Nintendo Wii: IGN Got It Wrong, No Left Handed Mode In The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword

IGN previously reported that The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword for Wii would feature a left-handed mode, well it turns out this information is actually incorrect and that the game doesn’t feature such a mode. Not great news for those of you who are left-handed.

Tip: Muzamil Pabani


    1. Yep… I’m a rightie but I kinda wanted to teach myself to play in the left hand just to be more like Link. xD (Am an obsessed loser)

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          1. umm didn’t everyone tho? A screen on the controller, HD graphics, more power than a ps3, motion controls still used, a more traditional controller this time, a camera on the controller….. not tht hard to predict if you ask me. :P

  1. Im right handed..but I was just wondering, was it difficult being left handed playing twilight princess?

    1. I’m left handed and didn’t have any problems playing Twilight Princess or any other Wii game with my right hand holding the wiimote and the nunchuk on my left. I really don’t see the problem other left handed people have with this, to be honest holding the wiimote with my left hand feels very uncomfortable seeing as how the joystick is usually used by your left hand and not your right.

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  2. It is sooo ironic that Link started as a left-handed hero and still there’s no left-handed mode. Even me, as a right-handed guy, would like to give it a try. But nooooo. Thatnks Ninty.

    Don’t takeme wrong, I still thinnk the game will kick ass, but that would have been a formidable extra that got missed in the development room thanks to somebody’s stubborness ¬¬

  3. dont care i play wii right handed anyway. i dont get why someone would play with the remote in their left hand, arent like all games using the left joystick to walk around?

  4. I wonder if holding a real sword with a left hand is the correct way and not right hand. I’ll buy one a try it out hehe

  5. That’s basically what I was trying to say when the news broke. I’m left handed, but I play the Wii using my right hand. When it comes to gaming, and some other stuff, I can adapt pretty quickly. The advantage of most left-handed people is that we can use both hemispheres of the brain, which allows us to adapt to things better than other people. I can play my DS using the stylus on either hand, but I do feel more comfortable with my left hand.

  6. I’m wondering what the source is for this post sickr. I dont know who Muzamil Pabani is. Why would IGN be so confident of a left handed mode…they said the game asks you to pick which hand you are. I’ll believe IGN until the source for this post is detailed.

  7. i know that link is supposed to be left-handed naturally and what not..but does it really matter? is it gonna take away from the whole zelda experience? not really guys..

    1. i dont see whats the big deal about it i mean its not always the same link so one could be right handed

    1. It should be OK. Cause they won’t set the game too concentrate on ‘must be’ using which hand. For what I remembered last time some of the left handed gamer tried right hand on Twilight Princess and they said is acceptable. I can’t say same thing about Skyward Sword cause the game not out yet. But I think you still can enjoy with it even is different hand. Maybe I will try change the way to hold the remote next time.

  8. Thought can play second time for left-handed mode like PH. But change the way to hold remote may still consider left-handed?

  9. What would left-handed mode be, anyway?
    Flipping Link’s model would mess with cut-scenes and I don’t think it would have done anything.

    1. Never check with the cut-scenes in Phantom Hourglass not so sure about it.
      Same with Spirit Tracks, the game will ask to pick left of right hand when the game start. Also can be changed later in game option.
      This apply in Kirby Mass Attack game option too.
      I had tried to use left hand to play PH on second time, succeeded already but different hand play make my left hand tired fast than my right hand.
      Me saw this as a fun & challenge way to play.
      Mm, maybe you knew already, so no offense OK?

      1. But those are different situations; it’s not like playing Spirit Tracks with a left or right hand is going to change which hand Link holds his sword, only how you play the game.

        1. Yes. I don’t think it will change the cut-scenes. But if the remote can be switch to left handed maybe is better for left handed gamer. I am not sure about this cause I can’t pretend myself as a left handed the whole time.
          The DS version did mentioned if different hand is choose, some area will change. But how it will change? Mirror maybe? Consider a Wii version probably is more complicated than the DS version so no left handed is may not convenient to some. I apologize if giving wrong statement.

      2. Well, the the left-handed mode in the DS versions had to do with interface positions(like bringing up the map and items.); which would not be a problem for Skyward Sword.

  10. A left-handed mode was only an extra thing for me and not really a necessary part of the game, so this is hardly a loss. Don’t get so dogmatic over a silly thing like which hand is canon for god’s sake. Keep in mind that Link isn’t always the same person in every Zelda game, so it is inane to think that just because one Link was left-handed, that means another Link HAS to be left-handed too.

  11. Honestly I think there might be a difference between an actual lefty mode and just holding the remote in your left hand. Since the swings would be opposite it might be a bit difficult for some people to mirror what they see on the screen. It didn’t affect TP because you could just waggle the wiimote for a desirable effect.

    Either way, I’m a little mad about this being left handed. But I’ll deal with playing right handed, no problem.

  12. You know, after reading that IGN reported that, from this website, before, I searched all of IGN’s Skyward Sword articles to see where they’d actually made this claim, and couldn’t find it. So… link to article that makes this claim, perhaps?

    Otherwise it seems as though this is just being used as a means to bash another website. Just saying.

    1. Oh, there definitely was one there. Obviously they’d have taken it down by this point. The writer himself even acknowledged the error in a blog.

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