Nintendo 3DS: GameStop Is Disappointed With Nintendo 3DS Sales

GameStop president Tony Bartel has revealed that the company is overall disappointed with sales of the Nintendo 3DS in North America. Whilst the gaming emporium was initially extremely excited when the Nintendo 3DS made its immensely popular début, it is now convinced that it’s going to have to lower overall sales expectations for the 3D gaming device.  Hopefully sales of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Star Fox 64 3D will help boost 3DS hardware sales in the United States.

“We were very excited about 3DS when it launched. [It] was one of the highest market shares we’ve ever had for a Nintendo launch at 45 percent,” said GameStop president Tony Bartel. “We were excited about market share.”

But he added, “I think there have been reports that the numbers are lagging from what the expectations were in the U.S., and I think our results will be in line with that.”

“In [fiscal] Q2 [ending July], we do expect we will fall slightly short of what we expected. We were excited at the launch, but in Q2 we believe it will slightly lag [behind] our expectation,”

– GameStop president Tony Bartel



  1. Seriously, in 1-3 months when a good amount of games worth buying are released, those who have been putting it off will most likely go out and buy it.

  2. It’s called Christmas. If it were released at the end of the year then it would be a different story.

    1. They still would’ve given leadway to 3rd parties. Look how that turned out (Capcom aside).

  3. Not really that surprising, seeing as there are so few titles available at the moment. Sales might start to pick up once the eShop and Zelda come out.

  4. The 3ds had aa weak launch line-up, plus zelda and starfox won’t help it sell that much in the long run, although it will help it sell more for about a month or two. As soon as they release a new pokemon and mario game it’ll start selling a lot


    Sorry, but I’m fed up with people mentioning the 3DS’s low sales. THERE IS A GREAT REASON FOR IT.

  6. Only reason why I never bought my 3DS yet is because of the games…

    I want to be able to have more choices to play…. I don’t want to come home without a game or just one game (Street Fighter).

    I’m waiting on Star Fox and Ocarina of Time.

  7. Well maybe not everyone has enough money to purchase it yet, but Im pretty sure it’ll sell plenty when more games come out since not everyone was excited for the games that were realeased with the 3DS

  8. all the games out are crap right now! good ones like mega man legends 3 prototype version have been delayed! It will not be out on june 6th with the E-Shop anymore, all the 3DS is, is delay, delay, DELAY!!

  9. I don’t know about anyone else’s, but neither of the GameStops where I live have even half of the titles out for the 3DS available for purchase anyway. If they offered more of the titles, they might see at least a slight increase in sales. But even so, the line-up right now is weak, they just need to be patient and wait for not only new games to be released, but also the June firmware update.

  10. It’s too early to get upset with the 3DS. It just came out. Wait a year from now and see… :)

  11. the launch titles are as good as a sanwhich thats been at the back of the fridge for awhile and is now being held slightly out of our reach… the 3ds has been rushed out faster than a dog making reechoing noises at a new carpet.

  12. The launch titles are not enough to sell this system yet – Zelda and Mario are on the Horizon…

    Not to mention, people just spent money on their new Nintendo DSi and DSiXL!

  13. Updated since last Post:
    These complaints are written by someone who ADORES Nintendo, and am giving them some “tough love.”

    I keep feeling like I’m getting screwed over. Like, by that “person” who says they love you, but never texts.

    Reasons I feel this Way:

    1.) Bugged Street Pass / Mii Plaza
    2.) Vertical lines on my upper screen due to poor “closed design”
    3.) 1st Firmware bugged the system (see #1.)
    4.) delayed 2nd firmware.

    5.) NO COMMUNICATION FROM NINTENDO AS TO WHETHER THEY PLAN TO FIX ANY OF IT. Just tell us you know about it and you will fix it. THAT’S ALL I WANT.
    6.) “An Error has occurred, please hold the power button…” (ref #5)
    7.) Leaving their customer service Staff to to fend for themselves. I.E.- They are not told anything until Nintendo posts it. (Ref #5) even a “we don’t know but are researching.” ANYTHING.

    Replacing my 3DS fixes nothing ling term. It simply leaves me DS-less for a while. Giving me the Silent treatment tells me the 1st gen was so badly implemented, they’ll recall it and give us all 2 gens. (Obviously NOT Nintendo’s words, but the inability to fix basic flaws? Something’s up.)

    3DS sales are low? No kidding, and it’s NOT just because of the game launch line-up.

    Pull it together Nintendo. Could I launch a game system? No. I also am not the most innovative gaming corporation since at least the 80′s.

    I want Kevin or Sam Flynn back in charge.

  14. My local (nearest one to me; ~25 miles) Gamestop has 3-4 3DS games.. They have one stack of shelves dedicated to the 3DS in the very front of the store that is barley visible.. 5 of the 9 shelves are loaded with the same game with a “Coming Soon” label on them.. I had to drive across town to Walmart to buy Rayman because Gamestop didn’t (and still does not) have it..

  15. Meh! p***!!
    Refried Zelda?…crap!….p***.
    250 dollars for crappy battery, no worthwile games on 3DS…bah! ………p***!

    A NO GAME 3Ds for 249 or a brand new Playstation Three PLUS a free GAME plus a 50 dollar gift card.
    Gee let me think(sarcasm).

    Get lost! Nintendo!

    249 dollars for black ops games plus a new PS3 at Games Stop since it comes with a 50 dollar gift card.

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