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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Game Cartridges And Box Designs Shown By Nintendo

Nintendo have revealed a sleek new look for both the game cards and the game card cases for the recently unveiled Nintendo 3DS games console.




  1. bigger box size than the DS box cases, they should make smaller box sizes for such a small cart. I wonder what the little ridge in the cart suppose to be about.


  2. How can you tell what size it is? If the labels are any indication, the case looks to be about the same size. And once the game logo/designs are on the cartridge and case, they’ll look (nearly) identical to the DS cases.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked for the 3DS.. But.. Whoop-dee-doo.


    1. I really hope so…at the latest its gonna be out March 2011. But I can’t see the advantage in delaying it next year since they don’t have much of a line up of games for this christmas.


      1. Really. So I was the only one getting mad at the E3 press conference when everything they showed was scheduled for a fall release…? Please. I can also see the advantage. They need a strong launch line- up, and they haven’t if they need to release it this christmas.

        They will play it safe since they HAVE got Wii and DS games to serve as waiting factors this holiday season.


  3. just to answer the questions raised here:

    1. The little ridge IS in fact used to keep the game cartridge out of older DS’s. We saw the same thing with Gameboy and Gameboy Color cartridges.

    2. The 3DS game cartridges are around the same size of the regular DS cartridges (give or take a few millimetres). This is proven by the fact that the 3DS has no Slot 2 opening. Just one slot for both kinds of cartridges (sort of like how the Wii accepts Wii optical disks and Gamecube discs through the same slot).

    3. The 3DS is very powerful, but doesn’t show it (in a way). Because of the 3D technology used, the system renders two images at once to create the 3D effect. Keeping this in mind, the 3DS has two screens. Therefore, for each frame displayed by the 3DS, it actually has to render four images at once. THAT is why the system’s graphical power is being compared to that of PS3 or xbox360.


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