Tecmo Vows To Support Wii Virtual Console

In a move that’s sure to please fans of the NES, Tecmo have decided to jump on board the growing list of developers who have stated their interest to put their gaming back catalogues on the Wii Virtual Console.

Tecmo who of late have had huge success with titles such as the Dead or Alive series and the Ninja Gaiden franchise, revealed in their recent financial report that they intend to support the Virtual Console “aggressively”, although sadly this wasn’t elaborated on.

Tecmo aren’t a newly based developer as many believe, but have in fact produced an array of well known titles on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Classic games such as Tecmo Bowl and the original Ninja Gaiden series helped define the company in those early days, and in reality should make a much welcomed appearance on Nintendo’s Virtual Console.



  1. Yup.
    It’s a shame we wont be seeing the Xbox Ninja Gaiden, as it’s one of those titles I really must get round to playing.

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