megaman. (He’s been on the wanted lists since… forever, so it would make sense to choose him as a third-party character)

    I think this is going to be my new favorite smash bros. if Shulk’s playable! He’s my favorite character from one of my favorite wii games, and would kick some major ass in smash bros >:D

    The only one I don’t really get is Slime… I’ve never played Dragon Quest. but isn’t Slime just… Ehm… A Slime? I dunno, it just seems a little strange to me.

    1. Hopefully, Zelda and Ganondorf are better as well.

      It’s kind of emabressing for the Zelda trio to at rock bottom in the Brawl Tier list.

      1. That never made sense to me. I’ve always pwned at Smash bros with all the Zelda characters, yet apparently no one else can.

        1. I’m really good with toon link I make my friends team up two to one against me on him, and they still can’t win. I’m decent with regular link, not as good as toon link, but with some warm up he can hold his own. His controls are really simple and intuitive on either version, I’ve never had a problem with him. Zelda isn’t so bad either actually though i do better with her then as sheik.

  30. Probably fake. Some of them, like Ghirahim are likely, Ridley too, and Zoroark is oretty much inevitable. But Layton? What’s he going to do apart from use his sword? And a Slime? They might as well stick in a Goomba. I think these seem much more like sensible guesses.

  31. 1. its been confirmed the name is not Super Smash Brothers Universe.
    2. They Probably Havn’t Even Gotten This Far Into Development.

  32. Fake or not, I’m glad King K. Rool is at the top. I really wanted him to be on Brawl! He is like the only Nintendo Villain missing. Mega Man would be cool too(8-bit and Volnut). They should add more F-Zero Characters, have Samurai Goro playable and Black Shadow! Ok I’m done, I just want a lot of Characters in the new game.

  33. Since I’m sure the whole “It’s on 4Chan, so it’s fake” statement has already been made, I’ll instead say just about all of these characters would be welcome in my ideal version.

  34. i want lucario…he was my fav….
    lucario peach and pkmn trainer…perfect …i love those three… but what i dont get is that sonic is new…

  35. I’m personally excited for MegaMan. He’s been long overdue, because I expected him for Brawl. But no. Also, how would he play? Like Samus? Hold the B button and it’d shoot? And tapping the B button would shoot lemons?

  36. megaman is awesome but i would rather have the battle network megaman in it insted of classic i dont really like classic as much as battle network

  37. Isn’t Megaman supposed to be a Capcom character? I mean I understand they put Snake and Sonic in Brawl, knowing that they are guest characters from two different companies, but still…

  38. Doubt this is real. SSB is made up of Nintendo exclusives (except snake and sonic), and professor layton and megaman have been brought onto the iphone. Plus, ridley is HUGE.

  39. It was fake even before you mentioned megaman, he’s never going to make it to ssb and neither is layton… what’s he going to do? PUZZLE people into submission? hahaha

  40. Bahj no creo para nada esta lista como puede ser posible ver al profesor layton o a la gotita de Dragon Quest ¬¬ ! porfavor no somos tontos

  41. I know development won’t officially start until close to the Kid Icarus release, but I hope people are already brainstorming ideas for the Wii U controller. A whole new dimension could be added to the game. Each character could have a set ability (like Lucario’s Aura) and two or three different abilities. At any point in the match, the player could switch between these abilities. It’s a little out there, but it could take away the chance of having another Meta Knight and add more strategy to the game.

  42. I just want Young Link back, so if this is real I’m annoyed that a one-game villain like Ghirahim would get picked over a Link who has two games and shouldn’t have been removed to begin with.

    1. They either made clones better, or ditched ‘em. Toon Link was a lot different than Link, so he replaced your pathetic midget Link.(What kind of 12 year old is 3 ft. tall?) Ghirahim is a original character unlike any of the previous characters( well he might be a bit like Marth, but not much.) Winner: Ghirahim!

