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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Price Cut Won’t Make Sony Lower PlayStation Vita Price

Sony are remaining confident about the forthcoming PlayStation Vita despite analysts recommending they lower the console’s price to compete against the Nintendo 3DS. Head of Sony worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer that the company is extremely happy with the price point they’re offering. Do you think it can compete against the Nintendo 3DS?

“We are totally happy with the price we put.”

“Personally, I was expecting Nintendo might move their price, but I wasn’t expecting them to move at this time. We didn’t price Vita relative to 3DS or those other devices. We plan the value we want to put in to the Vita and the price people would perceive the value would be. Nothing changed since the announcement. We are totally happy.”

77 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Price Cut Won’t Make Sony Lower PlayStation Vita Price”

  1. I would never buy a Vita especially with that high price and i doubt that many people will, a home console would be better than that. I would have to be very rich to give some money to buy this console, I think that the 3ds is much a much better investment especially now because of the price cut

      1. Yeah except the Vita seems to me to be a huge knock off of Nintendo. They took a PSP and a DS and fused them together. Also a touchpad on the back?? I’m not getting this atrocity. GO NINTENDO!

          1. Christian is right. Sony has been copying Nintendo’s moves since they entered the gaming industry. It really says alot about Sony’s lack of true innovation.

      2. You seem to be the only sensible person on here. Don’t get why more people can’t like more than one game system.

        1. Well to be fair, this is SONY we’re talking about. They’ve become incredibly pretentious and arrogant in recent time.

          1. In recent time?

            They’ve been in the market for three generations, and one third of that time has been spent wallowing in a cesspool of arrogance.

            1. I JUST DON’T GET IT! People always say “Sony is so arrogant” and then I ask them why? They just repeat the phrase and give no proof. Tell me, what makes Sony so evil all of a sudden?

              1. I assume you didn’t read what this article was about. Clearly you’re not paying attention. They want to keep prices at high cause they’re confident they’ll get a better market than nintendo. Arrogance.

                On PS3 they put blueray on it and made it out to be way better than Xbox 360 can even do. Arrogance.

                They make products that are already on a different console and try to make it better. Arrogance.

                And they have claimed themselves to be better than nintendo and Microsoft. Arrogance.

                There’s your answer.

                1. Some of your points are valid but hear this. Blu Ray is great, I get great sound and games only come on one disc and technically the PS3 is a little superior to the xbox tech wise. Next, Nintendo was arrogant about the price of the 3DS, they said “we’re keeping it at 249 because we’re aimed at a different market” and they only changed price when they saw the 3DS wasn’t selling well. That was a good idea but the PS Vita has a right to be priced at 249, have you seen the specs? Online play, PSP compatability, almost PS3 games, touchpad in back and touchscreen in front, two analogue sticks, OLED screen, ect. And I don’t quite understand your third point.

              2. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fanboy. I love all the companies. I love Sony for some of their excellent products the same as nintendo and Microsoft. I just agree they have become more arrogant lately.

  2. I knew they loving that price. Considering the price of the PS3 at launch, I figure Sony has a whole different philosophy than Nintendo on pricing consoles.

  3. Lol they need to cut the price to compete, they were already at a major disadvantage before the price cut, and now I could buy two 3DS’s for the same price as one 3G PS Vita. That’s ridiculous, they’re going to struggle to sell it.

  4. Lol they need to cut the price to compete, they were already at a major disadvantage before the price cut, and now I could buy two 3DS’s for the same price as one 3G PS Vita. That’s ridiculous and they’re going to struggle to sell it.

  5. wow people complain that the price is too high but sony caters to the more mature audience, the ones that actually work, so this might be a good move for them, im getting the Vita but not at launch, from now on im waiting a year for any console i buy

    1. Can you stfu about that mature stuff? What you have to be immature and not working in order to play a Nintendo console, and mature and working to get a Sony console? You might as well add close-minded to the last part cause a lot of people with jobs buy Nintendo consoles so you can GTF with that.

    2. This person is right, though. Statistically, Sony subscribers are typically older, college students or working. Retail markets keep tabs on who’s buying what and Nintendo systems are typically purchased by parents of the user. That’s just the way it is.

      1. You people don’t have the results of any official poll to argue this, do you?
        I’m 29 years old and I’m working everyday at a office, I earn enough money to buy a 3DS, a Vita and any console I want (even if I’m not a rich man, I certainly can buy them). But I’ve decided to buy a 3DS because I see it’s potencial and originality.

