Pachter Says Nintendo 3DS XL ‘Not Compelling’ And Vita Is ‘Too Expensive’

Famed Wedbush Morgan industry analyst Michael Pachter doesn’t believe that the Nintendo 3DS XL will be the saving grace for Nintendo. Pachter also believes that Sony’s troubled PlayStation Vita is just too expensive for consumers.

“The larger 3DS format is not all that compelling for the consumer,”he said, “and although I think the XL will help sales, I don’t think that the impact will revive weak sales of handhelds overall.”

“Vita’s too expensive for most, priced pretty much the same as the PS3 everywhere. While I think the Vita is a good value and a great device, when compared to the PS3 it’s pretty expensive.

“Also, there is not much of a library of Vita games, so sales will probably be slow until we see more content.”

147 thoughts on “Pachter Says Nintendo 3DS XL ‘Not Compelling’ And Vita Is ‘Too Expensive’”

      1. Along with its earnings release, Nintendo issued updated life-to-date sales totals for its currently released hardware. The 3DS reached 19 million units worldwide as of June 30 – coming up on the GameCube’s lifetime 21.74 million quickly, and beating Nintendo’s earlier 18.5 million projection. Its predecessor, the DS, continues to widen its lead over every other platform ever, at 152.05 million. And the Wii creeps toward 100 million, with a worldwide total of 96.56 million units.

        As for quarterly sales, Nintendo typically issues a list of games that sold at least one million copies in the period. This list usually includes a lot of “evergreen” games, like Wii Fit, New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart Wii. Surprisingly, for the quarter that ended June 2012, only one game made the list: Pokemon Black Version 2/White Version 2, which sold 2.45 million copies, including 30,000 outside of Japan – despite not being released outside of Japan. JOYSTICK,COM

        1. For everyone hating on Nintendo, they seem to be doing pretty good this year…. Looks like people aren’t seeing the big picture like Nintendo does…

    1. Pachter’s just a dick reel and everybody hates him. He acts like the 3DS isn’t already doing good. I think analyst is just a fancy term for a guy who guesses what he wants to happen to a company but is always wrong.

        1. Look we get it! you’re a huge nintendo fan! you sound stupid saying mii on every post you make! almost as bad as the leave luck to heaven guy!

          I love Pokemon, zelda, metroid ect NINTENDO! but you don’t seem me saying U, mii, wii, for every post! comon man! we get it! Now excuse me while I go and play Mighty switch force.

    1. Well he is half right, right about vita, wrong about the 3dsxl. If he was any kind “analyst” he would of looked at the sales data of the 3ds in Japan at least to see at the time of announcement and such, the 3ds has slowed down a bit, even during some heavy hitter games. You know, do some analyzing instead of prophesying .

      1. i feel like the xl wont boost sales like crazy, but they will help. this is actually the first time patcher sounds right, even if he is stating the obvious. vita is FAILING. it looked sweet, it could be amazing. sony sorta has the right idea with it, but they arent putting their full potential into the handheld. it needs a drop in price, and MORE GAMES… that are amazing. i havent played any vita games yet but i hear uncharted isnt amazing like the console versions, resistance wouldve been my system seller of a title and that looks not so great and is critical booty. there is a bioshock tie in supposedly coming, and assasins creed looks really good. if sony were to put their A-teams on it, get god of war, maybe pin down kojima for a metal gear exclusive, like a peace walker sequel, and just more games, vita would do well.

  1. “and although I think the XL will help sales, I don’t think that the impact will revive weak sales of handhelds overall.”-Pachter


    1. Exactly the response I was waiting for. He even said something positive about the 3DS XL, and people are still going to go rabid. And it sort of does matter what he thinks, he’s an analyst. That’s his job, what he gets paid to do.

      1. Yes but nobody really cares what he says cause its hardly ever true,and he mostly talks negative things about everything Nintendo,one positive statement wont change anything. And No,it doesn’t matter what he thinks…Most things he says aren’t true,he just likes to talk…

        1. I don’t really care what he says nor do I follow him (not because I hate him or anything, I’m just indifferent and don’t pay attention), but I remember one prediction from him about E3 being terribly boring, and he was right. Whether he’s right or wrong doesn’t matter to him, because he gets paid to do it, and if he actually cares about what some little shits say on the internet, I’d say he gets some laughs too, win-win situation to me. And you’re ignoring my argument about a lot of the people on this site being hypocrites. When he says something that could be interpreted in the slightest way as a form of criticism against Nintendo, the fanboys go apeshit, like now, even when he said something positive. And when he says something slightly negative about Sony, the fans rejoice and praise him.

