Nintendo Wii Lacks Web Browser And Two Channels At Launch


Whilst the Nintendo Wii is set to make its long awaited début in the United States this weekend, news has filtered through that suggests the revolutionary new console is set to lack a few of its proposed components at launch.

Online news publication states that highly anticipated console won’t come equipt with the proposed ‘News Channel’ or the ‘Weather Channel’ which were both set to become an integral part of the Wii experience.

The Associated Press backed ‘News Channel’ isn’t set to début until January 27th 2007, whilst the region specific weather channel won’t be available for consumer use until December 20th, which is just in time for Christmas.

What is set to be a far larger blow to prospective Wii owners is that the intuitive Opera based Wii web-browser is still without a proposed release date, although Nintendo have stated that more details regarding web access will be provided within the coming months.



  1. Much like yourself I’m not too fussed about the channels but after seeing numerous videos of the web-browser in action I’m extremely intrigued to try it myself, after all it does look like the most intuitive way to browse the Internet.

  2. Well, one way that Nintendo earns lots of money is by putting a few things built into the console and then cooler stuff sold seperatly. Such as the Nintendo DS(Dual Screens), the opera browser was sold seperatly and you even had to pay for shipping because it was only sold online. But, other than that, I totally recomend the Wii over the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3, as it is obvious, the Wii is the next step to virtual realirtt :D!

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