F-Zero Clone Appears On Kickstarter

Those lusting after the neglected F-Zero franchise may want to cast your eye on this upcoming Kickstarter project. The game is dubbed the spiritual successor to F-Zero and certainly shares a striking resemblance visually. For the project to be funded, the team of six people need €115,000. You can check out Zero Gravity AX videos, artwork and information, right here.

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Here’s The Untold Story Of Project Hammer (Video)

Project Hammer for the Wii was one of those titles we thought we were going to get and then it was suddenly canceled. There’s a detailed back story to the development of the canned game which was canceled around 2007 after spending four long arduous years in development. One of the many problems surrounding the development was due to the Japanese management trying to take over the project there were also hints of racism coming into play too. Here’s a roundup of the saddening events that led to the cancellation of Project Hammer.

  • After 1080, NST went on to start a new project ( a small team that outsourced concept art, CGI opening, etc)
  • The internal name for the project was MachineX
  • In 2005 it had reached 75% completion and was nearing completion
  • Japanese staff were overseeing the development at the studio which posed cultural challenges
  • There were continued arguments and debate between the Japanese management and the NST developers
  • At late 2007, it was 4 years in development
  • Towards the end, changes were demanded to the environments and then the entire visuals
  • This complete change despite mechanics eventually culminated in a more ‘lighter, casual’ visual style that was codenamed Wii Crush
  • 2008 onwards, staff left
  • Nintendo of America had to carry out a review of staff conditions which recorded a low morale.
  • Midway into 2009, a small number of staff still continued to work onto it until it ended
  • NCL finally withdrew funding
  • ‘Nintendo have made some great games, but with NST it came with a price’

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Rumour: Yuji Horii Apparently Announced Dragon Quest VII And VIII For West At Japan Expo

There’s a number of tweets coming from Twitter stating that Dragon Quest producer Yuji Horii announced both Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII for the French market. It was apparently a last-minute announcement at the Japan Expo. Let’s hope it’s legitimate and that the Nintendo 3DS games make their way to Europe and US.

Square Enix: We Are “Thinking About” Localising Nintendo 3DS Dragon Quest Games

Western Nintendo 3DS owners have been asking Square Enix for what seems like forever when we will finally get to play the Dragon Quest remakes that are currently available for purchase in Japan. The lucky Japanese have access to Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII remakes and western fans are clamouring for them to be released over here. All we’ve heard so far is that the company is currently “thinking about” releasing them here.

Horii also says that Square Enix are aware fans want the Nintendo 3DS remakes of Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII in the West, and that the company is “thinking about it”.

Liam Robertson: ‘Nintendo NX Is Not Aiming To Compete Against PS4 On A Power Level’

It should not come as a massive surprise to many of you, but industry insider Liam Robertson of Unseen 64 says that Nintendo’s next generation platform, the NX, won’t compete against the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on a power level. No doubt the console will be cheap and will also feature some sort of innovative unique selling point. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime have stated that we won’t hear more about NX till next year.

Valhalla Games Says They’re Ready To Answer Questions About Devil’s Third

Devil’s Third is a third party title for the Wii U that the majority of you are curious about. We haven’t really heard much new information about the game, despite it being released next month in Europe. Nintendo of America won’t even comment on the game, which as a few of you have noted, is extremely odd. Thankfully, Valhalla Games have taken to Facebook and have said that they’re ready to answer questions by the media about the action title.

Dear Media Friends,

We’ve been asked many times about Devil’s Third for a long time and we’ve felt sorry that we couldn’t respond to such requests.
Thank you very much for your patience and waiting for our game.

The time has finally come.

Now, we’re ready to answer to questions from you and your readers.
So, please send us your questions to the following E-mail address.


Itagaki will try to provide exclusive information to you if you promise to never cut or omit his words to be featured in your article.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Valhalla Game Studios

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Zelda: The Wind Waker HD’s Colorful Box Art Is Now Available In North America

If you weren’t a fan of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD‘s primarily gold packaging, you’ll be happy to know that Nintendo is now selling the colorful version of the box art at retailers in North America. It looks like the gold box art is still being sold if you prefer that one. Which cover would you pick if you had to choose between the two? I would pick the colorful one as I feel it better captures the vibrant nature of game.