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Nintendo Wii: The Nintendo Wii 2 Can Stream Games To The Controllers Screen

IGN are reporting that people close to Project Cafe have informed them that the controller for the forthcoming Nintendo console will allow players to stream entire games from the console to the systems controller. The source claims that the controllers screen resembles a six inch miniature television. Expect to here more fascinating rumours leading up to E3.


26 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: The Nintendo Wii 2 Can Stream Games To The Controllers Screen”

  1. What!? That seems a bit weird, as it may as well be a handheld if it’s true. I’m not convinced. Besides, I also feel like it’s a silly time for Nintendo to release a new home console what with the recent 3DS launch, as they don’t want to take attention away from their new portable…

  2. We really shouldn’t be calling it Wii 2, as Nintendo has never named consoles like that, and calling it Wii 2 makes it sound like it’s just an upgrade to the Wii. We should just stick to Project Cafe ;)

  3. I’m going to hold out judgement on this until Nintendo says something official, but a 6 inch screen on a controller? The Xbox 360 and Playstation controllers aren’t quite six inches across. So…. is this system intended to be marketed towards NBA/WNBA stars? I mean, who else would have hands big enough?

    I keep trying to picture the controller in my mind, and all I can see is that oversized piece of crap they had for the Jaguar, and the original Xbox controllers that you had to take to your local courthouse and register as lethal weapons…

  4. if a controller could serve as a portable,then it would take away sales from there sill new 3DS,I doubt there’s a controller unless the controler is a six inch touch screen

  5. Ok, so is anyone else getting heavy dreamcast vibes from this?

    This first occurred to me when they said touchscreen controller…now i know the dreamcast had not touch controls, but who remembers the VMUs? while they were poorly designed it might be wise to concede that Sega was a bit ahead of the times with them. I mean come on, a storage unit that doubles as a mini-game player/app device?

    let’s just hope that if this is true, that Nintendo can get the battery down right =p

  6. I call BS that’s gonna be a pain to hold… Also, the controller would need some sort of processor, and large battery. Also having a controller with a screen that’s larger than the 3DS is like Nintendo shooting themselves in the foot.

  7. Could it be a little more like complete touchscreen controller? As in any sort of joystick or buttons would be virtual ones on a sort of tablet? That’s the only way I could picture. A big iPod touch controller.

  8. Ok… So people think that the release of “project cafe” is a silly idea because the 3DS is still fresh… Well, i checked a reliable source. Nintendo releases a home console in a time of five years each! So its been 5 years since nintendo wii appeared. I think its the perfect time for nintendo to release “prooject cafe” :)

    1. I dnt know wut all tha bad comments are about for one thing this is Nintendo they know wut there doin, and second tha ones that talking bad about it, will b tha main ones at tha store buying it wen it releases on tha market!!!!! if this is to b true

  9. Uh… not sure if a controller with a screen is the best idea… especially if it can pass as a miniature television. PLEEEEAAASE don’t screw this one up for me Nintendo. >.<

  10. T3 gives a little clue that all you have is a headset accessory that uses brainwaves to control characters and features immersing in-ear headphones. So just imagine a streamlined Wii emote with just one button, which you point and press and rest your brain takes over. Though brain-wave technology has already become a reality with Emotive pioneering in-game systems, but soon it seems Nintendo will come out with the first mind-controlled console on the market.

    1. When playing the Nintendo ” wii-2 ” users will move around in a virtual world, move objects, and even experience “Feeling” while wearing the nintendo headset. It works by sending electromagnetic pulses directly to the brain, allowing blind people to see and def people to hear.

  11. p.s. The patent by Nintendo, filed in conjunction with Inphase Technologies, is for a holographic storage system that could revolutionize console data storage. Holographic storage works by splitting a laser into two beams – the signal beam, and the reference beam. The signal beam has data encoded onto it by a light modulator, and is then reunited with the reference beam; the combined beams then write the data to a photosensitive material – and the data is stored! The beams read and write at specific light angles, wavelengths, and positions, which essentially make up the data’s physical address on the storage medium. The nintendo wii will outperform xbox 360 and ps3 in every way…

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