  43. Some of these i can believe, like saki and megeman, who have been in super high demand. but i dont really get how, say, ridley would work,(though if he is in it i hope meta ridley’s included as an alt skin!) and slime? come on! that alone tells me this “leak” is bullshit.

  44. Also whys evryone so excited for zoroark? it just=clone of lucario but this time from the two least impressive pokemon games of all time. and ive been trying to think how layton and slime would work? maybe laytons final smash could Be evryone gets immoblized until they’re either figure out a puzzle (on touch screen) or knocked out lol! and majora link with three forms n fierce deity final would be EPIC! also, if they can scale down frigging ridley then mother brain super metroid should be in! also okami please please pretty please? after all, shes been on a nintendo system before this game unlike some people (cough snake cough)

  45. Cant tell you how much I don’t really care since I found out about a Playstation SMash Bros….is it an unoriginal concept? Yes I believe Marvel vs. Capcom was the first mainstream success with a fighting game of a brand’s creations. I love Sony characters way more than Nintendo(of course Ill still play this if the Wii U gets more enticing

  46. I want Dark Samus! Shes the only one of the Metroid series… I think Didley its a big large to fit on the stage… The only way he could fight its hanging from the edge… LOL! xD


    nah, just kidding.

    but interesting list but can’t say it’s true until Ninty says so but I’m sure @sickr just wanted to give us a heads up with this rumor… thing is… 4Chan? Really? I believe nothing from 4Chan until confirmed. At least it’s something to keep an eye on.

  48. Where the hell is Bowser Jr? I think Nintendo is trying to get rid of him. He wasn’t in Super Mario 3D Land, as he was replaced by Boom Boom and Bam Bam. As well the fact he didn’t appear in Mario Kart 7. He is scheduled to appear in Mario Party 9, but that game has been in development for quite some time. Bowser Jr. is my favorite character. He reminds me of the Gamecube, my favorite console ever. I hope he makes it.

  49. I’d be pissed if Nintendo didn’t add any Mario & Luigi characters. Especially characters from the BeanBean Kingdom. Heck, the Shroobs can work too.

  50. King K Rool (Donkey Kong): The only obstacle I can see to prevent him from appearing is his background in Japan being different than the one in the U.S. (his alter egos were labeled as his brothers)

    Zoroark (Pokemon): How would his illusion ability work in this game when it does no damage to its opponents. This is why I prefer Hilda w/ Snivy, Dewott, and Emboar to represent the 5th Gen. Plus, it’s missing another new Pokemon rep as it’s tradition to add two new Pokemon characters in each title.

    Ghirahim (Zelda): Definitely going to replace Ganondorf, who they can’t reuse his OoT design as he felt too much like Captain Falcon compared to his TP design.

    Little Mac (Punch Out): Yes plz

    Saki Amamiya (Sin and Punishment): Neutral

    King Hippo (Punch Out): I have problems with his inclusion because once he’s knocked down to the ground, he can’t get up (just like in the game).

    Ridley (Metroid): Sakurai already explained he’s too difficult to be made even with their best efforts.

    Prince Sable (Frogs the Bell Tolls): I welcome unexpected Nintendo characters.

    Palutena (Kid Icarus): Mangus is more suitable.

    Professor Layton (Professor Layton): If Capcom could make Phoenix Wright into a fighter, then why not Nintendo with Professor Layton?

    Megaman (Megaman): After his absence in MvC3, bring him in.

    Crystal (Star Fox): But Japan hates Krystal.

    Slime (Dragon Quest): How the heck will it work?

    Shulk (Xenoblade): No export of his game for us.

    Sonic (Sonic): But he’s already in the last game; why is he considered new.

    No new Mario reps, another Pokemon rep, and Krom (protagonist from the upcoming Fire Emblem 3DS game) makes me skeptical about this list.

  51. I have to admit, as much as it seems fake, it’d be a pretty cool set of characters if true. Also, I don’t think Brawl had any new Mario reps, so I don’t think that’s reason alone to say it’s fake yet.

