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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo eShop Cards Are Now Live Say Goodbye To Nintendo Points!

It appears as though Nintendo has begun phasing out Nintendo Points and are instead going live with their eShop cards which can now be used to purchase games on the Wii Shop Channel. The eShop cards will also be used for purchasing games on the Nintendo 3DS eShop which is due to launch June 6th in the United States and June 7th in Europe.

A new eShop Card will take its place, to be used for all three systems. As the 3DS download service introduces the mysterious concept of pricing its games in actual monetary value, these cards will follow the same idea. However, redeeming them on the Wii and DSi will still convert their dollar value to Wii Points and DSi Points




  1. i was about to say “wtf i don’t buy games on the shop channel! i use nintendo points for RB songs!” then i read the fine print.


    1. Nothing, it’s just when you buy the points, like at a shop, you’ll by eShop cards instead of nintendo cards. Just like when the DSi came out and they replaced Wii points cards with Nintendo points cards, and it says in the article that when you redeem the card, it’ll convert them to wii points anyway, so I see no reason for it to do anything to the points in your account :)


  2. “As the 3DS download service introduces the mysterious concept of pricing its games in actual monetary value, these cards will follow the same idea.”

    lmao! yay, finally virtual currency will be equal to real currency. No more wonky conversion rates!


    1. Ya…. the Wii had $10=1000 Points. That’s not exactly advanced Calculus. You’re thinking of XBOX Live, where the conversion rates are all messed up…. they do it so you’ll have extra points left over, and then you’ll buy another card to get rid of the extra points….


  3. Works for me. I’m more interested in knowing if I can transfer my Wii Points into the 3DS eShop equivalent since I have about 1400 of them left and I’m afraid to spend them until I know if I can use them elsewhere for other stuff.


    1. Why would someone buy a dsi? Dsi doesnt do streetpass or AR and a 3ds can do everything a dsi can do… Would you buy a Gamecube right now when the Wii can do everything Gamecube could dobut also more?


  4. first i change my mind before spending my nintendo points in the wii to use it in the eshop a year ago then they say its not in points then i use it on my wii then they tell me its the same thing and now i cant get my hands on a card



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