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Famitsu Teases Reveal Of Big New Game From Capcom

Next week’s issue of Famitsu will include the reveal of a big Capcom game. It has yet to be confirmed whether the unannounced title will be released on a Nintendo platform, or if it is regarding another installment in an existing franchise. Capcom recently confirmed that Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is in development. Although the original Resident Evil: Revelations is available on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, its sequel hasn’t been announced for either platform.


Nintendo America Announces Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct On September 4th

Nintendo of America has tweeted that it’s holding a Bayonetta 2 themed Nintendo Direct on Thursday, September 4th. The event will be broadcast at 3pm PT and is set to include plenty of new Bayonetta 2 details. We already know that the game is scheduled to launch in North America on October 24th.

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Sounds Like Square Enix Is Content Bringing More Dragon Quest Titles To Mobile Devices

US Gamer recently had to opportunity to speak to Dragon Quest mobile producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto who clarified that the company is content releasing their Dragon Quest titles on mobile and tablet devices which are becoming increasingly popular.

“What I’m expecting with these releases on mobile platforms is… if this were a console game, we’d be taking a lot of risk on a single title. But with these being mobile games, we’re releasing them in succession, with multiple titles in a short span of time. We’re hoping that’ll create momentum and get people interested in, make more people aware of the brand.”

We heard yesterday that Fujimoto would like to bring Dragon Quest VII to the Nintendo 3DS in the west, but he’s concerned about sales of the title and whether it’s worth localizing when they are doing well on mobile and tablet devices.

“But when we think about localization, when we think about having to translate all the text—unfortunately, it doesn’t go as smoothly. We have to think about costs and manpower.”

“We had actually given up on the idea of localization altogether, but because there’s such a great response we’re trying to rethink this, to see if there’s any way to make this more feasible. We’re recalculating, and figuring out the costs necessary. Trying to work out the details.”


Producer Of Castlevania Teasing New Project At PAX?

Koji Igarashi, the former producer of the Castlevania video game series, has been teasing what appears to be a new project at this week’s PAX event. The flyers shown in the image above were handed out to attendees during the Mighty No. 9 panel at PAX leading some to believe that it’s Igarashi’s next game.


Takahashi Discusses How The Wii U GamePad Will Be Used In Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X executive producer Tetsuya Takahashi has discussed with EDGE magazine how the game will utilise the Wii U GamePad. Takahashi says that they want to create something that is extremely user friendly and intuitive for users of the game.

“We decided that it would be perfect to use as a navigation device, in the same way that a lot of tablet computers are,” Takahashi said. “We’ve put some important features relating to the game system and your objectives onto the GamePad, so I feel that this should create a very user-friendly experience for players.”

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Check Out The Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal PAX Trailer

Nintendo UK has uploaded a new trailer for Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for the Nintendo 3DS. Taken from this year’s PAX Prime, the trailer gives us the classic fast-paced feel for a Sonic game; one blink and you’ll miss the heroic gameplay action. It does, however, set up the story with CG cutscenes involving Sonic, Amy, and the dastardly Snake villain, Lyric. Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal will release on November 21 for the Nintendo 3DS, while Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric will release on the same day for the Wii U.