          1. It’s a Nintendo site, what the heck are you expecting? Nintendo fans praising the competition? You’re nuts! As for Patcher, he’s hardly ever right, so anything he says are usually being categorized as stupid or plain obvious.

            1. I’m just going to copy-paste what I said on the MyNintendoNews Facebook page.

              Everybody complains about that, “well herpaderp, it’s a nintender fan site wut do u ekkspeckt?” No, it’s a Nintendo news site, that’s why it’s called My Nintendo News, not MyNintendoFans, now quit trying to give reasons for people to ignore the moronic fanboys. Nobody is going to let them be, and everyone saying “its a nintender site git over it” needs to shut their cockwash.

              Everyone who says that is starting to sound like a broken record. I never said people couldn’t be fans. There’s a difference between fanboys and fans. I’m a fan of Nintendo. Doesn’t mean I can’t criticize them when I please and agree with criticisms against them. What’s really wrong is when the fanboys go apeshit over it.

              1. That’s understandable, but it’s not like you’re being forced to read the comments. I suggest you not to look at the comments if you’re bothered by these. No one’s forcing you to look at them, so there should not be an excuse not to do so. If you want a great community, I suggest you look elswhere– like Nintendo World Report (don’t let the title fool you) since most of the people there are mature about games in general, not just Nintendo. If you do go there, try listening to one of their podcast (preparably, Radio Free Nintendo).

          2. He’s right less frequently than pure chance would dictate he should be based on the number of failed predictions he has made–in other words, you’d be better off taking the word of a coin toss over Pachter’s borderline-ignorant prognostications.

  2. Dude this pachter guy is a total asshole, I never see him say anything positive . Proves he’s just an Xbox fanboy tryin to ruin Sony and Nintendo. Little does he know, no one give a shit about his negative and unsupported facts opinion -.-

    1. This site, being Nintendo-focused, only posts the stuff he says that are Nintendo-related. He says plenty negative things about Microsoft too, don’t worry lol. It’s just that it’s not posted on here (as there is no reason for it to be posted here)

    2. “I never see him say anything positive” ?
      Looks like the ability to read was not mastered by you yet.
      I suggest you to read the whole article again, maybe you’ll change your mind about your comment after that. If not, I suggest you to read the article as many times as it needs for you to change your mind.

  3. This is all a little obvious.

    but of course all the fanboys will come running when they see the name Pachter, and if they actually read the article (which half of them don’t), they’ll probably be like “Oh, herpaderp, Pachter’s right for once.” Because it isn’t something completely bashing Nintendo, and shows criticism of sorts against Sony. I know the pattern on this site and the fanboys in general.

    1. And already above you:

      “Dude this pachter guy is a total asshole, I never see him say anything positive . Proves he’s just an Xbox fanboy tryin to ruin Sony and Nintendo. Little does he know, no one give a shit about his negative and unsupported facts opinion -.-

      Fanboys are sometimes so full of shit. Pachter is (probably) right on this. He says he thinks the xl wont help that much. that doesnt even imply it wont help at all (according to his opinion). just not that it everyone?
      We all know what helps more. Games. Games like Super Mario, Smash Bros, Dr Kawashima and so on. And well, they are coming. So calm down

      1. Did you actually read the article? “…I don’t think that the impact will
        revive weak sales of handhelds overall. How are the 3DS sales weak when it had just beaten the first year sales of the DS?

        1. Nintendo was selling the 3DS at a loss, until today, the 25th of July. So in fact, they didn’t sell enough, because they simply didn’t make any profit out of the 3DS.

    2. I completely agree. This isn’t exactly a place to have level headed discussions. The fanboys automatically shut off Patcher because he’s Patcher. Who says he hates Nintendo? And so what? Nintendo had better days, trust me kids. The 3DS XL is just bigger and perhaps better battery. But that wouldn’t matter if you use it at home all the time. And he’s right about the Vita. Just listen to Patcher once an while. I think he brings up good points. We all love Nintendo, but you have to criticize it once in awhile. Dont think for a second that your beloved company won’t cheat you, because it can happen if they think you’re a brainless customer that puts up with their shit.

              1. I think I do. I just started commenting on this site and its obvious you and your clones are the least sensible people here, so you commenting sensibility is ironic. i don’t even need to be a Nintendo/Sony fan to see that.

                  1. You two should read this:

                    Specially the last part, which says:
                    “If soemone missuses it, you probably knew what they meant and you’re just sharpshooting their example to make yourself look smart. Instead shut your useless pie hole and go find comething better to do.”