        So, in your way of thinking, I’m someone who is not mature because I’ve decided to buy a 3DS? Or my parents bought me this console??
        It’s more objective just to say that Sony has a different strategy for it’s Vita, or the cost recovery margin it’s wider than the 3DS……..

    3. Ya. I’m totally not mature since I don’t like seeing mass amounts of gore and killing displayed on my screen. Not to mention cursing like there’s no tomorrow. It seems more catered to psychotics to me…

      Nope. I only maintain a very good job, have a major in electrical and computer engineering as well as a bachelors in business and at the same time raise 2 kids. I’m totally immature.

  6. Now where i live (Australia) the Vita and PS3 are the same price. Since I dont own a PS3 yet, i’d definatley buying the PS3 at the end of this year instead (When I graduate :D!).

    Now the question is, how many more people will be thinking like me?

    1. Me. Not saying I’m going to go out to buy a PS3 but I will get one before I buy a Vita.

      The PS3 is actually cheaper than the Vita in some places.

  7. I don’t care how many times Sony says that they didn’t price the Vita to compete with Nintendo, or by extension smartphones. Obviously they picked the $250/$300 price tag to directly compete. It’s already more expensive than smart phones and now it’s more expensive than a 3DS instead of competitively priced.

    They also lack compelling games for their launch thus far. Frankly, I want one assuming something really good comes out on it, likeFinal Fantasy, or my personal quirk, Gundam franchise games. I will not however be paying a steep price for it (even though I did for a 3DS). What can I say, I love Sony, but I’m a Nintendo fanboy more than I am a Sony one.

  8. I will buy a Vita and Sony is right for the pricing… I mean anyone is free to go to google and compare the tech between the 3DS and the Vita and they will decide for themselves which hardware has the most Tech, then they will realize why Sony won’t lower the price.

    Here’s a tip: The specs in the Vita are expensive and if they decide to lower its price just as Nintendo did then they are gaining nothing…besides there was an article around IGN which stated that the 3DS true value (in terms of tech) was only 100$ and Nintendo was offering it to 250 back then not that the 3DS got its price cut it is a more reasonable price but the Vita overwhelms the 3DS in terms of tech so its rational that Sony won’t be dropping the price; However it is a double edged strategy cause people will see that the 3DS is a more reliable option than the Vita(if they are short of money or if the money for them is hard to get) On the other hand, people that save money can save it to buy a Vita and skipping the 3DS buy…so I would say that the Vita is a direct and powerful competitor of the 3DS not only because it’s more powerful but also Sony will not make the same mistakes Nintendo did back at 3DS launch which was packed with sucky games except for some but in comparison to the library Vita offers at launch that’s an upper hand in terms of business so the people won’t be dissapointing; Futhermore, Sony has been very agresive as of late including Trophy support and 3G/Wifi connection to its handheld and people…will find that hard to resist so you get my point right?

    In my personal opinion the 3DS will do just fine as long as temptative titles are on their way like RE: Revelations, Mario etc.. but if that wave of games stop by the next year then the 3DS with all the competition it has will met lower sales. As for the Vita this is unlikely to happen cause it got a lot of companies working for it right now so…It will be a tough competition.

    Anyways I have my 3DS(Which it cost me 330$ american dolars because here in Panama things like 3DS are very expensive…dunno why because games are at the same price that in North america) and I love my 3DS all thanks to Ocarina of time Magic and some SSF4 (Which I have on my PS3 as well…pff) but Im looking foward to have my Vita too

    1. IGN told the 3DS is indeed a hundred bucks, but, what about the development of the 3D? And not just the 3D costs money.

      Development costs a lot. Vita has no new tech at all.

    2. Yes, the tech costs a hundred dollars, but there is also hardware costs, overhead, research and development costs to recoup, and then lastly try to squeeze a little profit out of it. So its not like Nintendo is getting seventy dollars every time a 3DS sells. Nintendo is losing out on the 3DS itself, but they will make up for it in the long run with games.

      I am actually anxious to see the lineup at launch for the Vita. Cause i haven’t seen anything yet that blows me away.

  9. Nintendo fanboys please stop hating. The Vita is a great handheld. Personally, I’ll be getting a Vita, not at launch, but definitely later in 2012.

      1. I’ve seen some already. Little or not there was some so therefore Mark made a valid comment. Also I usually see people bashing on Sony fanboys when there are none so it doesn’t really matter anyway.

      1. This.

        There really is no point to tell people to stop bashing on a Nintendo site considering the Nintendo and Sony handhelds are really in direct competition with each other (along with the iOS phones but mainly with each other). Granted they are very different and cater to different people but they still are very much vying for the top spot in handheld gaming and are aimed at attracting the same target groups.

