Grasshoper Presents ‘Heroes’ For The Wii


Although it’s rather unusual for me to post twice in one day, stunning video footage surfaced earlier today of Marvelous Interactive and Grasshopper Manufacturer’s first Nintendo Wii title named ‘Heroes’.

Though not much in known about the game, it looks as if it is set to retain the visuals of the studio’s Killer 7 title which made its debut to critical acclaim on the Gamecube in 2005.

Grasshopper, the studio behind ‘Heroes’ was set to debut the game to a worldwide audience at May’s E3 event but was sadly unable to show the footage as previously planned.

The game itself is set to be released in both Japan and overseas in summer 2007. After seeing this footage I can safely say that this title is likely to dominate quite a few prospective Wii owners wish-lists. Without further ado here is the game in action:



  1. Yup.

    As soon as I saw this footage I was completely blown away.

    Looks set to be yet another insane shooter along the lines of the rather mentally disturbing Killer 7.


  2. I look forward to see how it’ll take advantage of the Wii’s unique controller.

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