        1. Sensible or not, Pachter is a troll… of everyone. Of every 6 things he says, one is intelligent. This happens to be reasonable but usually he is just wrong…

          1. Yeah, he’s wrong at times. But he has great evidence to support his claims. His way of thinking is perfectly reasonable. And yet, Nintendo miraculously succeeds when Patcher believed they wouldn’t. Why? Because they’re Nintendo of course! Nowadays, anything with a Nintendo label will sell decently and will have the fanboys will be shitting to the moon. I realize this a nintendo news site, but that’s no excuse for being ignorant and close minded. Nintendo needs to be pushed, even by bitter assholes like Patcher.

  4. god he’s such a douche. he’s almost never right, and when he is, he’s only stating obivous well known facts that anyone could say anyway. what a joke.

  5. I thought the XL looked pretty compelling just for the sheer size of the screens on it. I saw it compared to the original and there’s a huge difference.

    1. But saying that, him saying “he doesnt think the XL will be the saving grace for Nintendo”. LOL, what? Saving grace? Yeah, he’s still a fucking idiot, but hes right about the XL not making a big impact and Vita being too expensive, and lack of games

  6. He is right…when it comes to the Sony part.

    Wrong because the 3DS doesn’t have weak sales, only the Vita does.

        1. Exactly, is good, especially for only 1 and a third of a year. But gaming has risen in its popularity. Only about 20 million NES were sold, i think. Gaming is more popular, so i think people were expecting bigger numbers

            1. Derp, i thinking of the gamecube sales. Either way, gaming is more popular, overall sales of consoles and software gas risen ever generation, i think people just expected it to happen again

  7. “I dont think that the impact will help revive the weak sales of handhelds overall” -I never understand this… isnt the 3ds outselling the ds at this point in each of their amount of time on the market? how does that indicate weak sales? just because everyone has cell phones that can play free games now, suddenly because the INCREASED sales for nintendos handhelds cant compete with that, it means that handhelds are failing??

    1. I never understood it either. 19 million in a uear and few months is damn good, and thats with its being overpriced. Soon as Pokemon, Luigi’s Mansion, and fingers crossed, a 2D Metroid turn up, sales will soar, in particular with Pokemon.

    2. Read “overall” then look at the non-3ds handheld systems and compare to how it has looked earlier.. You kinda get the picture if you look at all those things.

      1. i already have a battery pack that doubles the battery life of the original, so for me to upgrade to XL would be a loss in battery life. seriously, they could do better than a half hour extra

  8. 1. 90% BIGGER SCREENS. How is no one going to notice the 90%? Handheld sales are weak?
    2. It is. It’s more worth $200. That’s what I think because I have one.
    For some reason, I don’t imagine Pachter saying this like the asshole he usually is.
    He (Mostly) said what most people think.

  9. He’s right about Vita, it’s price is too high for a portable console, but to say that the XL won’t save the low sales… the 3DS’s been selling like crazy in Japan, and there is a huge library of first and third parties games, aside from the extras on the eshop. Patcher, please… it’s not your opinion that counts for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, it’s ours, the gamers who’ll buy their consoles and have fun while we play it. Take this in consideration next time you decide to say something about the gaming industry again…

  10. Guys he’s actually right! Although I’m not sure about what he means about the 3DS XL being Nintendo’s saving grace…

    1. Well… That part we can thank the author of this article for, not MP himself. I’ve found out that the things people whine about isn’t what Pachter says, but the way this site put it up.

  11. he is right.. but, how is 3ds doing bad, until nintendo actually needs a saving grace? 3ds is making profit as of today.. nintendo announced early that 3ds, as of today, not selling at a loss.. and a lot of 3ds games are coming out this year and next year, compared to vita.. I don’t think nintendo needs a saving grace anymore.. 3ds is already moving at full speed..

      1. well it came from the vg247 site, with that exact same sentence… sickr didn’t add it

        and in the quote it says “and although I think the XL will help sales, I don’t think that the impact will revive weak sales of handhelds overall” which pretty much the same meaning.. but pointing to both handhelds, vita and 3ds… I may got some misunderstanding there, but 3ds clearly doesn’t have weak sales… only vita, though that is mainly because it has no games..

        pachter is not totally wrong, but he isn’t totally right either.. he sounded like clueless internet commentors…

  12. Can we please stop reporting this morons “opinions” for once? He knows nothing about gaming nor does he play them. The VIta is worth it’s money, though it has no real games. That’s why it hasn’t sold. The 3DS XL is going to draw a lot of morons who want a bigger screen and battery. And although the 3DS XL isn’t for me, there are a lot of people who will be trading in their 3DS and buying XL with charger (the charger doesn’t come with the XL).

