Retro Studios New Game For Wii U Could Be Using A New Engine

We know that Retro Studios is hard at work on their next project since releasing the fantastic Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. We knew that much since February last year. However, Liam Robertson from Unseen64 has tweeted that after doing a bit of digging it turns out that their next game for Wii U will be using a brand new engine. It’s unlikely they would be using a new engine if it was another game in the Donkey Kong Country line. New Metroid anyone?

Retro Studios Is Finally On Twitter

Everyone’s favourite developer Retro Studios have finally joined Twitter. The company previously posted on Facebook so it’s nice to see them on the flourishing social network . The company previously teased that they might revamp their website which could do with a bit of love and care. Let’s hope they’re ready to show off their next project which they’ve been working on for quite some time.

Retro Studios Website Getting A Revamp, Will We Get A Glimpse Of Their Next Project?

Everyone’s favourite developer Retro Studios has teased on Facebook that their website should be getting a long overdue revamp sometime this year. Presumably they’re revamping it to coincide with the announcement of their next project, but this is just a guess. Retro Studios has mentioned in the past that they’re working on their next video game which was apparently started in November 2013, but when it will be announced remains to be seen.

Hah! Rumor has it the website is being worked on. But, please don’t tell anyone.

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Retro Studios Is Hiring For A Variety Of Positions Including A Tools Engineer

Acclaimed development studio Retro Studios has begun advertising for a variety of jobs presumably for their next project. The positions include a Tools Engineer and FX Artist, Senior Tools Engineer, Ai Engineer and Gameplay Engineer. Retro Studios last project was the fantastic Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, so it will be interesting to see what they choose to do next.

New Diddy Kong Racing 2 Rumour Pops Up Online

The internet is no stranger to rumours and the latest one involves Diddy Kong Racing. The rumour states that both Retro Studios and Monster Games are currently working on Diddy Kong Racing 2. Nintendo was apparently set to show it E3, but decided against it as they thought it may damage sales of Mario Kart 8. As this Reddit thread has pointed out, the information comes from a blog created yesterday that is still using a domain. Take this all with a grain of salt.

  • Retro Studios and Monster Games have been collaborating on Diddy Kong Racing 2.
  • This is why Monster Games ported Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and worked with Retro Studios on DKC: Tropical Freeze.
  • Diddy Kong Racing 2 began as a prototype in 2006.  The animal transformation vehicles idea in Excitebots (2009) came from Diddy Kong Racing 2 prototype.  The animal vehicles came from the idea of riding animal buddies in the Donkey Kong Country series.
  • The Wii Diddy Kong Racing was cancelled due to Donkey Kong Barrel Blasts low sales.  It was also cancelled because Diddy Kong Racing DS didn’t sell as well as the original N64 game.
  • Nintendo asked Monster Games to work on Pilotwings because they were impressed with the flight/airplane mechanics in Monster’s DKC Racing prototype.  Diddy Kong Racing was well known for letting players ride karts, hovercrafts, and planes.
  • Diddy Kong Racing 2 started up development for again (this time for Wii U) due to the amazing sales of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Mario Kart Wii.
  • Kensuke Tanabe, the producer of Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze, pitched the idea of Dillon (from Dillon’s Rolling Western) to be one of the racers in the game.  Tanabe was the producer of Dillon’s Rolling Western, and he liked the idea of having a roster of lesser known Nintendo characters.
  • Tanabe thought that the concept of lesser known Nintendo characters “fighting to be Nintendo’s big star” could prove to be interesting for Diddy Kong Racing. Characters such as Mallo (Pushmo) and Rusty  (Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball) were also added as racers to fill out the roster.
  • Nintendo purposely held off from showing Diddy Kong Racing 2 at E3 this year to avoid sabotaging the excitement around Mario Kart 8.  It sounds like Diddy Kong Racing 2 will be revealed sometime in 2015, and released that same year.
  • Diddy Kong was taken out of Mario Kart 7 and 8 because of Diddy Kong Racing 2.  Diddy Kong had appeared in Double Dash and Mario Kart Wii.

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Retro Studios Looking For A Developer Skilled With Enemy And Boss Programming

It looks as though Retro Studios is hiring again and this time they’re looking for a skilled individual who is knowledgable with both enemy and boss programming. We are still left guessing as to what Retro Studios is working on. They began their latest project when Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze development ended. Here’s the job description.

Retro Studios

Founded in 1998, Retro Studios is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nintendo Company, Ltd. Retro is a state-of-the-art game development studio, working in conjunction with Nintendo to bring award-winning games to Nintendo’s cutting-edge next-generation platforms. Retro Studios is located in beautiful Austin, Texas. With rolling hills, scenic waterways, abundant wildlife, vibrant music and film scenes, and a laid-back cosmopolitan culture, Austin is a dynamic city with an excellent quality of life. Austin’s sunny weather also supports a great range of outdoor activities, providing plenty of venues for top-notch game developers to recharge and unwind.


Individual contributor that develops, writes and debugs code for video game software and tools with a specific focus on AI programming for enemies & bosses and various other game-play systems as required.

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Retro Studios Not Involved With Mario Kart 8 Development

A Nintendo representative has revealed that Retro Studios isn’t involved with the development process of Mario Kart 8. Although it helped with Mario Kart 7, the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze studio hasn’t assisted Nintendo EAD in its work on the upcoming Wii U racing title. New information about Mario Kart 8 was unveiled yesterday, April 3rd. The game is scheduled to launch on May 30th in stores and in the Nintendo eShop.