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Nintendo Wii: Just Dance 2 For Wii Has Sold Over 5 Million Units In The United States Alone!

Nintendo of America has revealed that Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2, which is a Wii exclusive, has sold more than 5 million units in the United States. With this milestone, the Wii now has eight 5-million sellers in the U.S, twice as many as competing current-generation consoles combined. Who said the Wii is dead?

“By crossing the 5 million sales mark, Just Dance 2 joins one of the most exclusive clubs in the world of video games. Nintendo systems have games for every type of player. We’re poised for a great holiday season, thanks to tremendous value across all our platforms and fan-favorite franchises delivering fun new surprises.”

– Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing via Nintendo of America press release

28 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Just Dance 2 For Wii Has Sold Over 5 Million Units In The United States Alone!”

    1. How so?

      Apparently, there’s an audience for this game. Don’t see a problem with it. I’ve never played it personally but apprently there are people who do.

        1. Then try to part yourself from the gaming community. That’s what I’m doing cause of this “Just Dance” thing. Just Dance 3 at E3 made me lose it. Since then I’ve started hanging out at the Nursery department at my local Home Depot.

  1. I like any news about games being succesful on a nintendo platform so I’m happy….I just hope one day nintendo will have a console that is as succesful as the ps2

  2. I’m thinking a large percentage of owners also got Wii Fit and/or Wii Fit Plus. Just a guess.

    Game isn’t that good, you just need to move the hand with the remote and not your whole body. Although it is more enjoyable to watch people use their entire body.

  3. Not my type of game, but if there’s an audience for it, then so be it. I just wish other companies created more stuff for Wii. They complained that Nintendo games killed their games, but if we analyze the situation, they didn’t do that bad; it’s just that they didn’t do as well as Nintendo’s first party games. For example, if a game sells 400,000 units on the ps3 and 500,00 on the 360, then it’s all good. If they sell 500,00 units on Wii, then it’s a loss? Even though the development costs are a lot lower on Wii, companies seem to think so. So what’s the difference? Sony and MS exclusives sell well, but they don’t sell as good as Nintendo games. That’s the ideology they have. Nintendo games would constantly break the 1 million mark, and with the Wii, they crossed the 5 million mark multiple times, going as far as to sell over 20 million in some cases. Thir party companies are just frustrated that their games don’t sell that much, but they’re ok if they sell less on the other consoles simply because exclusives for those consoles don’t sell as much either. That’s pretty sad in so many levels.

    1. “For example, if a game sells 400,000 units on the ps3 and 500,00 on the 360, then it’s all good. If they sell 500,00 units on Wii, then it’s a loss?” Yes. You just answered your own question. On the one hand, if they make it a cross-platform release for 360 and PS3, they would sell 900,000 units, and on the other hand they make a Wii game that only sells 500,000 units.

      1. What he meant was, if it sells 400,000 on PS3, 500,000 on Xbox 360, and then later 500,000 on Wii. Then that game sold 1,400,000 units. Is that a loss?

  4. I own that game, at first I was a little skeptical but believe me, it’s really fun and enjoyable. And you have to move your whole body if you want a perfect move, so just moving the hand won’t do. It’s also a fun way to work out, it’s hilarious seeing people trying to do the moves, the songs are classic, I could go on with reasons on why it’s a good game… and…I also love Mario and Zelda, so I don’t consider myself that “casual” as a gamer

  5. I was thinking about buying this game… I don’t have many “Party Games” that anyone can play. People who come over have no clue how to play the games I have because they are “too hard”. It looked like a lot of fun so I’ll probably go out and but it.

  6. I hate how people always turn their noses up at rhythm games. You big, manly men do realise that often a large percentage of the players of these games are guys, right?

    In fact I found a scan of a flyer advertising an old arcade rhythm game and on one part of it they actually noted that previous games in the series supposedly attracted a larger percentage of men than women, and this game aimed to “balance” that figure out.

    I’ve never played the first Just Dance, but I recently bought the second. As far as music and rhythm games go, it’s not the most sophisticated ever, but it’s really fun to play and quite infectious. Firework (free download, at least here in the UK) and Tik Tok are probably the best two songs in the game.

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  8. for fans of these types of games, this is good news but this in turn also asks questions about nintendo’s wii console and what the wii U will offer in terms of games. sure they don’t make these types of games, well ok, the mario dance game is an exception perhaps.

    casual wii owners will be more happy about this, but the thing is this is the first 3rd party game for the wii to hit the 5 million mark. what about wii games such as sin and punishment, madworld, dead space, tatsunoko vrs capcom? oh but of course, they haven’t sold as many as just dance.

    i like just dance, as it’s not supposed to be taken seriously like all games but i also like variety as well. i like dancing, platforming, action, puzzle, fighting games.

    nintendo did well to tap into the casual market and get people who never bought a nintendo console before by getting developers to make these dancing games. which are fun to play, but at the same time, the wii’s success in that market meant the really good games from capcom, sega, konami to name but many ended up on just the PS3, 360.

    that’s not to say the wii didn’t have great games- i’ve supported the wii since it came out but also wondered why 3rd party companies decide to release mostly shovelware.

    i’m hoping that come the wii U era, it will get better in terms of quality games releases.

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