      1. But they don’t represent the Mario series, only their respective spin off series (Donkey Kong Country and WarioWare). We need Mario reps who are TRUE Mario reps, just as long as it’s not Paper Mario (time paradox FTL).

          1. And Nintendo needs to stop with this habit on their Smash Bros. and Mario Sports game because there’s a difference between legacy characters and two separate characters who are canonically the same character in their own games.

  52. hi to all at i thought i had sent this newyears eve but it didnt send so i have sent it again all the best for new year to all of you
    – matty g

    1. hi,guys my suggest is because it put the following characters :SCORPION,SUB ZERO,RAIDEN AND SHAO KAHN from mortal kombat !!!!!!!!!!!! ¿is good suggest? I hope that it

      ¡¡¡¡sorry for my brother!!!!!!! luis angelo its text was not understood

  53. Fake, fake, this couldn’t possibly be more fake. Sorry to burst everybody’s bubble, but this just isn’t legit.

    Why? Because I am an American learning Japanese, and I can write better than that. The handwriting couldn’t possibly be from a native over the age of 4. …Does that sound mean? Eh, probably, but that’s the truth. :<

  54. In case all of you are wondering who geno is, he’s from super mario Rpg legend of the 7 stars for the snes console which released in 1996 back when the N64 first released. He’s a mystical doll that’s posessed by a star spirit sent to aid mario in his quest to help recover missing star pieces to rebuild the star road that was damaged by a villian by the name of smithy and his army of minions. If you go on super mario wiki and or google him, you’ll know who he is. Also you can download the game on virtual console for 800/900 wii points or look for it at play n trade game trader or on ebay/amazon. I have it for snes, and it OWNZ!!!!! : )

  55. My take on the characters i know and suggestions

    K.Rool: I don’t know what about it makes me want him, but i would be beast with him as i am with all heavy characters

    Ghiriham: What I would like ( even though some of you guys will troll this) is what they did with zelda znd sheik. Make it so you are Demise (final form) and you could turn into Ghiraham.Plus. Evil never looked so fabulous XD

    Zoroark: If he is gonna be a Mewtwo/Lucario clone… he better be as good, if not better.

    Ridley: I see no problem in me or anybody else not liking him in battle, its just that it would be really hard to scale him down, give a moveset that would match his size, and make it look good.

    Sonic: What exactly about him is new.

    Slime: As somebody else said, it would be like putting a goomba in there.

    Megaman: Would just be a Samus clone.

    Professor Layton: HAHAHAHA…yea right.

    Paper Mario:IT’S PAPER MARIO!

    Majora Link: I like the whole pkm trainer rotation idea.

    King Hippo: I would say yes then i remembered he is not actually a hippo.

  56. I just want to say that is amazing work of art that was impressing but you should add more characters from other seasons like code lyoko and beyblade and most of all he power puff girlz.

  57. No no no in the interview he said that anime/manga aren’t allowed EXCEPT THE GREATEST ANIME OF ALL TIME DRAGON BALL Z. So I’m pretty sure Masahiro Sakurai will add goku on the new super smash bros. and hopefully Vegeta but how do I know this because he is DBZ fan and so am I. Like come on everyone in the whole wide world is DBZ fan who doesn’t like.

  58. Daisy doesn’t necessarily have to be a clone. She’s known as the dyke princess, so why not make her a stealth fighter? I can see her fighting in the vein of Link or Mario.

  59. fuckin shadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mewtwo!!!!!!! helloooooooooo wat about knuckles or freakin samurai gorah blood falcon from f-zero or even waluigi!!! well I GUESS WE SHOULD ALL CALM DOWN THIS IS PROBABLY NOT EVEN OFFICIAL AND HE JUST STARTED WORKIN ON ITAND HES MORE LIKELY GONNA ADD MORE IN THE FUTURE.



