Nintendo Ds Zoom’s To Front Of Store


After years of dominating the front of our game store, the Sony section has now been pushed back to make room for none other than the Nintendo 'Ds' and Nintendo 'Gameboy'.

In what must be a major blow to Sony who is used to proclaiming the main shelving units, Nintendo have rightly taken back what should belong to them. This grand defeat isn't just happening at my store, it's in-fact taking place right now at all 700 plus stores scattered across the EU.

The phenomenal sales figures for the company's original Ds system, coupled with the fact that the Ds Lite is set to be released tomorrow, create the obvious conclusion that it's now the perfect time for Nintendo to be placed back into the spotlight.

In regards to what the benefits are with the new positioning of the console, the most apparent is that the positioning of the Ds Lite units at the front of the store will provide unsure parents with a subconscious decision maker. Consoles which are located further towards the back of the store are generally regarded as less popular, whilst machines that are situated at the front of the store are regarded as what's selling at the moment.

Believe it or not these things will, and do matter when it comes to Nintendo securing the handheld market here in the UK. It shall be very interesting to see how this war between the Ds Lite and the PSP pans out over the Summer.

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  1. When I went to GAME on wednesday after college I was confused because I went to the back and seen only PS2 games. Then somehow after a bit of confusion I finally tunred around and there was a huge DS section right next to the door !

    Its really great that is happening and specially with all the deals coming out with the DS lite , which will sell a lot of those .

    Have fun when you get your Ds lite .

  2. Yup, I noticed a few people were confused obviously expecting PS2 games, but nevertheless continued to browse the Ds section.

    It’s a fantastic move, and it bodes well for the future of the console. I’m expecting to shift all the units tomorrow as we have 20 pre-orders and 30 Ds Lite machines in stock. Easy.

    Cant wait to get hold of mine, feel free to hook me up with your ‘friend code’ for your new machine at somepoint and we shall engage in a match. :D

  3. I’ll take up your challenge!

    This bodes well for the Wii- just think, this is just a reworking of an existing console, the Wii is something entriely new. I can’t wait to see the marketing for it all!

  4. Yes I was thinking earlier just how rosy Nintendo’s future is looking.

    It’s great to see the company turning its fortunes around.

    And yup il will certainly give you dual on both Metroid and Mario Kart at some point in the very near future.


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