Ds Lite European Fiasco

Yesterday marked the launch of the immensely popular Nintendo Ds Lite in Europe, and to kick start things off our store had a hiccup…

As most of you will know, when a game console launches it's always mandatory to have a variety of bundle packs for customers to choose from, and of course this launch was no exception… Well sort of.

You see we were set to have two different bundles, one which consisted of the Ds Lite and a selection of one of eight games, which was set to retail at £109.99. And secondly we were set to promote a bundle which consisted of the DS Lite and two games from a list of eight games for £119.99. Some of the titles on offer were particularly good, namely the superb Metroid Prime Hunters, and Tetris DS. But, this is where the first hiccup occured.

As generally happens when we have a in-store promotion running, we receive the promoted titles in bulk to therefore guarantee we have enough copys to deal with, for the expected demand. Unfortunately we were only supplied with enough copy's of 'seven' out of the 'eight' games. The title that was expected to be the most popular (Metroid Prime Hunters) turned out to be the one we had barely enough stock off, meaning that after 2 hours the title was plastered in sold out stickers across the store… Not good.

The second problem came with the second promotional bundle which looked set to be the definitive bargain for the launch of the console. When I say 'was set' this is due to it being pulled off the shelves by head office at the very last minute, due to the company deciding that the profit margin on the package was too low. This then left our fate for the launch in the hands of our rivals next door who coincidental had a package which consisted of the Ds Lite and any game for £109.99…

Ouch for us indeed.


  1. I still think it went alright and as you read before I somehow got lucky and when I bought mine straight as GAMe opened at 9 , the £119.99 bundle was still one . :)

    What’s intriguing though is how I ore ordered my ds lite but didnt get 2000 points so I could buy the new super mario bros ,

    They were another 3 or 4 people waiting with me for the store to open to buy ds lites , and I was alarmed at this poor boy selling his old ds for only £40 when he could have gotten way more on ebay .

    Plus the fact that no dead pixels was excellent and the new girl who did my order was a bit nervous as well , which was quite amusing cos she made a couple of mistakes , I had to tell her to take off the £20 deposit for the lute … need to go ask if I can get my missing 1000 points today and buy some acessories . ;)

  2. Yup, your one of the lucky few as it was certainly the best deal I had heard about for the launch.

    Ha, I also traded in my Ds and got the Ds Lite for £59.99 which equates to my old Ds obviously only being worth £40, though this didnt realy bother me to much…

    The only thing that bummed me out was the fact that I couldnt get any staff discount because it was a bundle deal (ds lite and game £109.99).

    Ha, quite a few members of staff momentarily forgot to either take off the deposist’s, or deductions for original Ds trade in’s. Also one member of staff managed to sell the ‘store’ Ds. Doh!.

    Overall it was a fun day though, and yet again I’m super pleased with my console.


  3. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to play one today. I’m waiting before buying one though. Anyway, ouch! The potential customers must have been really annoyed at that – still at least you were able to secure your copy. Every cloud, eh?

  4. Ha I’m so glad I started work when I did, as I manged to secure the very last copy of Metroid Prime Hunters 10 minutes after I walked into the store :D

    The customers were obviously dissapointed that we didnt have the game in stock, so I therefore persuaded those who weren’t in the know, to purchase Tetris DS.

    You certainly need to get your hands on one of these little beautys…

  5. Me and my brother got the last two at our local Gamestation, talk about lucky. Anyway, if you were going to do a trade in with your old DS you should have gone to Gamestation. You get £45 for it aswell as a free game (your best bet is Narnia as it can be traded back straight away for £12). With this game being traded back the Lite only costs £43 minus one DS. A lot better than GAME’s £60 minus one DS.

  6. Yup, GameStation seem to be the place to go to if you want to do a trade-in, as the consensus is that they generally offer you more money.

    Thankfully I wasnt to concerned with this, and having pre-ordered my Ds lite from my store that I work at, I just decided to pick it up from there.

    Obviously if I didnt work for a game store whilst looking for a Ds Lite, I would have shopped around for the best deal. Though I personally find the company that I work for is generally the most reliable to purchase from if any problems, or faults arise.

    But hey, you were lucky to purchase the last two console at your local store, hope your having plenty of fun with them!


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