    1. Conker belongs to Rare/Rareware, which in turn belongs to Microsoft. Unless they can get past the copyright issues, he won’t have a chance of showing up, not even a sticker(if they keep that feature in).

  62. Nintendo you need to have yarn kirby and rosalina. Rosalina final smash should be shooting stars and yarn kirby final smash need to be kirby turning in to a canon

  63. Nintendo you should also put conker in the game it well also help you make anther bad fur day but kid it down so kids can play

  64. i think for the new smash bros is

    caption falcon
    James bond
    lego minifigure
    mega man
    I hope nintendo put sonic, rayman, and earthworm jim

  65. unreliable as 4chan may be, this list looks plausable. Zoroark fits the pattern of changing out popular pokemon, and they seem to be adding more female characters. That said I’d have rather seen impa than Girahim, but if this list turns out to be real it seems they are also trying to add more villain characters from various games.

    1. HELL YEAH! that will be awsome! that way we can use eight melodies from the eight smash gems that uses the grand final smash than chaos emeralds. the grand final smash including by using eight melodies with face-melting metal version by PistonBoys on youtube to get it’s ass kicked to make that thing fatally wounded to get a solo player a chance to defeat giygas and save the world’s smash bros universe to save their beloved dimensions.

  66. Maybe dr eggman as a bad guy with ganon bowser and a better/longer story ….. then give a backstory to one of the characters

  67. Well, this is an interesting list. Why so many third party characters I don’t know. (Don’t flame me since some of those, like Layton, I don’t know their game series much.) Megaman is very tempting, but he’s a third party character and unless he was in a Nintendo game with said company characters(like Sonic with Mario in the Olympic game series), he won’t exactly have much of a chance(I haven’t played the series, though I’ve seen plenty of vids about it. I’m unsure if Megaman was in a Nintendo game, so like I said, don’t flame me for such).

    Ridley is a definite unlikely one to show up as a playable character. If you remember the size of him during Brawl, as well as in the Metroid series, he would be far too large to be playable. Same goes for Meta Ridley; too large to be playable. He would fit as a boss role again, which would be the closest he would get to an appearance, but unless he’s scaled down, he wouldn’t be a playable.

    Zoroark is another likely character. If there’s a thing going on for at least one new playable pokemon, Zoroark would fit the bill. Having starred in her own movie(since the one there was a mother), as well as being a fan favorite, Zoroark in my opinion, has a highly likely of showing up, bonus if zorua, its pre-evolved form, shows up as either an assist in her attacks or as an assist trophy.

    That’s all I got for now since the rest I don’t exactly know.

  68. As a fan of Dragon Quest, I would recommend against slime. I would use a non-hero swordsman, like Terry, for example

    1. I love it when when the 3rd parties like Goku and Naruto joined with Vegeta, Sasuke and Teen Gohan. I also love to see Klonoa, Guntz, Lloyd, Kratos, Spyro (Skylanders), Ryu, Mega Man (Legend), Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Sora, Riku, Mickey, Cloud and Black Mage will be the great 3rd party characters for the game. And it’s also amazing to have Midbus, King K. Rool, Ghirahim, Tiff & Tuff, Slippy, Ash Katchum (Black & White), Zoroark and bring Roy back and make Speedy from “Samurai Pizza Cats” as a final character for the adventure mode of the fourth game of smash bros.

  69. BANJO AND KAZOOIE ALL THE WAY!!! his style of play would be perfect for that game…
    I know nuts and bolts wasn’t as good as the 1 and 2 and nintendo and rare arent partners anymore but don’t leave my man BANJO out of the fun!!!!

  70. Okay, so once Sonic is the one who helped the reunions defeate Tabuu. Speedy from “Samurai Pizza Cats” should join Mario and Sonic. the three warriors to the front of the group, even Ness too…

  71. Skull kid is all I want
    (maybe banjo and kazooie)
    my dad once thought they could have banjo and kazooie separately so they could fight each other
    (just a thought)

    1. I agreed that he’s an evil creep to our front of our pants. Speak of a witch, he is also so much like Orochimaru’s nintendo opponent look-a-like.

