Nintendo 3DS: Resident Evil Revelations Has Online, Local Co-Op And StreetPass

Capcom has revealed that the forthcoming Resident Evil: Revelations for Nintendo 3DS will feature both two-player local and online co-op, as well as StreetPass support. Resident Evil: Revelations is due out on the 27th January 2012 in Europe and February 7th 2012 in the United States.


  1. Sweet
    Im actually thinking of picking it up now that it has online
    mainly why im getting heroes of ruin

  2. hmm, i wonder if this is why namco delayed the U.S release of Tales, because it was dated the same day as revelations

    1. which is… over pricing dlc, re-release re-released games with said dlc included for 5% reduce price a year later, make fanboys begg for a game, and still cancel it? oh yeah they should. we would be a better comnunity /sarcasm

      1. That was funny but sadly true :( They sure know how to milk the money from their fans. Makes me sick!

    2. I was talking about implementing the online for 3DS, calm down. And all of you do now that Capcom makes a good online structure so give them props that they deserve

  3. Online co-op? Awesome! So between this, Mario Kart7, and RE: Mercanaries 3D I’m going to be spending a lot of time online with my 3DS.

  4. Not this again. RE5’s co-op was bad. You had to organize everything on your own and stuff even for her when you were not playing with a human not to mention it sucked the little suspense the game might have had if you had been alone. I like the streetpass feature though.

    1. Yeah it did suck, when I played co-op with my friend, quite a few of my items were deleted because of it. And AI sucked, seeing as the computer-controlled player would constantly shoot you in the back and only use one weapon, ever.

    2. What I’m wondering is what the co-op will be? In RE 5 Chris always had a partner with him. However all they have shown for Revelations is single player and some slight AI co-op. Where will the co-op be implemented? Is it between Chris and Jessica? Or maybe Jill and Parker take different ways and two people can play different routes simultaneously. Can you only use co-op during certain parts of the game or the whole thing? This makes me think there is a lot more co-op then what they are choosing to show. I guess I’ll have to wait to find out.

      1. I think it’s going to be more like Onimusha 4 (Dawn of Dreams), where you have the main character and then you choose one partner out of the remaining four characters that are with you. Maybe two people will play at the same time throughout the games, but they will be different or something. Like Jessica and Chris, then Jill and that other guy, then Jill and Chris or something. If you’ve played RE Chronicles on the Wii, then it would be something like that. There was always one pair together, but they changed the settings and who you were paired up with depending on the setting.

  5. Sounds Awsome!

    I’ve been waiting for streetpass for this game and Online and co-op like in Mercenrys!

    One question, Can you delete saved data because Mercenaries you can not?

  6. But in the Revelations demo your 100% alone! The entire game isn’t even based on 2 people like 5, its different 2groups :o… How will weapons carry over? Will you have to re-pick characters, or pick for both sets from the get go? And how come the demo doesnt indicate that you wont be alone, i mean that must not be part of the game, unless your partner is in another section of the ship working their way towards you. I feel they should outline co-op, because im seriously confused. O.o)

  7. wait, is co-op a seperate mode like a mini game or when playing co-op in campaign a seperate player just appears, im confused on how this is going to work.

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