Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U “On Par” With Other Versions

Steve Lycett, executive producer of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed says that the Wii U version of the game is on par with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. Lycett then went on to explain a number of the unique features the Wii U version will have due to the console’s tablet controller.

“The game is easily on a par with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. We’re still very much getting to grips with what we can make the hardware do…. So it’s hard to really answer that right now, but yeah, I think once we’ve had a bit more time finding our way around it, chances are you can look to do things that you may not be able to do before.”

98 thoughts on “Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U “On Par” With Other Versions”


    1. Meh. i find little interest in the 3ds. i did want a vita until i found out the tech problems and lack of games. i even dont give a shit about mobile gaming at all.

    2. who cares about this better par shit and stuff, low specs i dont care. In the last 7 years, i never bought any XBOX or PS3, I dont like homeconsoles, (we have NES) but i have Nintendo handhelds.. This will be my first console … so i dont give a fuck about specs..

      1. Third party do. No third party = miss out on great games. Shame really for Nintendo only gamers. And there is more than SHOOTERS…

        1. Not really customer Nintendo fanboys wouldn’t care about the games they missed unless its nintendofied. Most are exclusives

          1. Street Fighter, Darksiders, Bayonetta, Tekken, SoulCalibur, Dead or Alive, Devil May Cry, Dragon Quest, Elder Scrolls, RockSteady Batman games, etc..

            1. In order,
              Overrated fighter, on the wiiu, game barely anyone played, thats on the wiiu, that probably will be on the wiiu, thats coming to wiiu, DMC looks crap now, i dont know why you said dragon quest when its a nintendo game, no reason a future bethesda game wont appear on the wiiu, thats on the wiiu.

          2. errrr errrrm jak and daxter….FF13… Ni no Kuni….errrm emmmmmm NOT SHOOTERS :P ALSO ELDER SCROLLS DARK SOUL and many others

            You should know this if you own a ps3… but since you failed to give me a list… you are obv a Nintendo fanboy without a ps3 trying to cover it up… sad sad boy tsk tsk tsk

            1. How in the holy fuck is jak and daxter third party? And Ni No Kuni was on the DS (regardless of what it got in reviews). In terms of THIRD PARTY, there are hardly any that are shooters. “oh were missing out”, barely. And im not missing out any, even if i owned a wiiu, and the games didnt come to the system. Stupid troll, go back to 4chan

              1. I was doing my research and the PS3 is full of JRPGs……….. in japan……. and the 360 it’s full of SHUMPS………… in Japan. Why Japan gets the best stuff?

        2. Yeah ur totally right. You’d have to be stupid to only limit yourself to just one console, and that goes out to ALL fanboys

          1. Or poor. When the Wii got out I was pretty young and as an owner of both DS and Wii so where there always games that I wanted so I found no reason to cough up three digit amound of $$$ to get all 3 systems. Gonna buy all now though when I have money.

  1. Shall be got on the PS3 and possibly 3DS for me. Been playing the original tidy actually and it’s really good (bar the stupid kill 100 zombie trophy – I’ve killed about 5000 and not got it!!) just a shame Sega are putting stupid non game characters in it to make extra money.

  2. That’s perfectly understandable. It takes time to adjust to new hardware. I guarantee their next big game will blow this gen outta the water

            1. Very much yes… Sadly. I wish it was not true, but here we stand on the edge to oblivion and can only watch as the world is slowly thorn apart.

              I might sound over dramatic, but Sega is not as great as they used to be :/

              1. Theyre not that deep. They just don’t know what to do. They have the right ideas but lacks the skills to achonplishtthem. Plus they haven’t revealed the next sonic game which means its still being worked on n that means something big

                1. You said it. Lack the skills = shit untalented and a waste of resources. They should merge with Nintendo. Luckily their mobile games are doing pretty well.

                1. Ironic, you reply to the Nintendo fan and not the person that originally said it. And no matter how much you wish, making your name ‘Aeolus’ won’t fool anyone.

                2. It is true though. They are nothing but a shadow of their former self. Back in the days they were reallyreally big. It’s uncompareable with how they are now. They have gone downhill and everyone that denies that… Well, guess you were not around when they were big.

                  1. Sega is having financial troubles since the Dreamcast, the spirit of them has gone absolutely fucking nowhere.

                    There’s a big difference in what you transform into, and what you’re not CAPABLE of doing even if you wanted. The latter is Sega’s case.

    1. maybe but wasted power there. Sonic is a cartoony game. 1080p is much better for more realistic visuals. Cartoony can only go so far.

