Here’s The First 50 Minutes From Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy On Nintendo 3DS

Thinking of playing the definitive version of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games? Well you may want to think about buying Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy which is now available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The game includes updated visuals along with an updated soundtrack and is widely referred to as the definitive version of the games. Enjoy.

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Phoenix Wright Was Almost Named Roger Wright

Alex Smith, the writer behind Ace Attorney’s English début, has revealed that the lead protagonist in the Phoenix Wright series was almost called Roger Wright. Thankfully, they had a change of heart and named him Phoenix, which in my opinion sounds that bit more badass.

“My original suggestion for Phoenix Wright was ‘Roger Wright.’ I had come up with a list of first names and a list of last names, and submitted that to Capcom. And, in those, ‘Phoenix’ was one of the first name options, but pretty far down on my list. And Roger was at the top. And ‘Wright,’ I felt,had to be the his last name, because of the pun in Japanese… ‘Naruhodo’ was used so many times in the text as a joke. Also, it’s just self-deprecating humor, where the one guy whose name is ‘I get it!’ just doesn’t get it. I needed something that was bold and like, ‘Yeah right, I got it!’ so he could say that and kind of own that attitude, even though he had no idea what he was doing.  

“So ‘Wright’ was there, and ‘Roger’ was my first choice, because heroes—they like to have alliteration. Also, if you’ve ever seen the movie Airplane, [‘Roger’] is a great source of silly jokes as well. So that seemed like a name with a lot of potential. They ended up going for ‘Phoenix’ because they liked the heroism of it, and there was a comment from the Japanese dev team—they felt like ‘Roger Wright’ sounded too much like ‘Roger Rabbit,'” says Smith, adding ‘Pierce,’ ‘Xavier,’ ‘Marcus,’ and ‘Zane’ could also be found on the list of proposed first names for Ace Attorney’s protagonist.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

Here’s The Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy Launch Trailer Out Now In US And Thursday In Europe

It’s finally out, so to promote the game Capcom have uploaded the snazzy launch trailer for the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy. As you can see from the video a lot has changed since the originals with redrawn sprites and full stereoscopic 3D. You can also play the games in any order that you wish. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy is out now in North America and coming to Europe on Thursday via the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

  • Redrawn sprites
  • Stereoscopic 3D display
  • Bugs and problems from the iOS (animation, missing music, GBA quality music) have been fixed
  • Uncompress music
  • Localisation has been improved (typos, translation errors, etc…)
  • All games within the same game, you can play whichever you want, whenever you want (you can start with AA3 if you prefer)
  • English / Japanese only, even in Europe
  • 29.99$ / 29.99€ / 24.99£, eShop-only (2 947 blocks).

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Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Is On Sale On Nintendo 3DS eShop For $14.99

Wanted to check out Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies but weren’t prepared to pay the digital retail price? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that Capcom have lowered the price of the game in the United States and you can now download it for the reasonable price of $15.

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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy Coming To US On December 9th

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be coming to North America on December 9th. The news was revealed via Capcom at this week’s New York Comic Con event. We’ve yet to find out when Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is heading to Europe, but hopefully it will arrive on the same date.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy For Nintendo 3DS Coming To The West (Trailer)

Capcom has announced that the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy for the Nintendo 3DS will be coming to the west in the winter on the eShop. The company says experience the original trilogy like never before in clear, high-resolution re-drawn graphics and immersive 3D visuals optimized for the Nintendo 3DS system. Join rookie lawyer Phoenix Wright through the early years of his career in his quest to find the truth behind all of the classic cases. Prepare for intense courtroom showdowns by investigating crime scenes, collecting evidence, and questioning witnesses. Use evidence and the testimonies of witnesses to your advantage as you battle for the innocence of your client. Nothing less of a full acquittal will do in this court of law. Find the contradictions in witnesses’ testimonies to expose the truth.

Shu Takumi Feels Ace Attorney Should’ve Ended After The Third Game

In a recent interview with the Official Nintendo Magazine, Phoenix Wright creator Shu Takumi has said that he feels that Ace Attorney should have ended after the third game.Takumi told the publication “I wanted to avoid dragging it out and having it become a shadow of its former self”

“I felt that Phoenix’s story had been told, and that the series should not continue. Knowing when to end a story is very important and I wanted to avoid dragging it out and having it become a shadow of its former self.”

“Years later, when it was decided within Capcom that Ace Attorney 4 would go ahead, my position was that we should change the main character and tell a new story. I didn’t plan to have Phoenix in the game, but my colleagues said they wanted him to appear in some form, which is why he ended up being the accused in the first case in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.”