Shadow Of The Eternals Is Still Alive And The Team Has “Big Plans For The Future”

In an interview with Denis Dyack, creator of Eternal Darkness, they talk about all sorts of things but most interestingly, the Shadow of the Eternals project which has gone relatively quiet. Shadow of the Eternals was a project Denis Dyack and his team tried to achieve funding for on Kickstarter, but failed twice in 2013. Quantum Entanglement Entertainment Inc. are now developing the project, which was founded by Denis Dyack. In the interview, they asked about the funding of the project, Denis said:

Well, we can’t talk about that right now. But there will be announcements in the future. The bottom line is we’re really excited on where we’re going, things are very quiet, and probably will continue to be quiet but they’re going well. Please stay tuned, and we’ll update everyone as soon as we can. I wish I could say more, but you know the drill with the industry, right?

Niche Gamer also asked about if we might potentially get to see the game soon, to which Denis said:

Well, it all depends on what your definition of soon is. [laughs] Rather than tease, I would just say that we believe in the project and we’re doing everything we can to see this project – and other projects – some of which are really great as well, get out there. We’ve got some big plans for the future, and we’re being very aggressive on some things, and we’re really looking forward to see how things roll out.

It’s all pretty vague, but it does seem to confirm that Shadow of the Eternals is still chugging on and they won’t be letting it go, so hopefully we’ll start to see it shaping up soon!

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The Fire Emblem If Full Famitsu Interview Has Been Translated

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has uploaded the full Fire Emblem: If interview onto their website and thankfully it has now been translated. There’s a number of key points in the interview including that weapons such as Javelins and other long-range weapons will no longer be able to double attack. It has also been revealed that classes chosen largely depend on which campaign you choose.

Interestingly, Javelins and similar ranged weapons (such as Hand Axes, most likely, and not naturally ranged weapons like Tomes or Hidden Weapons) can no longer double attack

It seems that the classes available largely depend on the campaign chosen. So in Nohr, you will typically see more characters in familiar classes, like Cavaliers. While in Hoshido, most of the characters are in Japanese-themed classes, like Samurais.

But unlike the female-only Pegasus Knights of yore, these Pegasus Warriors can be male or female. After promoting, they can wield Bows in addition to Lances.

While Nohr is Western-themed, it also carries a dark atmosphere; its castle even stands in the middle of a giant hole in the ground. So there’s a feeling it’s not your typical Western fantasy nation.

Nintendo Uploads A Splatoon Video Showcasing New Weapons

With the release of Splatoon just around the corner now is the perfect time for Nintendo Japan to upload a new video showcasing a number of new paint-based weapons that will be at your disposal when the game launches on May 29th. The bizarre but extremely effective weapons include a paint megaphone and a paint guard shield. Be sure to check out the video to get a good idea of what’s at hand.

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Retro Studios Veterans Explain Why Nintendo Removed Super Metroid From Metroid Prime Beta

Investigative video blogger Tamaki from Unseen64 has been in contact with veteran developers from the critically acclaimed Retro Studios to find out why Nintendo decided to remove Super Metroid from the Metroid Prime Beta. The full game of the Super Nintendo classic Super Metroid was supposed to be added to the sci-fi shooter as an unlockable bonus. It was apparently removed as the developer used a third-party emulator to put Super Metroid into Metroid Prime. This is something Nintendo wasn’t happy about, so they ultimately had it removed.

Here’s Loads Of New Details About Yoshi’s Woolly World

We’ve got lots of new Yoshi’s Woolly World information popping up recently with lots of new videos coming out, and here’s a round-up of all the latest details from Nintendo World Report, including the controls, levels and yarny goodness. What do you think of new info? I like the sound of ‘Hot Cocoa Yoshi’.

  • “takes place on Craft Island, a small island in the Handmade Ocean
  • this is where a clan of peaceful Yoshis live
  • Kamek shows up and turns most of the dinosaurs into various sets of yarn
  • Two Yoshi manage to escape to catch Kamek
  • as Kamek escapes, he drops yarn everywhere, which Yoshi sets out to get
  • health is represented by hearts that circle around Yoshi
  • use yarn balls to find hidden paths and platforms
  • in Knitty-Knotty Windmill Hill, you rebuild a windmill using yarn
  • pull bows with Yoshi’s tongue to reveal secrets
  • some seemingly dead-end walls actually hide secrets
  • Smiley Flowers make a return
  • if you hit one at the stage’s end roulette wheel, a bonus challenge will await you
  • collect fruit along the way
  • points that you earn are changed into beads, which are added to a specific counter
  • beads are used as currency for Power Badges
  • these badges will grant you special powers for a single course and you can only use one at a time
  • as you progress, more badges will become available
  • some badges help you to get 100% in older levels
  • badges let you use Poochy the dog, pull items in with a magnetic force, see hidden items, make your Ground Pound move stronger, become faster and more
  • you can even change your ability mid-stage
  • 20 of the beads in every stage contain Stamp Patches
  • these unlock some Miiverse stamps
  • there are 5 Wonder Wools in every course
  • grab all 5 to make re-knit a Yoshi and have them appear alongside you
  • options include Hot Cocoa Yoshi, Candyfloss Yoshi, Poochy Yoshi and more
  • every world has its own theme
  • start in a grassy world, move on to the desert, head to a wondrous playground, and then finish in a deep jungle
  • not every level in a world follows the overall theme
  • the second level is Bounceabout Woods, where all trees in the stage are bouncepads
  • another stage is Crawdaddy Beach, where you skip yarn balls across the water
  • “Wobbly Mobile Jaunt” has a number of mobiles similar to what you see in the Smash Bros. stage
  • tilt the mobiles to climb higher
  • “Scarf-Roll Scamper” makes you hang tight on fabric rolls to move about and you can’t use your yarn ball
  • “Spooky Scraps! Don’t Get Spooked” reveals platforms when you hide behind a curtain
  • when behind a curtain, enemies can’t be defeated
  • Yoshi transformations include a motorcycle,a mermaid with a special spin attack, a plane, umbrella, digging device, and growing massively in size
  • levels have frequent checkpoints, but offer a good amount of challenge
  • supported controllers include Wii Remote, the Wii Classic Controller (Pro), the Wii U Pro Controller or the Wii U GamePad
  • when playing with just the Wii Remote, you can tilt to steer the yarn ball yourself
  • backgrounds of levels are sometimes curtains or clouds hanging from string”

Here’s A Preview With Tons Of Videos For Yoshi’s Woolly World

If you are living in Europe then you are in luck as the gorgeous Yoshi’s Woolly World is coming out next month. NintenDaan has written a lengthy preview of the game which you can settle down and read, right here. However, I know you’re probably extremely interested in viewing some videos and thankfully there’s quite a few. Yoshi’s Woolly World launches on June 26th.