Nintendo Wii: Wii Sales Near 2 Million In The USA


Sales continue to flourish for Nintendo’s latest entry into the next gen arena, as CNBC reports that the Wii has sold in excess of 1.8 million units in the United States.

The revolutionary console achieved these ultimately impressive figures from November until 25th December, whilst in comparison the newly released PlayStation 3 only managed to chalk up sales of 750,000 units during the same period.

Unsurprisingly trouncing both next generation consoles was Microsofts already established Xbox 360, which undoubtedly took full advantage of the lack of units available for its competitors machines, as sales for the machine topped two million.



  1. sheesh… not bad for a start!! i hope that number doubles or triples next year hehehe oh hey Sickr, do u think u can publish any info on like DS-Wii compatible? that would be pretty awesome… like the GBA-GCN and nintendo could do something like sell a empty DS game card/catridge so that we could save our vitrual console games on it… cool idea ey?? also, i’ve seen on this news website that Wii intends to drop the prics of the wii by Spring next year… well its only costs them $190 to build the console… it wouldn’t be a bad idea… the sales will increase if they do so by the end of the fiscal year and next christmas…
    anyways, can u think about making an article on the DS-Wii or Wii innovations for next yr? if u can find any inof that is.. well, keep up the great job with ur site, i come here almost everyday and yeah happy new year! tonight is NYE for me here in Aus… see ya!! all the best for next year!!

  2. Thanks as always for your contribution Andrezao, and of course happy new year :) (I’m guessing it’s that time already in Australia) With regards to Nintendo Ds and Wii connectivity it’s a subject I’m deeply interested in. I’m intrigued as to how Nintendo are going to implement it to benefit gamers, as I’ll be disappointed if it’s just a tacked on novelty. Once more information arises on the subject matter I’ll be more than happy to write an article on something that will hopefully benefit us all in the near future.

  3. Thanks for the update. I think the Wii sales will continue to grow. I feel that from talking with many buyers that the Xbox buyers were frustrated PS2 owners who were unable to get a PS3. The sales numbers for Sony should make some rebound

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