Pachter Says Wii U Late October Launch “Makes Sense”

Famed industry analyst Michael Pachter firmly believes that Nintendo will launch the Wii U in October. Pachter made the comments during the latest episode of Pach Attack, during which he was asked why Nintendo hasn’t revealed the Wii U technical specifications.

“There’s a couple of reasons, I think. For one, they’re probably not certain exactly what their final specs are going to be. When I say that, they have the CPU and GPU down absolutely as developers are making games for it.

“I think they’re just waiting to see what the commodity prices are like, and what the assembly is going to cost them. They kind of have to go final at least three to four months before the thing launches, so I think you’ll hear specs around E3 and I think you should look for around a late October launch. That makes sense.”

“The answer is nobody has any clue, including Ubisoft,” Pachter later expanded, responding to whether the console would release prior to Assassin’s Creed III.”

“The game will come out on October 30th, and it’ll come out on Wii U if it’s out by then. If there’s not a Wii U by then, guess what, it’ll be held until it launches.

“I think it’s likely that Nintendo is shooting for around that date on Wii U. Historically, we haven’t really gotten console launches in the US and Europe past about November 15th, so October 30th sounds totally reasonable to me. But, I don’t think anyone has any clue. Nintendo does what Nintendo decides to do.”

86 thoughts on “Pachter Says Wii U Late October Launch “Makes Sense””

      1. I think Pachter is trying to repair his win-loss percentage by making a fairly safe prediction for once.

    1. i was actually thinking that they would launch the wii u in december sooooo, late october wouldnt be bad to launch

      1. If they do it December. They’ll miss half of the holiday rush. Any time before thanksgiving would seem right.

      1. He has a track record of being quite far fetched with his “predictions”, from what I’ve read from him, so yes, this is surprising to me.

        1. Not really, you folks just like to highlight the things he gets wrong or can be perceived as “anti-Nintendo.” And obviously if all you visit is a Nintendo fan site, you aren’t going to get much perspective.

          1. he gets some things right here or there, but majority KNOWS he is mostly wrong, everyone knows it, the media knows it, gamers know it, he isnt the best analyst out there dude

            1. Didn’t say he was. He’s a logical guy, but the industry is such that logic doesn’t always provide the best answers. He studies numbers, trends, etc. (in other words, analyzes) and applies those models to the future. He doesn’t “know” how anything will play out, he just makes educated guesses. Everyone likes to pretend that he gets on a high horse and bashes companies for no reason, when generally he just tells it like it is (and like it was, for that matter).

              I only defend him adamantly because he doesn’t really deserve the hate and ire he receives.

  1. The fuck is he talking about. The Wii came out in Europe on the 8th of December, and I’m pretty sure it was out on the 19th November in America.

  2. I’d rather a November 18th release, but damn Pachter is actually being smart this time o.O, I like what he says at the end: Nintendo does what Nintendo decides to do.

    1. He’s not being smart. If you fling enough shit around eventually some of it will stick. He talks crap so, naturally, something eventually will be sounding sensible. Tomorrow he’ll say the Wii U is actually powered by thirty ZX Spectrums controlled by actual Pikmin. The man’s a goon.

  3. This gives developers time to make games for the Wii U which is good.
    As for Pachter, I am surprised he has made such a statement, although reality is, he is right.
    Within that amount of time there will be lots of launch titles; and having lots of launch titles means lots of Wii U’s sold and mega yen for Nintendo…


  5. Nothing new here….

    and why the people watch their video, he call his watchers..babies…WTF, only people with interest in the topic(mostly 15+) would heard what a financial analyst say… that people is only a overinflated market analyst, he doesn’t even know about how the market operated(is very hit and publicty based,)

    1. The “fellow babies” is a reference from the TV show WKRP. Thats the term Johnny Fever gave his followers.

  6. I guess he was bound to say something that makes sense eventually. He is still an idiot that has no idea how the industry works and likes mouth off at Nintendo’s expense way too often. Leave luck to heaven.

              1. Why not? The card is awesome. Even thought it only has 1400 atk points, it has 3 awesome effects. I’ve always had a love for warrior type monsters. Even before the six samurai deck was released.

                Other favourites are , Buster Blader, Black Luster Soldier, Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning, Gilford the Lightning, all the six samurai.
                I also love the Blackwings (especially the Armour Master) and X-Sabers

                    1. I can understand that. I actully collect the cards irl. I haven’t been up to it in about a year though. Since the end of 5Ds.

  7. Do you know what makes sense? Having sex on the beach with purple haze and piña colada. You see anyone can be an analyst.

  8. How the idustry works mr patcher make the cheapest garbage with cheap materials sell low and poor white crackers on welfare who shop thrifty will buy shovelware then relese and ”upgrade” thats somebody made 6 yrs ago and steal from apple the ppl u base

  9. Nintendont does what they want yeah like fail with virtuql boy,relese weak hardware with no 3rd party and shovelware,have shit internest,milk tired fanchises,release broken games like kid icurus and sell to weeaboo ass kissing race traitor dumb weak crakr

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    1. Hey DroneBox fanboy… is your ass hurting me? Microsoft treats everyone with shit and planning on creating a new game system that has no disc drive and you can’t even play used games. SHUT THE F*CK UP AND GET OVER IT, YOU F*CKING FAILED TROLL!

  11. Microsoft gives its fans what they want without us begging and its no t region lock like 3ds so they force u to buy another jap 3ds smh ya tools. Microsoft treats us with dignity and release an actual next gen to respect to our inteligents

  12. Patcher was actually logical for once?

    My god, celebration time for the world will never end and hopefully soon hardcore means “super hard games (Mega Man 3, Super Mario Sunshine” and not shooters.

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