        I really don’t understand fans of Sony trying to defend the company on this site as I’ve seen a few times before. If you’re a fan of both there really is no need to comment on others disregarding Sony. If you’re solely a Sony fan then you’re in the wrong place.

    1. No one was hating, just stating their opinion. I think the Vita is awesome but I still can’t justify a handheld for the same price as a console.

  10. The Main market for handheld gaming (i’m guessing around 70%) is children aged 12 and under.

    I’m not hating Sony or anything (infact i like them) but there handheld just doesn’t seem to appeal to that group. Lets face it, the prime game people think about when it comes to handheld gaming is a Nintendo exclusive… Pokemon. Whe the Pokemon 3DS version rolls out, you can expect the 3DS to jump in sales, as kids beg their parents to buy it for them.

    Other than little big planet, sony doesn’t really have any exclusives that can vastly appeal to the majority of the handheld market.

    1. Can you cite your references where research has determined 70% of handheld gamers are 12 and under? Otherwise you’re just spouting crap you’re making up.

      1. ^ This. According to numerous studies, the average handheld gamer is over 20 years old, and the average gamer in general is in their 30’s and 40’s. The truth is, funnily enough, most people who own handhelds only play them at home, which is why you may not see the average person playing a handheld out and about. But they are definitely playing them. Numbers don’t lie. :)

        1. I’m not calling you a liar, but, there’s no point in mentioning any of this without evidence. You may as well type nothing at all.

  11. I’ll be gettin a vita defo. When depends on if I can afford it and how much in UK and what deals the shops are doing.

      1. I don’t think he/she is anti-Nintendo. Where are you getting that? They wouldn’t even be here if they weren’t interested in Nintendo. ;)

        Personally, speaking for myself, I love games, not game companies. I go where the games are, and as such, own consoles from all competing companies. I will say that my preference lies with Nintendo, but that doesn’t mean that I love EVERYTHING Nintendo makes, or hate everything their competitors make. I buy things that appeal to me, and every company has something that appeals to me.

        I never did understand “fanboy wars” over which company is best. There is no such thing — no company is best. They all have their upsides and downsides. That’s why I don’t choose sides. I go where the games are, and my friend, games are everywhere. ^_^ Such a grand time to be a gamer, indeed.

          1. Hmm…well, I don’t see why anyone would bother wasting their time doing that, as no one in their right mind would particularly care about some random ‘troll’ spouting nonsense on the Internet. Haha! They are easily ignored in any case, and no intelligent person is going to fall for any would-be troll’s propaganda anyway. When all else fails, simply ignore them. Most trolls do what they do to incite a reaction from someone on the opposite side of the opinion spectrum. If they get no attention, then their troll was all in vain and they simply wasted a portion of their life trying to make other people angry. Makes them look even more pitiful, huh? :P As the saying goes: “Don’t feed the trolls.”

  12. Sony is not going to change the price. The tech inside and the costs to make the vita far exceed 250-300$ they are taking a loss on every system sold, nintendo was making a giant gain. Sony kept the price low so that people would buy it. Nintendo cranked the price up because they knew you would buy it (lol turns out not XD ) so they lowered the price (while still in the gain column). Sony doesn’t have that luxury. Until they find a better way to produce vita (as better tech gets released, just like the ps3 droped)

    What companies usually lose in hardware sales (lol not nintendo with their 5 year old tech) they usually make up for in software sales. Well Sony has a great line up for the vita.

    Now these games are mostly for mature audiences and not for little kids. So I really don’t understand why the 2 systems cant just chill and be cool with each other.

    1. “So I really don’t understand why the 2 systems cant just chill and be cool with each other.” This is how I feel about most things. Why can’t everything just get along? We’re all gamers here, right? Live and let live. Who cares what peoples’ preferences are, as long as they’re playing games and having fun. That’s the whole point of gaming, after all — to have fun. Right? :-)

  13. Makes sense. There is an awful lot of tech in the Vita. Personally, I think it’s totally worth the asking price at $250. If the 3DS was worth it at that price to me, then the Vita is more than worth it. Can’t wait to see the next Monster Hunter come out on this thing. I wanna play co-op with a good friend of mine. It’s gonna be a blast! You know, when we’re not playing Mario Kart 7 on 3DS, of course. Haha! :D

  14. I know that they’re offering high tech in that device, and so do many people. However, the average consumer/gamer doesn’t know what all that mean. Also, it may sell well in Japan where the PSP was always popular, but in the rest of the world, it was considered a failure since throughout its life spam, it got either bad games or no games at all. In the end, people were not that happy with it. I would buy one, but the games they have show don’t spark any interest except for Gravity, the one that looks like an anime, and that might not make it outside of Japan. Plus, Sony games are not that appealing to me. Uncharted 1 and 2 were great; UC 3 and Vita just don’t look different. I’m not talking about graphics, but how the games seem to progress with the gameplay. It feels like de-ja-vu

    1. This.

      If Sony would just cool their jets and focus on making good hardware, I would absolutely be buying a Vita. Unfortunately, they have not yet learned how to keep their collective mouth shut, which continues to turn me off.