  3. Another game that can be played on CONSOLES PEOPLE ALREADY OWN…

    STILL WAITING FOR NEXT GEN WORTH EXCLUSIVES that will attract my attention and future consumers Nintendo. No… pikmin 3 wont cut it. Retro’s game better be good…

    1. Zombie U, P-100. I don’t get why Pikmin 3 doesn’t count though.. I think that game will end up to be pretty charming.

      1. Pikmin 3 is tailored to a niche audience. Pikmin 1 only sold 2million copies which is pretty crap considering Nintendo make millions with other franchises.

        Zombie U will be on other consoles as mentioned by ubisoft and rayman elgends (makes sense if Origins was on EVERY SINGLE PLATFORM even the inferior 3ds version with terrible fps)

        Ubisoft love money so they will port the hell out of their games :P

        1. Zombie U might get a port. I’m not sure, but I think a port is not yet confirmed. But for now it’s a Wii U exclusive and many people might want to buy it at launch. But as another eager commenter said so did it take the 360 to get any real exclusives and even though Pikmin 3 is a niche game it is still a great game for it’s audience and NSMBU might be a really good game. Yes, NSMB is overused, but I have hope for that title. I myself have to say that I am kinda pleased with the launch list. Not overwhelmed but neighter unhappy.

    1. Read the whole article and not just the title. It says “Easily on pair”. That means that it’s propably better..

            1. I know. I only point it out for all these people who have missed this obvious fact which seems to be a hell lot of people.


    360 launch line up. Yeah, look at all those great games, that were available on the ps2, a system people already owned. Oh the first party titles? All those games that suck?

    Get over it trolls, console launches are always filled with game available on oter consoles. This isnt the SNES to N64 jump. And the ps3 to ps4 jump will be no different. The console needs games, and believe it or not, it takes over a year or 2 to make these games. Give it up, people hated the 360 when that was abiut to come out, and everyone slagged it off. Now look at it. Its still a piece of crap, but its a successful piece of crap with “great third party and first party games”.

    1. yikes talk about a crappy launch no wonder i don’t remember much about 360 when it hit the market i was to occupied playing all does games on ps2 & playing melee. melee good times good times….

      1. Hey! Just because Nintendo has all those exclusives there is no reason to hate on our xbox. We have two main exclusives. We too can have a brawl copy like Sony copied with all stars. We have master Cheif, guys from gears. Our SSBB copy would be better than the Sony all stars. Though I admit SSBB rules.

        1. I know you enjoy your xbox, but a Xbox SSB, would suck, BAD. Master Chief would be fun, but theres literally no other characters, other than Marcus Pheonix, Banjo….and characters people dont care or hold nostalgia to.

  5. U serious!? I was going to buy a copy and fuck Amy Rose and Sonic when I got the disc… now mii dreams will never cum true.

    At least I still have my lord and master revolution5268

  6. How spoilt are we Nintendo fans. We are getting a sonic racing to hold over until Mario Kart / double dash / 6 player / 1080 P / 60 frames per-second arrives. So many games for the Wii U I am even making a list which to skip :). Nintendo should buy Sega, stream line them and release sonic the hedge hog every May.

    1. Nah, Nintendo have enough shelved franchises as it is, they don’t need to add even more.

      Besides, several of SEGA’s best games – Yakuza, Total War, and House of the Dead – seem like the sorta thing Nintendo aren’t interested in publishing (there are games like these on the Wii, but none of them are **published** by Nintendo, they value their family-friendly image too much.

        1. My bad. Geist and Zangeki no Reginleiv were good ideas executed badly though, Eternal Darkness…was good and sold decently, weird how that game isn’t mentioned more often.

          1. I found it even weirder that Nintendo didn’t reference the last 2 in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Though, I do wish Zangeki no Reginleiv was localized.

  7. There will be a difference between wiiU to the other current consoles about this sonic game.It will play this game at 1080p without doubt.

    posted by my 3DS

          1. *doesnt mean it will actually run 1080p. Besides, I have a brand new LED TV and I can’t tell the difference between games running when i set my console to 720p and when I set it to 1080p. Unless you put them side by side, it’s negligible.

        1. Uhm, he did not. He didn’t prove anything. By the way, the majority of Wii U games are 720p.

          Scribblenauts Unlimited 1080p 60 fps FSAA
          New Super Mario Bros. U 720p 60 fps AA
          Nintendo Land 720p 60 fps
          Ninja Gaiden 3 720p 60 fps v-sync
          Batman 720p 30 fps v-sync
          Project P-100 720p 60 fps
          Rayman Legends 720p 60 fps
          Mass Effect 3 720p 60 fps
          Pikmin 3 720p 60 fps
          Zombi U 720p 30 fps
          Lego City: Undercover 720p
          Trine 2: Director’s Cut 720p FXAA

          Have fun.

  8. i want the wii u because if im playing the game and i have to take a shit i could just put it on the gamepad and play the game while taking said shit

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