Nintendo Wii: Microsoft Learns A Thing Or Two From Nintendo


Nintendo have successfully heralded in a new gaming audience, now Microsoft wants a slice of the same pie.

It was inevitable that someone was going to lead the pack of the so-called next generation games consoles, but no one of any calibre had the foresight to believe it would be Nintendo.

Microsoft certainly didn’t see it coming so they’ve unexpectedly upped the ante and are now looking to target the same demographic as Nintendo, the question on everybody’s lips is how are they going to achieve this?…



  1. Unless they fix those quality issues they have, i won´t touch a Microsoft console in this life. I´ve seen friends killing chickens everytime they turn on the xbox wishing this time could work.

    And i´m hearing the same things about the 360, so, i´m very happy with my wiimote…

  2. I can’t see Microsoft achieving this. They won’t ever be able to rope in the same demographic as Nintendo because they’ve gone 2 consoles targeting a particular audience and it’d be difficult for them to try and shift that. Also, it’s Nintendo’s first party titles that are widely responsible for the mass appeal. Microsoft can’t compete with that.

    And as Mr. Guiyotinne and sickr have said, the failure rate of the Xbox 360 is ridiculous. I trust Nintendo products and haven’t had a single one conk out on me or give me trouble. My NES still works to this day. I have no desire to buy a 360. The games just don’t appeal to me.

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