Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Power Reveals All Wii Games That Have Sold Over A Million In The US

US gaming publication Nintendo Power has compiled a list of all the US Wii titles that have broken the one million sales barrier for Wii. There’s a few unexpected titles on the list along with all the ones you would expect. One interesting piece of information is Links Crossbow Training outsold The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess!

Wii Play 13.04
Mario Kart Wii 10.64
Super Mario Bros. Wii 8.36
Wii Fit w/ Balance Board 8.15
Wii Sports Resort 6.05
Wii Fit Plus w/ Balance Board 5.35
Super Smash Bros.: Brawl 5.28
Just Dance 2 5.09
Super Mario Galaxy 4.38
Link’s Crossbow Training 3.47
Mario Party 8 3.47
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 2.82
Guitar Hero III 2.76
Just Dance 2.71
LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga 2.48
Super Mario Galaxy 2 2.4
Donkey Kong Country Returns 2.35
Mario & Sonic at Olympic Games 2.12
Carnival Games 1.88
Michael Jackson: Experience 1.88
Game Party 1.78
Wii Fit Plus (Standalone) 1.71
EA Sports Active 1.56
Disney Epic Mickey 1.52
Zumba Fitness: Join the Party 1.42
Deca Sports 1.35
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games 1.34
Rayman Raving Rabbids 1.28
Super Paper Mario 1.27
LEGO Batman 1.17
Wii Music 1.16
Mario Super Sluggers 1.13
Cooking Mama: Cook Off 1.08
LEGO Indiana Jones: Original Adventures 1.08
Animal Crossing: City Folk 1.06
Wipeout: The Game 1.06
Star Wars: Force Unleashed 1.06
Resident Evil 4 1.05
Guitar Hero World Tour 1.02
uDraw 1.02
Rock Band Special Edition 1.01
Call of Duty: World at War 1.01


      1. ar tonelico, the voice acting isnt that bad, (people overexagerate about it) plus its an rpg so the gameplay and story is what matter the most. it does start off slow, but its a great game, its developed by the same guy that made ToS2, i have other ones but i cant remember right now

          1. what r u on final fantasy aint a jrpg. sos fire emblem with some strategy elements as well, thought muramas was a 2d hack n slasher and dont know rune factory

            1. While Crystal Chronicles games can be considered JRPG, Fire Emblem is an overhead strategy game like Advance Wars, and Murumasa only has upgrade elements but not a whole RPG structure. Rune Factory is pushing it, as it’s more of a simulation game like Harvest Moon that uses content popularized in RPGs (particularly the look of the characters).

    1. Isn’t Super Paper Mario a JRPG? Also the only other JRPG that broke a million in 1 region on Wii is MH Tri which did in Japan, mind you it still sold less then Super Paper Mario did in NA. Last time I checked most other JRPG’s sold significantly less in all regions, though still better in NA.

        1. Exactly, it was more a platformer with some RPG elements than a balance of the platformer and the RPG like the previous two and upcoming Paper Mario games, the Mario & Luigi series and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars. SPM is a good game, but it just sticks out like a sore thumb in Mario’s RPG lineage.

  1. I’m pleased that DKCR sound so well, but can’t help but feel a tiny bit disappointed at the lack of Metroid Prime Trilogy and Zack & Wiki (though the latter was predictable).

    Although I must say I am surprised that Galaxy 1 sold almost twice the amount of copies of Galaxy 2 o___o

    1. Why? It had a 2 or three year gap between the sequel. If people wanted t true mario game, it was either that or New SMB Wii.

  2. The list can easily be broken down into these categories:

    -Games that came with accessories
    -Games that came with console
    -First party titles

    Easy to see why some of these managed to sell over a million units.

    1. games that came with console? you mean wii sports, the only one?

      also, ”casual” is a shitty term to write some decent games off.

      1. Actually, if you had been in a wal-mart lately and walked by the electronics section, you would notice that Mario Kart Wii is also bundled with wii consoles. Do some research next time, k? ;)

        1. That’s been implemented for only a couple months…. less than 10% of the Wii’s lifespan… I doubt it added more than 750,000 to Mario Kart Wii’s sales…. it’s already much higher than that. In other words, it reached the million mark FAR before it became bundled. I remember it being sold out for over a year after it came out.

        2. Yea that’s true, but then again, I wouldn’t count the bundles as ”games that came with console” because you don’t get the game for free with the system and you can still buy the system without the game as opposed to Wii Sports which came with every single console in the US and was free.

          Mario Kart Wii bundle – 135 bucks
          Wii alone – 90-110 bucks

      2. That actually isn’t in the list, and I’m glad they’re being fair and no longer including it.

    2. So what you’re saying is the list can be broken down into all possible gaming categories? All that’s left is 3rd-party exclusive titles…. oh wait, there’s a couple of those as well. Using my elementary math skills I count at least 5 of those.

