Possibly 20-30 Virtual Console Games For Wii Launch


Ever the people to add further fire to the current speculation surrounding Nintendo’s ever mysterious Wii, the online gaming publication IGN have made a estimation at how many Virtual Console games Nintendo fans will be treated to at the launch of the innovative new console.

According to some hush, hush industry insiders, IGN has learned that Nintendo the creators behind such huge franchises as the Mario and Zelda series, and also their officially announced partners – Sega and TurboGrafx, are all set to unleash somewhere between twenty to thirty classics titles upon initial owners of the Wii console.

What is currently unknown at the moment is whether or not other publishers who wish to jump on-board Nintendo’s retro love boat will have their Virtual Console games ready for the yet to be announced launch-date. Though as it currently stands twenty to thirty classic Virtual Console games at launch should help keep any self respecting gamer happy, and if as rumoured some of these titles are also playable online, expect a new retro revolution to take place come the system’s expected launch in November.


  1. It certainly is.

    I just hope Sega decide to add Saturn games into the equation, as I’m dying to play Nights and Sega Rally.

  2. Unfortunatly, it’s not likely they will add Saturn games to the Virtual Console.

    I’m just worried right now as to whether Konami is going to throw any support behind it. For all the great new games they make, they seem to have this issue with reissuing or compiling classic games. With the ability to finally get games not originally released in our region. I’m just hoping they will at LEAST put in Akumajou Dracula X: Chi No Rondo. I see no reason not too. It’s not like these guys are ever going to release a compilation disc. -_-

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