    1. I like Sora and Mickey as newcommers and having Riku as a secret fighter of the game. even if Riku fights against Sasuke.

  72. Ness *eating apple*: Hey buddy, Apple core!
    Donald: Mortimer!
    Ness: who’s your PK friend?
    Donald: …Me!
    Ness: Teehee! I bet I thought Pokey said that the apple never fall far from the tree, right?
    Donald *flying*: AHHH NUUUUUTZZ!!
    Naration: Congratulations!
    This should be awsome for the ending anime scense of Donald in all star mode. But it will be awsome if the game makes the anime cutscense for the Classic, All Star, Adventure and Dream Warrior mode. Even Donald from kingdom hearts series and Ness by Axl-Fox deviantart.

    1. In fact, Ganon’s the real asshole to refused Bowser’s ruling world choosing, I would’ve been as a solo player to beat the living shitt out of that fatass pig form of ganon’s in Dream Warrior mode.

  73. I want Kumatora to be a playable character. I think she’d be perfect in Brawl, and Lucas took her moveset, so why not change his and give her back her moveset? And her Final Smash could be PK Ground. Maybe that’s just me.

  74. To be Honest I wanted shadow the hedgehog, A freaking bad ass hedgehog. I mean come on shadow would have different fight patterns and moves to sonic, They could get some Ideas from the ‘shadow the hedgehog’ game. But no, we get proffessor layton, The stupid slime from dragonquest and ridley (nothing against ridley or proffesor layton, ridley too big, Layton too puzzley) But seriously, The ‘magikap’ of the dragonquest world. atleast they now have 2 of my favourite pokemon,zoroark and lucario.
    I still want my Black bad ass hedgehog in this game, and I want him to be awesome. even better than metaknight (metaknights my best char)

    1. YES! The game really should have Shadow, he’s my favorite Sega character. Also my favorite assist trophy in SSBB. If Shadow was in the game, I think his moves would involve teleporting, guns, and his final smash would be Chaos Control. The game would be AWESOME. He’d probably be like Sonic, fast. Shadow will probably be an unlockable character. Also, I think that the game should bring back the old characters that were gone in SSBB (whoever they were, because I only have SSBB).
      Meta Knight is an awesome character, but my best is Sonic.

  75. Should be Isa from Sin & Punishment 2, NOT SAKI

    And Micaiah should be in for a female Fire Emblem rep that is also not a sword user

  76. I know who a few characters they can put on the new SSB:

    1. Sub-Zero
    2. Scorpion
    3. Miles “Tails” Prower
    4. Shadow The Hedgehog
    5. Knuckels
    6. Liquid Snake
    7. Sora
    8. Riku
    9. Leon S. Kennedy
    10. Peppy

  77. Heres some i think in the new super smash bomber man new&original banjo&kazooie team rocket soinc new&original tails new&original mario new&original geno mii new&original pac man new & original mrs pac man new & original
    now some fan made that will naver be in game kid goku superman bat man roblox lago minecrath but man sheep zombie mj goku ssj 1 goku sjj2 goku ssj 3 goku ssj4 gogta ssj2 and some ppl that will be in the game no matter what mario yoshi link donky kong ness pikachu and all the originals.

