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Guitar Hero Wii Bound?

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If there’s one game at work that has garnished the attention of adoring customers, it’s Harmonix’s Guitar Hero.

Wannabe rock stars are stepping up to the counter, looking to wow the audience that’s starting to crowd around the player. Some of these competitors are actual musicians, others just fancy a dab at being in the limelight for ten minutes. Welding the plastic guitar replica that comes along with the game, most hold it as though it was either Slash’s instrument of love, or a cello… Yes, there are some rather amusing upcoming guitarists out there.

Once they’ve embraced the guitar and are pondering just how to play the thing, loud rock music blasts forth from the television screen, and its time to show the audience just how much ‘rock and roll’ there is in this competitor. Sometimes the lovely lead guitar will kick in with the harmony of the backing guitar, other times the sound of a cat getting swung round by its tail can be heard… Yes there’s either embarrassment or success with a game such as Guitar Hero, but either way, who ever is in the limelight is bound to have a smile on their face.

The question you may be asking is; Why am I rattling on about a PlayStation 2 game on a Nintendo blog?

Well it appears the games developers Harmonix have expressed their love recently of all things Nintendo, at this years E3 event. Without boring you, here are some interesting snippets of an interview by those fantastic people at The Wiire, who managed to corner and interview none other than Harmonix Senior Designer and Guitar Hero Lead Designer Rob Kay.

Here is what Rob had to say on Nintendo’s next generation console:
The Wiire: As a music game designer what types of possibilities do you see with the Wii controller?

As soon as I realized that its not just the Wii remote, but the nunchuk that can also detect movement, I thought, “Ah, wouldn’t it be great do drum with this.” And they showed the video of this as well when [Nintendo] first announced Wii. Of course there is huge potential there, so I hope they come out and do something with that, similar to their Donkey Konga game.
The Wiire: And you wouldn’t even have to buy any Kongas.


Kay: Yes and this could make things more accessible to those who only want to buy a machine. I could see that. Also if you imagine into the future I can also see [Nintendo] doing all sorts of stuff with peripherals that attach to the controller as well.

The Wiire: Actually that is one of my questions. I know that this may be better suited for your colleagues at Red Octane, but what type of peripherals could you see if there was a Guitar Hero game for Wii down the line? In addition, could you see a Guitar Hero attachment even working with the Wii Remote?

Kay: Well I guess if that situation were to arise we would have to consider: do we want it to be a stand alone controller where it had nothing to do with the Wii remote, or do we want it to plug into the Wii remote? I guess you could do that for some advanced tilt type mechanisms, it’s got all that advanced movement and rotation data, so maybe we could use that for when you lift your guitar up, your avatar in game, he’s doing the exact same thing as you. Yeah, you can totally imagine it as being an awesome way to play. And also the fact that it’s got a speaker. That is huge. Absolutely huge. I can see that being a feature with music games.

The Wiire: Can you tell us what some of the other rumblings in the office at Harmonix has been for those who have gone hands on with Wii, and have you guys gotten a development kit in office?

Kay: The current situation with the development kits, I don’t know. I know that we are definitely not closing our door to [Wii]. We are interested in it. All of the three next-gen machines have a good shot. Personally I can see it being a pretty even split, even between all three of them. We are as interested in [Wii] as we are the other two, and no more interested than the other two. And we will see how things pan out. It’s a little bit of a copout answer, but a lot of developers, especially smaller developers are risking a lot by choosing to concentrate on one platform.

The Wiire: We really appreciate your time, and we really look forward to playing Guitar Hero 2, and anything that might happen to come on the Wii. Thanks a lot!

Kay: Me too, I can’t wait. Thank you.

I personally couldn’t see a console more suited to this game than Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii.

As you can see, the developers at Harmonix seem more that enthusiastic in developing for the console, which in my mind almost guarantees that the rock star wannabe game will be winging its way in some shape or form onto the Wii at some point in the near future.

My fingers are crossed ;)

Stay tuned to Sickr as always for developments on this story…

Full interview.

17 thoughts on “Guitar Hero Wii Bound?”

  1. Recently tried guitar hero two. Loved it and want it. I also have a Wii. This makes me wonder: should I be putting a hold on getting either guitar hero game until they can put a Wii version together? Tough call.

  2. flipping right! need guitar hero for the wii. Drumming would be a laugh but not as much as V controller would be a laugh on the Wii. My poor gibsons would get jealous tho. ah well :D

  3. Buy Guitar Hero. Buy Guitar Hero II. Buy the Wii.
    …in that order, so you cover all bases. It’s totally worth playing it on PS2 for now, while waiting for news on GH for Wii =D

  4. Imagine the possiblity of having multiple instrunents on the wii. guitars, bass guitar drums, even a microphone for vocals. You could have an entire rock band

  5. I have a wii, and my buddy has a ps2 with guitar hero II. I love playing that game whenever we’re just hanging out, and having it for the wii would be simply awsome!

    Still, IMHO, I think the wii should have a seperate Axe controller. Sure, there is so much potential for the wii-mote, but the reason guitar hero was so great was the experience – the feel of the guitar in your hands, being able to play like you would a real guitar. Changing it to adapt to the wii-mote, no matter how cool, would change the experience for wii players versus the games on other consoles. It’s similar to the way playing an old NES game with a real NES controller is way different than playing that same game on an emulator on your computer. Nintendo, go with the Axe.

  6. To Adam — Don’t think of it as “adapting” the game to the Wiimote, think of it more like the Steering wheel for the wii that they have. You plug the wiimote into a recess on the controller, to connect it, instead of having a cord, or a fully separate controller. Think of the regular GH2 control, with a slot to slide the Wiimote in for wireless and motion capture.

  7. will it have that same songs as the PS2 version or will it have the stupid ones that nintendo comes up with?

  8. would it be funny if they actually put nintendo songs in it like super mario theme song only sounding like a guitar mode

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