    The 3DS XL being Nintendo’s “saving grace” means little sense because Nintendo is not selling their system at a lost anymore, and their system is outselling the Vita. So XL or not, it’s doing something, right?

    1. Well, that’s what he said (about the vita part) and the 3ds will not sell as well as people assume. They’re even doing the cheap $ony trick and doesn’t include everything that you might need to play the system right out of the box.

  13. Pachter might be right this time about the 3DS XL… I know I wont be getting one, I am completely fine with my 3DS normal size. However, you dont have to be a professional analyst to know that! Pachter is stating the obvious and already known…

  14. Sales of handhelds really are doing well, it’s the sales of PSVita that aren’t doing well. 3DS is up 10% in sales from the previous generation at this time in it’s life cycles. So what this man is spitting is just nonsense. gaming is a hobby and in this economy, sales of video games would obviously go down. Better economy better sales in luxury.

  15. About Vita, I think $250 (or $299 for 3g version) for the system is acceptable. The memory card is, however, quite pricey.

    1. the MC’s are expensive. I’m glad I bought a Launch Bundle For 299.

      but that is one thing I don’t like about the Vita. I have downloaded a few games and my 8GB will only hold so much.

  16. Then you’re an idiot! The 3DS just beaten the first year of the DS, so his statement about the 3DS having weak sales is just pure bullshit.

    1. He stated that the handheld market sells bad overall, not that the 3ds sells bad. If you watch the whole market you can clearly see that the normal DS, PSP and PS vita has very poor selling numbers.

  17. Somebody tell Pachter to go and fuck something.

    He is clearly frustrated and a good fuck might give him something to do, other than flaming games consoles 24/7.

    1. I’m not frustrated. I just saw 1 Direction in a 3DS advert and got fed up. This caused me to go on a verbal rampage and talk nonsense about Nintendo and 3DS/Wii U.

  18. I mostly don’t like Patcher, but I do think he’s right about the 3DS XL. To be honest, I do love my classic cosmo black 3DS, but when I saw the XL version I was all like ‘meeeh, it’s just bigger. Nothing special’. And 2 of my friends with 3DSs think the same, is just not THAT compelling.

    About the Vita with no games…. well, I do play on it on my way home back from work, it’s a very fun handheld to play on… but I’m gettin’ tired of only playing Gravity Rush and/or Uncharted all the time. Not to mention that the memory sticks are EXPENSIVE AS HELL.
    I mean, seriously? $99.99 for a 32gb one?

    1. If you use Lockerz you can get many of the accessories at discounts. I could buy a 3G one right now *with the 8GB card* for only $254.

      1. You mean $2.54, right? Still, going to a website where you have to do stuff for a while to get discounts is not very comfortable either, man. I mean instead of waiting I’d rather go to a retailer and buy it right away for a reasonable price, dude.

        I was an early PSV adopter, and it didn’t came with a Memory stick (basic packaging), unlike my 3DS which indeed came with a 2gb card. AND there are PSV games that won’t save your progress without one. I don’t see why Sony couldn’t do the same. It would attract a lot more sales.

        1. I was referring to the handheld itself. The 32GB card is about 79 bucks instead of $99.

          Decided to go with 3G because of the extras included and to have a feature that I could at least have the option to use if the time arises.

          1. I have the 3g version also… but somehow I feel like I was ripped off. I could have gotten a PS3 for the combined price :c.

            Either way, yes, I do think Patcher is right. Hate me all you want, but he is. The XL ain’t that attractive and the PSV is really overpriced.
            I love my 3DS and my Vita, but this handheld generation started REALLY slow for both consoles.

            1. Expensive, overpriced isn’t exactly the word to use here for what you’re getting.

              I’m actually not too interested in the XL either, but seems like something to sell my current 3DS for and buy it with. The 3DS itself is an incredibly uncomfortable system to hold in extended play.

              1. Yeah, my bad, expensive is what I meant.

                Actually it also depends on how it feels in your hands. My 3DS feels just fine as I have small hands and the XL seems a bit bulky to my taste. So yeah, if you have big hands, you may feel that the XL fills your expectations, so go for it.
                But then again, I won’t say anything ’till I have an XL in my own hands and give it a try.

      2. The 3DS needs lockerz. The PS Vita doesn’t deserve it,nor does it deserve 8GB. ALL HAIL 3D! And chuck blue shells at the PS Vita! PS Vita my arse

  19. That’s understandable, but it’s not like you’re being forced to read the comments. I suggest you not to look at the comments if you’re bothered by these. No one’s forcing you to look at them, so there should not be an excuse not to do so. If you want a great community, I suggest you look elswhere like Nintendo World Report (don’t let the title fool you) since most of the people there are mature about games in general, not just Nintendo. If you do go there, try listening to one of their podcast (preparably, Radio Free Nintendo).