      Your list isn’t exactly singling out any genres…. you just summed up the gaming market there.

  3. @Dan Unless I’m terribly mistaken, they actually stopped producing copies of Metroid Prime Trilogy due to lagging sales so I’m not so surprised it didn’t make the list. I am rather disappointed MP3 or Other M didn’t hit a million though. It just doesn’t seem right that Metroid is left out. :(

    1. Really. It’s not just Metroid that has low sales. It’s most of the hardcore side of the Wii.

      Madworld was a hardcore game and did not sell well at all. It’s due to only kids playing on Wii as of what PS3/360 fans say.

        1. When did i compare?

          I Was saying the hardcore side of the Wii was dead.

          The only hardcore game that really selled, was SSBB and Xenoblades that NOA does not have :(

  4. Twilight princess was also sold on the gamecub, those sales should prob be included as if they it wasn’t on the gamecube as well, these people would have more then likely bought the Wii version (odds are they would have bought a Wii eventually). Crossbox training came with the mount so I can see why it outsold Twilight when you include the gamecube factor.

  5. what a shame Metroid Prime 3 Corruption never made it, easily one of the greatest games ever made. I dont think you can count the prime trilogy as the others were originally made for gamecube. Brawl is a good one, twilight princess is fantastic, surprised crossbow training made it though it never really sold here in England.

    1. I’m not that surprised. Metroid is one of the most underrated of the popular Nintendo franchises.

      As for Link’s Crossbow, I’m a bit surprised it did that good, but thinking about it, I must say it sells around twenty bucks and less around here – that would be around 12 pounds, I guess. I guess that’s why it did that well.

  6. Surprised AC didn’t have more, even tho it’s on here. o.o
    And no Monster Hunter?! ): my favourite and most played wii game of the lot…

  7. Interesting list.

    So much for Nintendo wanting to sell over a million units of Metroid Other M before the end of last year. It STILL hasn’t made over a million.

    Makes you wonder where Metroid will go from here will the lack of sales.

      1. Nintendo probably has higher expectations for Metroid than Fire Emblem, as much as I hate to admit that because Fire Emblem is my favorite series. Nintendo doesn’t even bother to advertise Fire Emblem out here while they do for Metroid.

        Anyway, my point was what will Nintendo do with Samus since most seemed to pan her portrayal in Other M. Not me though, as I enjoyed Other M.

        1. Can’t blame them for Metroid got better attention than Fire Emblem. Consider FE as a strategy game and the market is small. People always scare of SLG and they will ‘avoid’ this genre.

        1. They are still 3rd party correct? You did not specify genre…regardless they still made money off of these titles…if you weren’t satisfied with the 3rd party support for the wii like me I suggest you look into buying a wiiu next year.

            1. yeah but if that was a hardcore game the outcome wouldn’t have been the same. I never said gaming isn’t gaming, using the word casual is to address what type of game it is, so don’t tell me what word i shoudn’t use.

    1. Nope. I don’t own any mario. But Metroid and smash bros were the only ones I have that made the list.

      I own lots other games. Pikmin was one of them.

  8. Apparently they’re not counting Wii Sports because it’s sold with the console. That’s kind of unfair, though, because nowadays every console comes with both that and Resort.

    And Twilight Princess probably sold less than Crossbow Training because it was multiplatform.

  9. A few things:

    Xenoblade probably would have made the list had it been released in the US, its sales elsewhere have been extremely good and breaking a million in sales wouldn’t have been too unlikely.

    The list in general kind of depresses me really though. Really, nearly two million people bought Carnival Games? 1.78 million bought Game Party? More bought Crossbow Training than Twilight Princess?

    Then again, it’s not quite as much shovelware as expected, so at least the vast majority of rushed together party games aren’t selling millions of copies.

  10. Mario still, all the way! :]
    Mario Kart Wii 10.64
    Super Mario Bros. Wii 8.36
    Super Smash Bros.: Brawl 5.28
    Super Mario Galaxy 4.38
    Mario Party 8 3.47
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 2.4
    Mario & Sonic at Olympic Games 2.12
    Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games 1.34
    Super Paper Mario 1.27
    Mario Super Sluggers 1.13

    Proves my point. The most sold games for the wii involve Mario :]

    1. I think he’s overused. I love me some Mario Gameplay for games like Mario Kart, Mario Bros and Mario Galaxy (Party, Maybe, though that’s more my sister than me) but he’s become just the generic Main character for every sports game / spinoff of any sort game….

  11. Michael Jackson is undoubtedly the king. Anytime i listen to his songs i feel like he is still alive. Certainly one of the biggest pop music superstars ever!

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