  15. Damn, I was hoping Sony would follow suite, that way I could have had both systems for roughly $300 altogether. Regardless, I’m buying them both. Too many haters here on this page. Both SONY and NINTENDO rule!

  16. Idiots. You can get a PS3 for the same price as a Vita in the US and Japan, in the U.K the PS3 cost £189.99 and the Vita cost £229.99 and £279.99. So far out of all the gaming devices out now, the Vita is going to be most expensive on the market.

  17. That price point is great for what it is offerening. When I forst saw the Vita I thought for sure $350 but wjen i watched thier E3 confrence I was super happy to hear $249. Because of that I can get a 3DS and PSVita around the same time. No im not rich, I just have my birthday 1 week before xmas and im loaded with Cash =P

  18. I agree with the statement that it depends on where I can get the games I want. I will get a Nintendo console because I want to play Zelda, Mario and Metroid games. And since I don’t spend a lot of time gaming, there are always more than enough games on one handheld to keep me enteratined.
    So I will get the 3DS. As much as I like games like God of War, Infamous or Uncharted, I feel that Sony and their fans are just going back on what they’ve always said. They always point ouit how games like Uncharted are cinematic. So if they’re cinematic, why play them on a small screen?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not hating on Sony. Have a PS3 and like it. Just feel big games like Uncharted and Infamous don’t belong on a small screen. Of course I may be convinced otherwise when the Vita comes out. But by then I hope to have a 3DS.

  19. Well what i think its weird sony has had so many problems this year. They hold tight with there price. psp go stayed around the same price and look at the vita. And i bet they will do great sale no matter the price..Good for sony. and if you want to spend your money with that price tag good for you. Im a Nintendo fan so probly wont buy vita but i dont own any game systems from sony so why start now..

  20. games on sony platforms never seem to interest me. the psvita looks really cool but it does all the same stuff as like an iphone and in a way they have the same games….looks great but theres no way im buying it

  21. That’s fine. No one said you had to. You offered the wi-fi model at $250, Nintendo lowers their price later on. No need to follow suit, considering the various features of Vita.

    I’m glad Nintendo even has competition in the mobile field to keep them sharp, and hopefully that’ll provide plenty of challenges from the Big N via games and their products for Sony to try and top.

  22. Sin&Punishment Conqueror

    $300 for a Vita vs $170 for a 3DS and $40 games. We don’t even know how much Vita games will cost. Knowing Sony, they pack alot of power into them and we’ll be paying $50+ for handheld games.

    1. To be fair, though, I figure the 3G model will not sell well. AT&T is their exclusive provider for that, after all, so I’m sure almost everyone who will buy a Vita will buy the $250 wi-fi only model.

      That’s still $250 vs. $170, but I just wanted that gap to be accurately represented.

  23. I think that the Vita has great hardware. The problem that sony has is not an issue of hardware but software. Sony is going to struggle with the Vita just like it did with the PSP. Nintendo may have more child like games on there handhelds, but more kids play handhelds. Also Nintendo has Pokemon which is one of the top selling franchises of all time. A franchise based mostly on Nintendo’s handheld systems. A more mature audience is not as likely to purchase a portable gaming system as the younger audience. Especially considering that sony appeals to men who like bigger more graphic content. Nintendo appeals to people who like simple content. Nintendo also appeals to those who just want a simple stress free game to play without blood and gore. I foresee a repeat between the Nintendo DS and PSP battle occuring. Unless Sony can reexamine the strategy used for PSP it could be difficult. All that set aside, a lot of the mature audience are just buying phones with gaming tech instead of a handheld system.

      1. Why buy anything from Sony when I can save up for the Wii U? Yes I’m a Nintendo fan boy but this is myNINTENDOnews after all. Not mysonynews or mygamingnews in general. We should all be thankful that sickr created a site for Nintendo fans to gather.

  24. “Didn’t price the Vita relative to the 3DS”? …..

    Didn’t Sony take out all internal flash memory and half the RAM so that it would be priced competitively with the 3DS?

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