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Pokemon Gold And Silver Gets An Honest Game Trailer

Honest Game Trailers – the highly entertaining series from Smosh Games on YouTube – has taken on the sequel to the original Pokemon series, Gold and Silver. The series has been producing a number of amusing trailers for Nintendo titles over the past few months, with one for Pokemon Red and Blue earlier this year and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U just last week. We won’t spoil the details for you but the naming of all the new Gold and Silver Pokemon is certainly a treat to hear, particularly “Ledy Baba”. Make sure you check it out in the video embedded above.

Mario Kart 8 Badge Set Now Available In Club Nintendo Europe

Nintendo of Europe has updated the Club Nintendo stars catalogue with a new Mario Kart 8 product today. The company teased yesterday that a number of new products would begin to appear within the catalogue, and kicking it off is a Mario Kart 8 badge set.

If you’ve got some hard-earned stars saved up, you can purchase the stylish three-piece badge set featuring the boomerang flower, super horn and piranha plant for 4,000 stars. Plus it comes in a smart black box – approximately 13.7cm x 7cm x 3.4cm – with the Mario Kart 8 logo and items displayed on the front. For a closer look or to purchase the badge set, head over to the official Club Nintendo Europe page, here.

Club Nintendo Australia and New Zealand has also added the Mario Kart 8 badge set. If you’re a member, you can visit the official Australian site here and grab a badge set for 2,500 stars. Let us know if you’ll be spending your stars on the set in the comments below.

Nintendo Pocket Football Club And Mario vs. Donkey Kong Boxed Retail Versions Available January 16 For Europe

Nintendo of Europe will be releasing boxed versions of Nintendo Pocket Football Club and a dual Mario vs. Donkey Kong pack at retail early next year. But there’s an odd catch with these two releases – though you’ll receive the physical box art, no game card is included. Instead consumers will find a download code inside the box which can then be redeemed on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Nintendo Pocket Football Club was launched for the 3DS back in April as an eShop-only download and came with a special discount for those who purchased the game within the first month of its launch. The dual pack for Mario vs. Donkey Kong offers up last year’s release Minis on the Move and Minis March Again! – a DSiWare title from 2009.

While many of us are, perhaps, scratching our heads over the boxed versions, it’s an interesting move from Nintendo in order to target those who wouldn’t necessarily buy digital games on the eShop. Both Nintendo Pocket Football Club and the combined Mario vs. Donkey Kong pack will be available to purchase at retail stores on January 16, 2015.

Japanese Charts: Nintendo 3DS Sells 88K And Wii U Sells 9K

We’ve finally got this week’s Japanese charts and as expected Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are taking it by storm. There wasn’t much of a hardware boost for the Nintendo 3DS this week despite the high-profile release. Wii U isn’t having quite such a good week as sales dropped again this week. Anyway, here’s the best-selling games in Japan this week.

Software Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

  1. [3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire (Pokemon, 11/21/14) – 1,327,671 (New)
  2. [3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire Double Pack (Pokemon, 11/21/14) – 90,497 (New)
  3. [PS3] Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (Koei Tecmo, 11/20/14) – 38,123 (New)
  4. [PS4] Assassin’s Creed Unity (Ubisoft, 11/20/14) – 36,400 (New)
  5. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (Capcom, 10/11/14) – 28,728 (2,173,073)
  6. [PS3] Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (Konami, 11/13/14) – 20,612 (91,915)
  7. [3DS] Yokai Watch 2: Ganso / Honke (Level-5, 07/10/14) – 17,834 (2,881,810)
  8. [3DS] Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo, 09/13/14) – 16,846 (1,737,035)
  9. [PS3] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Square Enix, 11/13/14) – 15,425 (95,011)
  10. [Wii U] Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Nintendo, 11/13/14) – 13,817 (41,843)
  11. [Wii U] Taiko Drum Master: Tokumori! (Bandai Namco, 11/20/14) – 11,769 (New)
  12. [PS4] Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (Koei Tecmo, 11/20/14) – 11,725 (New)
  13. [3DS] Sumikko Gurashi Koko Ga Ochitsukun Desu (Nihon Colombia, 11/20/14) – 11,656 (New)
  14. [PS4] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Square Enix, 11/13/14) – 9,400 (73,459)
  15. [Wii U] Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo, 05/29/14) – 8,752 (721,884)
  16. [3DS] One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X (Bandai Namco, 11/13/14) – 8,045 (43,143)
  17. [PS4] Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (Konami, 11/13/14) – 6,859 (33,543)
  18. [PSV] Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (Sega, 11/13/14) – 5,798 (40,469)
  19. [PSV] Senjou no Enbikyoku (Idea Factory, 11/20/14) – 5,738 (New)
  20. [PS3] Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (Sega, 11/13/14) – 5,692 (31,299)

Hardware Sales (followed by last week’s sales)

  1. New 3DS LL – 42,184 (38,457)
  2. New 3DS – 26,791 (13,373)
  3. PlayStation 4 – 12,430 (15,537)
  4. 3DS LL – 11,534 (9,172)
  5. PlayStation Vita – 10,236 (19,301)
  6. Wii U – 9,615 (14,002)
  7. 3DS – 8,144 (4,199)
  8. PlayStation 3 – 4,324 (4,711)
  9. Xbox One – 776 (2,245)
  10. PlayStation Vita TV – 621 (675)
  11. Xbox 360 – 100 (91)
  12. PSP – 11 (25)

Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Have Reportedly Sold Over 1.5 Million Copies In Japan

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire hit store shelves last week for most regions – and the games are well on their way to making a dent in last year’s sales for Pokemon X and Y. According to an early Famitsu report, the two remakes have apparently sold over 1.5 million copies in its first three days on sale in Japan. Earlier this month, we caught wind of pre-order sales tallying over 1 million, so it’s no surprise the latest Pokemon games have sky-rocketed in sales once again.

The Famitsu figures above do not, however, include download sales so the initial day one sales could be even higher. As per usual, we’ll report on the latest Media Create sales in Japan later today, which will confirm Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’s overall sales in the region.

Here’s A 20 Minute New Nintendo 3DS English Features Overview

NintenDaan has got his hands on the New Nintendo 3DS XL which has already launched in Australia. To celebrate being one of the first to own a working English version, Daan has put together a video detailing the features that are new to the New Nintendo 3DS. The video see’s Daan play around with the browser, play some games and also run a few loading tests. Be sure to watch it.