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Digital Foundry: Metroid Prime Remastered is an “approachable, beautiful refinement of the GameCube original”

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The tech-focussed team over at Digital Foundry have been examine the recently released Metroid Prime Remastered for the Nintendo Switch and have come away suitably impressed by the work of Retro Studios and the other developers who have worked alongside them on the game. The game’s resolution is 900p in docked mode and 600p in portable mode, however all the original game’s models and textures have been completely remade for the remaster. Metroid Prime Remastered thankfully runs at a solid 60fps in both docked and handheld mode with barely any dips. Digital Foundry summed the game up in their closing statement saying “Metroid Prime: Remastered is a more approachable and beautifully refined take on the sixth-gen original that holds up as a stunning game on its own terms.”

“Metroid Prime’s models and textures have also been completely remade for this version. Prime’s original asset work looked good for the period, with impressive geometric density and solid texturing, but they don’t hold up well to modern scrutiny. The new models boast higher polygonal complexity and refined textures; every asset appears to have been completely remade to suit the capabilities of the Switch hardware, with loads of incidental detail added.”

“In terms of image quality, the new game operates at 900p in docked mode and 600p in portable mode, with no sign of dynamic resolution scaling and no anti-aliasing. The lack of AA is unusual for a modern title but doesn’t stand out too badly thanks to the lack of real-time effects and specular environmental elements, only really noticeable in metallic, artificial structures.”

“Performance is very straightforward, which is a good thing. I didn’t spot any noticeable frame-rate dips across my testing, with a locked 60fps throughout in both docked and portable modes. The new release shines in portable play, particularly on the OLED Switch model, where the darker hues of the revamped lighting really pop. The mildly sub-native presentation is scarcely an issue – Remastered just looks awesome on a seven-inch screen.”

“The visual improvements help enormously as well, of course. Metroid Prime is a beautiful Switch game that makes clever use of the hardware to deliver a visually sophisticated experience while still hitting a rock-solid 60fps frame-rate target. This is one of the best-looking Switch titles I’ve seen, and it shows just what the Tegra X1-based console is capable of when carefully catered to in an exclusive title. Remastered feels very true to the source game despite the massive graphical leap as well, closely adhering to the original visual language while filling out and expanding every conceivable detail.”


8 thoughts on “Digital Foundry: Metroid Prime Remastered is an “approachable, beautiful refinement of the GameCube original””

  1. It’s an awesome game, but we need loads more GameCube games, Paper Mario and Wario World have never had a re-release, mario kart double dash, Pokemon coloseum, Pokemon games of darkness. Wind waker needs porting and twilight Princess. Even the original Luigis mansion. Pikmin 2 and 2. Nintendo have a lot of work to do yet.

  2. Will I be able to walk into a store and buy this physically on the 22nd, here in the USA? Gamestop and Target employees were pretty confused about it, no solid answer beyond… maybe.

    I pre-ordered it, but would like to cancel that pre-ordered. I like to get things in store and have them shipped to me as little as possible, far to much damaged goods in the US mail.

  3. I hope they are immediately working on another remaster right away in R&D. Pikmin 2 needs a remaster. Just bring GameCube games to the virtual console immediately and not wait until 2028 to do that.

  4. I’ve been playing it every night since it released, and every time I wonder “how does a Switch game look this good?” I’m in utter awe at what an amazing glow-up the game got.

    1. I couldn’t pull the trigger on the digital version. So I opted for the physical. Now I can’t wait until it arrives because this is exactly what I keep hearing. It’s an amazing game already, but that it also looks so impressive.

      1. It looks very impressive. I follow a youtuber who’s a big Metroid fan (The Orpheon) & he managed to buy the game the night of the direct, playing it on live stream. It almost looks like it was made by the same people who did the Switch port of Xenoblade Chronicles. The difference in details on enemies is striking when compared to their GCN/Wii counterparts.

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