Nintendo Denies Daily Star Price Point


Nintendo recently showed off it’s forthcoming Wii console to the English press in a media event in London.

The event was to give the media a hands on taste of what the Wii can do in terms of revolutionizing gaming, and by all accounts was a widely regarded a success. Amongst the many attendees were journalists of the infamously sleazy British tabloid, the Daily Star.

The publication recently gave Nintendo a headache by supposedly revealing that the Wii console is set to retail at around £170 and will launch late November. Though this may not appear to be anything new, rumours have recently been circulating that the price point has indeed shifted from the often mentioned £150, and is now set for £169.99.

Nintendo have of course squashed the claim, with a Spokesperson telling online gaming publication Eurogamer;

It’s pure speculation on the part of the newspaper – we have made no announcements regarding Wii price or software

Though the Daily Star isn’t regarded as a reliable source for gaming news, it certainly appears interesting just where the figure of £170 came from. Of course it could have just been a speculated figure, or it could have had an air of truth to it. We shall of course find out the official price via Nintendo this September


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