Red Steel Team Talk


If there was one Wii title gamers and press alike weren’t too convinced by at this years E3, it was the control scheme of Ubisofts Red Steel.

The game and it’s premise are both fantastic, and the title is looking like a worthy addition to the ever expanding Wii launch line up. The only problem encountered so far with the first person action title is that swinging the Wii’mote’ as if it’s a Samurai sword apparently just didn’t feel right. So after listening to the criticism, the developers behind Red Steel went back to the drawing board to access just how they could improve on the sword play which plays an integral part of the game.

The developers claim that the control scheme that was available to players during this years E3 event was the scheme that they themselves felt the most comfortable with, and are now aware that the control mechanism on display may have been slightly too sensitive for new comers to the series. The team behind the game has also stated that in the final game, gamers will be able to choose from a multitude of different control schemes to see which one fits them best.



  1. Different control schemes eh? I can see this working, although it could take a while to experiment with all of them to find the right one…

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