Mario Strikers Playable At Leipzig?


The Mario of late has appeared in a range of sporting spin off’s, games such as Mario Tennis and Mario Golf are surprisingly good sports titles aimed more at fun than simulation.

It should come as no surprise then that Mario’s next sporting installment will come in the shape of a sequel to the well received Mario Striker title. Mario Strikers hit the Gamecube late last year and arrived just in time for the all important Christmas period, which helped Nintendo shift quite a few copies over here in Europe, where as most of you know football/soccer is definitely a much loved sport.

Rumors are now circulating that the sequel to the game isn’t just underway, but it shall appear in playable form at this years Leipzig games convention which is due to take place later this month. Rumors of previously unannounced Wii titles being shown at the event have been doing the rounds for a while now, and Mario Strikers could be the perfect game to show consumers just how much fun gaming on the Wii can be.



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