Wii Will Support The Wavebird


After this year E3 event in Los Angeles many gamers were debating whether or not the Wii would allow for Wavebird support, this was due primarily to the RF controller recievers that need to be plugged into the Gamecube docking station.

It now turns out that those ever lucky guys at Ign recently tinkered around with one of the final versions of the Wii hardware and discovered that there should be no problem for gamers to play their current Gamecube titles using the wireless Wavebird control pad, something many were unsure of.

Amongst other things Ign managed to take a glimpse at the Gamecube docking station port on the Wii and were happy to report back that it’s perfectly flat, meaning that it shouldn’t pose a problem inserting the RF controller receiver into one of the four controller ports hidden under a neatly concealed flap.

This is indeed great news for gamers who wish to play Nintendo’s back catalogue of Gamecube games on the Wii, as I think most will have already become acquainted with the benefits of wireless controllers, and once converted won’t wish to revert back to the tangled mess of the now outdated wired controller.



  1. Ha, ok maybe I was a little harsh on our beloved wired Gamecube controller.


    But it’s pretty obvious wireless is the way forward.

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