Non-Guitar ‘Hero’ Games ‘Very Likely’


Although the Guitar Hero games aren't on a Nintendo format at present, the game as many enthusiast's pointed out would make a fantastic addition to the Wii format due to the console innovative control format.

Some of you may remember The Wiire conducted an interview with Harmonix, the developers behind the Guitar Hero games, who at E3 expressed their love for all things Nintendo. That interview can be read here.

Now fast forward to the present day, and the gaming publication has interviewed RedOctaine the publishers behind the Guitar hero game's president, and co-founder Kai Huang.

Here is a brief extract from that interview:

When asked what RedOctane holds in store beyond Guitar Hero, president and co-founder Kai Huang said, "The next logical step within this category is to make other music instrument-based games. What most people have been asking for and would want next are products that we're likely already working on."

He added, "[There's] a very, very high likelihood of additional Hero games."

Now of course ever since the Wii demonstration video popped up at E3 which starts off featuring a group of adults who are congregated around a TV, who could seemingly be using the Wii remote as an individual instrument, rumors of musical based games have naturally spread like wildfire. With Harmonix's enthusiasm to develop for the upcoming Wii console could the chance to play out your fantasy of playing in your favorite rock band finally become reality?

Let’s hope so…

; )


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