  78. Zoroark
    Midna or Ghirahim
    King. k Rool
    Leon S. kennedy (He supposed to be in Brawl and can be a good rival for Snake too)

  79. Bowser Jr. – Super Mario
    Ghirahim – Zelda
    Slippy – StarFox
    Zoroark – Pokemon
    Ninten – Mother NES
    Knuckles – Sonic
    Shadow – Sonic
    Silver – Sonic
    Jet – Sonic
    Megaman – Megaman
    Zero – Megaman
    Klonoa – Klonoa
    Guntz – Klonoa
    Billy Hatcher – Billy Hatcher
    Goku – Dragon Ball
    Gohan – Dragon Ball
    Piccolo – Dragon Ball
    Vegeta – Dragon Ball
    Trunks – Dragon Ball
    Sora – Kingdom Hearts
    Riku – Kingdom Hearts
    Neku – The World Ends With You
    Cloud – Final Fantasy
    Black Mage – Final Fantasy
    Rayman – Rayman
    Speedy – Samurai Pizza Cats NES

    And maybe the Miis which the new game can figure the names of the Miis and they can be playable also in the solo mode of the Miis’ adventure mode so be called “Dai rantō sumasshuburazāzu U” in Japanese and “Super Smash Bros Universe” in English.

  80. metal sonic-sonic
    iron man-marvel
    luma-super mario galaxy
    master hand-super smash bros
    funky kong-donkey kong

  81. darkrai-pokemon
    sly cooper-sly cooper
    Murray-sly cooper
    Bentley-sly cooper

  82. My ideas Alvis, Waluigi, Shadow, Robotnik, Sigurd was suppose to be in The 64 Sakura’s favorite fire emblem lord, Knukles need some awsome characters, MEwtwo fuck King K. Rool and Bowser jr., Chrom duh, Greil mercienaries but no Titania, Hector from fe7 we need some ruthless killing machine, Eliwood, Megaman X and Zero the best Megaman characters to exist, Selip very low chance, Roy possibly, Ganondorf is better than that other shithead Ghirahim and NO CRYSTAL SHE IS SATAN”S MINION FOX HATES HER SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zael,Cylstia, and Horace from the last story LIlina HEctor needs someone to torment? Maybe a

  83. adzieję rychło spośród owego wykorzystać. Millie
    Bezwarunkowo gwoli posła bagatelką powinno egzystować umówienie na
    audiencję u kanclerza koronnego, ba, prawdopodobnie chociażby tuż
    samego króla. Tym chętniej, że, kiedy wywniosk.

  84. My list of new chars.:
    1. Waluigi
    2.Skull Kid
    4.Mega Man
    5.Simon Belmont
    6.King K. Rool
    7.Bowser Jr.
    9.Little Mac
    13.Blue Falcon
    14.Prof. E.Gadd
    16.Shadow The Hedgehog
    17.Silver The Hedgehog
    19.King Boo
    20.Dixie Kong
    25.King Hippo
    30.Metal Sonic
    31.Quick Man
    34.Master Hand
    36.Baby Mario
    37.Baby Luigi
    38.Deoxys (All Forms)
    42.Funky Kong
    43.Black Mage
    44.Waddle Dee
    47.Bomber Man
    50.Mr.L (Alternate Costume for Luigi)
    51.Paper Mario (Alternate Costume for Mario)
    52.Prince Fluff
    53.Yarn Kirby (Alternate Costume for Kirby)
    54.Megaman X
    62.Banjo Kazooie
    63.Dark Samus

    I would also like Dr.Mario, Mewtwo, Young Link, and Pichu back. Even if they are clones, they’re still in my top 10 favorite SSB chars. of all time.

    Also a better stage builder would be nice,

    And finnaly, quit trolling us with fighting Master Hand and let us play us him! He’s in my list above! (Note this is all my oppinion, so please be mature about it.) Thank you and good night.

    1. Finally!!! Someone actually realizes Waluigi deserves a spot! I never even thought about E Gadd, but he is a good idea too.

  85. I have been surfing on-line greater than a couple of working hours these days, still Irrrve never discovered almost any attention-grabbing article including your own house. It is actually pretty price tag plenty of for me. For me, if perhaps many website owners in addition to writers made superior content just like you do, the internet might be considerably more helpful than any other time.

  86. the’re a couple of people i know they are putting in,Rosalina-super mario galexy, Luma- super mario galexy, animal crossing villager- Animal Crossing,Megaman – Megamam, and Greninja- Pokemon

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