Retro Studios Designed The Mechs In Metroid Prime Federation Force

Kensuke Tanabe, the producer behind Metroid Prime: Federation Force, has recently sat down with online gaming publication US Gamer to discuss the game. It is a lengthy interview, but it is certainly an interesting one. During the interview Tenabe reveals that the acclaimed Retro Studios were the company responsible for the design of the mechs in the game. He also mentioned how you will go about playing the co-op title in single player.

USG: You mentioned it’s a co-op game, is it possible to play it solo or do you have to play it with other people?

KT: So you can play as a solo player and up to four people. When you play as a single player, you have the choice to get the drones to help you and support you throughout the mission. Of course, you can always play by yourself too, if you don’t want that extra help. If you don’t need any drones, then that’s perfectly fine as well. However, if you do so, you’re basically raising that bar and making the mission quite difficult for yourself. But I do know that Metroid fans like that extra challenge, so I can totally see players making things difficult for themselves.

USG: Is Retro involved in this project at all?

KT: The whole development has been done by Next Level Games. There was just one part — for the design for the mechs, Retro had the supervisory role for this game.


Rumour: Diddy Kong Racing 2 Is Apparently Being Developed For The NX?

Kevin Callahan, the guy behind the original Diddy Kong Racing 2 rumour, is at it again and says that the sequel is now in development for the NX. Callahan says Nintendo is aiming at launching the NX for $149.99. The reason for the cheap price point is that Nintendo doesn’t want to compete against the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Callahan points to the fact that Nintendo has trademarked the word Diddy Kong and that Retro Studios haven’t revealed a new Wii U game as evidence that the game is coming. At this point in time this news is nothing but a big fat juicy rumour.

The Diddy Kong Racing 2 project was moved over to new hardware that will be launched in 2016. The new platform is aiming for a price of $149.99 to avoid competing directly (price wise) with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The company fears that it would be market suicide to release another overly expensive box in the middle of a console generation, when most consumers have already invested in a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Wii U development kits are being used to develop NX software; the NX hardware is technically a Wii U except with higher memory bandwidth and a more balanced CPU.

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Retro Studios Currently Hiring For A Number Of Positions

We never did get our Retro Studios game at the Nintendo E3 Digital Event, but that doesn’t mean the development studio is sitting idly twiddling their thumbs. If you’ve been following Nintendo of America’s job opening Twitter account you will have noticed that there have been a number of positions open at the acclaimed development studio. It seems reasonably likely that their next project will be for Nintendo’s next platform which is codenamed NX. Development on their last game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze ended in November 2013.

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Retro Studios Could Be Teasing Their Presence At E3 Next Week?

With E3 just a week away could Retro Studios be teasing their presence at the major gaming event next week? We can’t say for sure but the retweet seems to suggest that there’s a possibility that the beloved company will be present. They finished off work on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze a while ago so it’s about time to see what they are working on next.


Retro Studios New Game For Wii U Could Be Using A New Engine

We know that Retro Studios is hard at work on their next project since releasing the fantastic Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. We knew that much since February last year. However, Liam Robertson from Unseen64 has tweeted that after doing a bit of digging it turns out that their next game for Wii U will be using a brand new engine. It’s unlikely they would be using a new engine if it was another game in the Donkey Kong Country line. New Metroid anyone?

Retro Studios Is Finally On Twitter

Everyone’s favourite developer Retro Studios have finally joined Twitter. The company previously posted on Facebook so it’s nice to see them on the flourishing social network . The company previously teased that they might revamp their website which could do with a bit of love and care. Let’s hope they’re ready to show off their next project which they’ve been working on for quite some time.

Retro Studios Website Getting A Revamp, Will We Get A Glimpse Of Their Next Project?

Everyone’s favourite developer Retro Studios has teased on Facebook that their website should be getting a long overdue revamp sometime this year. Presumably they’re revamping it to coincide with the announcement of their next project, but this is just a guess. Retro Studios has mentioned in the past that they’re working on their next video game which was apparently started in November 2013, but when it will be announced remains to be seen.

Hah! Rumor has it the website is being worked on. But, please don’t tell anyone.

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