Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Japanese Launch Titles Revealed

Nintendo have announced the eight games that will launch alongside the Nintendo 3DS when it launches in Japan on February 26th.

The Japanese launch titles were revealed at Nintendo World 2011 and surprisingly won’t feature The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Kid Icarus Uprising or Pilotwings Resort.

  • Nintendogs & Cats (three editions)
  • Winning Eleven Soccer 3D
  • Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
  • Samurai Warriors: Chronicle:
  • Puzzle Bobble 3D
  • Ridge Racer 3D
  • Battle of the Giants: Dinosaurs 3D
  • Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle



  1. Only two games on that list are essential. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle. That’s a good thing in a way so that you’re not spending so much money on games in just the first day. It’s also a good strategy from Nintendo since it is likely not everyone can afford to buy eight AAA titles. Let’s see what the list will be in other regions of this marvelous globe.

  2. that’s pretty lame … in my opinion. i really hoped they’re going to have OoT or Resident Evil as launch title … ^^ maybe we europeans/americans are lucky and we’re going to get more/different launch titles but i think that would be a miracle … :D

  3. Only Street Fighter’s pretty good to grab. I’ll wait for the best games, which may show up by year end.

  4. If those are the same titles that get released state side, then I will be holding off. Street fighter is the only interesting one to me, and I’ve already got that for ps3, so no thanks.

  5. I am surprised Kid Icarus is not a launch game. I thought it was sort of a flagship title for the 3DS.

  6. Hmm I would think Legend of Zelda and Resident Evil would have been on this list. But this will be for Japan Release, for US, will it be the same games released or more? Guess well find out.

  7. Disappointing lineup. Hope it’ll improve here in the states.But hey! Look at those 3DS boxes :D

  8. Probably a business decision to please the 3rd party developers. Nintendo would have stolen the thunder otherwise. Now the 3rd party can earn some money and Nintendo will get some more valuable developing time. A win win for all parties (except the customers maybe, or at least the early adopters…)

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