First Look: Bravely Second Demo

Nintendaan has uploaded a clip to his YouTube channel giving us a first look at the Bravely Second demo for the Nintendo 3DS. The demo, also known as The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers, focuses on characters Yew, Nikolai and Janne, and acts as a prelude to the full title. The gameplay time for the demo is around 7 hours long.

In the EU, downloading The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers also gets you 10% off the price of the full downloadable version of the game.

Check out NintenDaan’s clip below:


Rumour: Nintendo NX Apparently Supports Unreal Engine 4 And Unity At Launch

Another day and yet another Nintendo NX rumour has surfaced. This one come from the same person who claims that there’s a graphically impressive PlayStation 4 title being ported to the platform. Apparently he has spoken again to his source who has confirmed that the Nintendo NX will support both Unity and Unreal Engine 4 from launch. His source says “that Unity and Unreal Engine 4 will both be ready in time for when developers outside of key partners are able to purchase dev kits of their own.” A lot of titles on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 use the impressive Unreal 4 game engine and Unity so it’s not so far fetched. Anyway, guess we won’t know for sure until the Nintendo NX is officially unveiled this year.

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Splatoon Producer Teases The Possibility Of A Sequel

It looks like a sequel to Splatoon is shaping up to be on the cards. According to producer Hisashi Nogami, the Wii U shooter might eventually get a follow-up if enough fans show their support toward the original game. Since Splatoon is the start of a brand-new franchise, Nintendo wants to make sure it is handling it with care. You can read Nogami’s comment about a potential Splatoon 2 below:

“We want to raise this new IP with care, so maybe we’ll get a chance to make it happen if players support us.”

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RCMADIAX Has Revealed Super Robo Mouse Is Coming In April

The team at RCMADIAX have revealed Super Robo Mouse is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Wii U eShop in just two months. The team has been relaying updates and screenshots of the game to their Twitter account as development on the game had concluded.

The game will not be a Wii U exclusive for long. A PC version, currently on hold, will be coming in the future. The game is rated E10+ in North America and PEGI 3 in Europe. RCMADIAX explained that a complete play through of the game should take roughly five hours, with the game containing 27 levels in total.

Super Robo Mouse will be released on the Nintendo Wii U eShop in North America and Europe on April 7th.

Video: Pokemon Splatfest Introduction And In-Game Shirt

By now you’ve heard that the upcoming Splatfest pits Pokemon Red and Blue version against one another in celebration of the games’ 20th anniversary. However, if you haven’t booted up Splatoon lately, you haven’t seen the brilliant banter between Callie and Marie as they announce the competition. Check out the video below to see the squid sisters argue over which game is better as they quote the troublesome Team Rocket–and stick around near the end to get a look at the Pokemon themed Splatfest tee.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Localisation, Online Demographic And Success In The West

A recent feature in online publication Venture Beat talks about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate‘s success in the West and its journey through localisation. Since its launch one year ago today in the West, the title has become the fastest selling Monster Hunter game outside of Japan, with over 1 million copies shipped to retailers within two months of its release.

The feature talks about the long localisation process, including everything from translating the tons of dialogue in the game, to adding icons to help in areas where text menus could not be expanded. Game director Kaname Fujioka mentioned that the icons were used where the Japanese word would fit, but changing it to English with the same font size would impact readability:

“For example, the Japanese word for ‘fire’ is only one letter, but in English it’s four, and we couldn’t change the font size to accommodate the translation without impacting readability, so we switched it to an easy-to-understand icon,”

The team who worked on localisation of the title also worked on making Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate more user friendly for beginners. This involved adding more tutorials for players as well as reminders and prompts within the game.

Other changes also included the creation of Palicoes that helped out Hunters within the game, this helped aid players even further by having them fight for them and also the extra dialogue about types of armour that can be forged.

“We wanted to make the most intuitive Monster Hunter title that we could, so we reviewed the action portions and game progress, and planned more intuitive tutorials to help player progression.”

Fujioka also spoke with Venture Beat about the addition of online multi-player to the title. One of the previous titles, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the 3DS, did not have online functionality but the Wii U version did. This time around the team were keen to introduce online multi-player for the 3DS in the western release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

“Obviously in Europe and North America it’s very difficult to play with others locally due to everyone being so spread out, so having online multiplayer in the game really showed the appeal of Monster Hunter’s multiplayer to a wide range of players.”

Founder and CEO of Capcom, Kenzo Tsujimoto, also adds that the demo prior to release contributed greatly to the title’s success in the West, he believes that this was partially due to the fact that it allowed players to realise that the gameplay was beginner-friendly. The team had acted on previous feedback from overseas and made it easier to find monsters in MH4U.

Finally, Tsujimoto and Fujioka also stressed the importance of community events and growing groups of loyal fans of the franchise. They mentioned that going to these events themselves helped get an honest and invaluable opinion from the fans on the game and its development.

“While we haven’t reached the numbers that we see in Japan, the fans who have stuck with us have helped us out a lot, they’ve created their own communities for the game and spread the word out for us. We really appreciate the hard work of those fans!”

You can find more details in the full feature over on Venture Beat.


Video: Hyrule Warriors: Legends Skull Kid Gameplay

The Nintendo UK YouTube channel has posted a new clip showcasing Skull Kid in action in the upcoming title Hyrule Warriors Legends for the Nintendo 3DS. The clip briefly demonstrates Skull Kid’s moves in combat, and you can check it out below:

Hyrule Warriors Legends is due for release in Europe on March 24 and North America on March 25.