    1. He is right about the XL as well. The XL consoles are HORRIBLE. Only good thing with the XL is the longer battery time. But the price is that it hurts it’s portability.

  20. Did the Millions of people that are trading for the XL tell you that or are you trying to make choices for thousands of people you don’t no. And the Vita part is obvious, even my 5 year old brother could have told you that. Hey Patcher, I here Burger Town is hiring down the street just watch out for the hate grenades.

  21. I dont understand, How are the “overal Handheld sales week” when the 3DS has sold 19 million worldwide in one year, more than any console in history has sold in one year. He’s an idiot..

  22. I find it difficult to believe the words of a “famed analyst” when there’s no solid proof that he even participates in business with the companies he analyzes, let alone whether or not he even plays games in the first place……
    He made a good point this time around, with the Vita price but his comment about the 3DS?
    That’s debatable.
    For a lot of people, having a bigger screen to more easily see the games they are playing without putting their nose up to the screen, is compelling in and of itself.
    Then there’s the fact that it’s got better anti-glare on its screen, on top of slightly longer battery life.
    All around, I’d say the XL is compelling in its own right, even if it didn’t do a total redesign.
    And he’s only half correct about hand-held sales.
    The 3DS’s sales are doing far better than he claims.
    The VITA, however………
    Seems like this guy only reads what he likes then twists it into his own opinion.

  23. i feel like the 3dsxl is only for those people who were like “na, i’ll just wait for the newer model of the 3ds because they’re bound to make one”. i’ve read quite a few posts by people like that.

    and i guess it appeals to people who like big screens for whatever reason idk

    1. Im getting one. I held out on gettin the original due to money problems, but now that the 3DS is out in 2 days for me, i mught as well get one. Bigger screen, better 3D, the buttons are better from what ive seen in unboxing videos, bigger battery, and from what ive heard 3DS has a few faults that are solved with the XL

  24. will you please stop printing stories about what patcher says he is a nob and is a waist of time lets have some real news.

  25. Hes best ignored……….

    Last months sales estimates he gave for 3ds were over 50k lower, than the actual figures.

    He hates nintendo

    he doesnt know them

    and hes giving a dumb opinion

    ” I don’t think that the impact will revive weak sales of handhelds overall.””

    3ds is number 1 in the world

    and in reality, consoles worldwide are doing even weaker right now

    also wasnt vita suppose to outsell 3ds pachter?

    flip flopping hypocrite

  26. Why doesn’t he go work at McDonalds or something? He obviously hates video games. Can I be an analyst too by saying a bunch of negative shit about something.

  27. The 3DS has weak sales? Oh, you’re full of shit, Pachter!

    And what happened dude? The Vita’s too expensive? I thought $250 was too CHEAP?

    1. The sales are weak in the regions that actually matter. Japan has more than half of the 3DS’ lifetime sales while everywhere else in the world like EU/NA is shared.

      1. Try to back thing up with facts before you speak
        Nintendo 3DS (3DS)
        NA 5.74
        EU 4.83
        JP 6.55
        Rest of World
        NA is about 800,000 behind JP
        also 2x vita… i’m still getting a vita though

  28. People forget that the sales posted on this site are the Japanese sales. The US sales aren’t going as well as in Japan. The XL MIGHT boost sales, but honestly there just isn’t enough for it, and after this long, it seems like it’ll still suffer.

    The Vita could be cheaper. But really, it’s cheaper than most cell phones (before carrier discounts and whatnot). My phone normally is $600, and my Vita is by far better than my phone. So really, I feel like he dislikes handhelds and just keeps bashing them in general.

  29. Does this guy realise that no one cares all he ever gos on about is how bad nintendo is he doesnt even give good reasons why he thinks this to me he just soubds like one of those cranky guys who hate everything

  30. Thought I was the only one that personally wasn’t THAT compelled by the XL. I just don’t see it having a large impact on sales either. It’s a small, decent addition to those who have bad eyes; Or to those who just prefer a bigger screen. Those preferences would seem to be among the minority though. Not even it’s advantageous battery life will drive sales by a margin, at least in my perspective.

    I agree the Vita is expensive, especially in comparison to it’s competitor. You can’t be in denial of that, it’s a sensible accusation. However, I still don’t see Sony lowering it’s price.

    1. Yes and yes. Believe me, I’m hardly sold on the 3DS XL, mostly because I already have a 3DS. Ntm, yeah the VITA is expensive, but, if you ask me, it’s worth the price, if you consider all of the tech that’s inside it.

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