Nintendo WiFi Service Is A Success


Nintendo announced yesterday that its Wi-Fi connection figures have just soared past the two million unique player mark.

In a statement Nintendo of America senior VP of marketing George Harrison proudly said “Our handheld leadership will continue unabated with today’s launch (America) of Star Fox Command and the anticipation of our upcoming WiFi titles.”

Nintendo also made mention that statistics have revealed 70 million individual gaming sessions have been played using the service during the 9 months its been up and running.

Nintendo launched its online campaign in November 2005 and in December the company announced that only 200,000 unique users had logged onto the free service.

With the Ds online service being touted as a huge achievement for Nintendo, gamers are hoping the company can replicate the same success on the Wii which also has in built Wi-Fi.



  1. I wish they had down without “freind codes” and have one unviersal “gamertag” but thats fine with me. With the ease of online play with the DS, it’s easy to see why its such a success.

  2. I feel exactly the same way as yourself.

    The friends code idea is horrible, but according to Nintendo it’s the best solution if they want to retain the free service.

  3. Congrats to Nintendo! The VoIP feature they have now is going to definitely bring on more players. If anything, just because the Nintendo DS can act as a VoIP cell phone, a nerfed one, but still useful and fun for the kids.

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