Wii Third Party Title To Feature Online Play?


Earlier this week I mentioned that Nintendo made the unanimous decision to allow only first, and third party developer’s access to the online code libraries for Wi-Fi based play on the Wii.

This could all be set to change as during Konami’s Summer BBQ 2006 event in San Francisco, gaming website Advanced Media Network managed to corner Denis Lee, Group Marketing Manager at Konami and interrogate him thoroughly about Konami’s forthcoming Wii project Elebits.

Once questioned about the all important aspect of online play he mentioned; “The team is looking into online and trying to find out what the best kind of game play they can get into the game is and still make launch window. We’re working on a few ideas, but we’re not talking about online specifically”.

Now this all begs the question; has Nintendo decided to relax its current stance on allowing developers access to its online code libraries for online play, or is this just simply a break down in communication between the two companies? As always make sure you stay tuned to Sickr for more information as it unfolds.



  1. If that appears to be the case, then fingers crossed that they allow Ubisoft to feature online play in both Red Steel and Farcry.


  2. Hmmm I think both games would benefit with the inclusion of online play, but whether it’s implemented in any third party title at launch still remains to be seen. Fingers crossed :)

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