DS Lite Launches In England.


Finally the day has come, yes today is when the Nintendo Ds Lite officially launches in England.

As I'm working today I shall be right in the forefront of all the action, as there's no doubt that the store will receive a large volume of customers. These potential purchasers will either be content due to the fact they have secured themselves a unit, or extremely disappointed due to them not pre-ordering, and therefore missing out on purchasing the sleek handheld.

The console is set to debut over here in two colours; 'apple' white and 'gloss' black. I personally decided to pre-order a black Ds lite, though my mind is being swayed by the rumours mounting that the black iteration picks up a horrendous amount of fingerprints… Ha, I know I'm ultra petty on these things.

Now as some of you may know due to one of my recent posts, the store that I work at has received thirty Ds Lite units. For a small store coupled with the numerous shortages in Japan is a rather decent amount. In total we received around twenty pre-orders for the machine, with the 'apple' white version just pipping the rather sexy black version in the leader stakes. To be honest it isn't going to be hard to push and sell the left over machines, the hard thing is going to be, to get rid of the ever growing amount of accessories we keep receiving for the machine…



  1. I might pick one up tomorrow, but I think I’ll be waiting for my birthday. I want one so bad! I seriously can’t wait to get my hands on the diminutive wonder, so much so, that I’ll be trying one out in GAME tomorrow, and probably playing in the store for hours, before buying one for myself.

    Black or white? Black or white? I must decide, but it’s so horribly hard to choose. the white one is uber-Apple glossy and sleek, the black one is just perfect, but I’m weary of it in case of fingerprints – I like to keep my consoles neat and clean.

    Also, do games stores accept original DS’ when traded in if they have screen protectors. And do they give you less or more for them ?

  2. Ha, I have to admit I changed my mind at the last minute and went for the ‘apple’ white version, I’ve got to say it’s perfect.

    The white ones great for avoiding showing off your finger prints, as of course they dont show up quite as prominently as the black Ds.

    In regards toyour trade-in questions all we need from you guys is the Ds console, charger plus one stylus. We dont give anymore for accessories I’m afraid.

    But trust me you wont regret making the trade, I’m so happy with my console.

    I also picked up Metroid Prime in the bundel which I have to confess is a great game, though I appear to be getting ‘whooped’ online!… :P

  3. Okay, I just didn’t think that they would accept it with Screen protectors.

    I’ll have to play you on Metroid sometime…

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