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Nintendo Wii U: Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Coming November 2nd

Rockstar has announced that it will be showing off the worlds first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V on November 2nd. No platforms for the game have been announced yet, but hopefully the game will be released on Wii U along with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

79 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Coming November 2nd”

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    1. final version will be shown in june next year (e3) and expected release in september-november :( im hoping august though. and the power is estimated at 3-5 times more than ps3 :) thats plenty for one generation up, honestly 15 would be ridiculous :P

  1. I guess November 2 is the deciding date on whether or not the Wii U will actually get the third party support it promises. If they get this, there will be no reason for others to follow.

  2. Wait, so is there any evidence suggesting that it’ll be on the WiiU, other than it meeting the required specs (I mean, the GC didn’t get any GTA games despite meeting the specs too) Bloody hell this article title is misleading, I got excited there for a moment lol.

    It’d be awesome if the WiiU does get GTAV though, for sure.

  3. if GTA 5 is on Wii U, the system will do well. GTA games sell like hotcakes. though i’ll be getting it on 360. due to that i’ve established GTA quite well on my 360.

      1. I doubt a 3rd Party Developer will be able to tap into most of the potential power of a new console, especially near release. Heck, look at the Wii. Nearly all of it’s best looking games are 1st Party titles – because of course, Nintendo knows how to develop on their own platform. If WiiU does get GTAV, I think it’ll look as good as it does on the PS360 (as opposed to it being a “HD-less port”, like it would’ve been if it were ported to the Wii)

        The fact that we have very little to judge the power of the WiiU by doesn’t help either.

        1. Sniper rifle mission where you hold the controller up and press l1 and l2 to zoom in and out shoot with x, rigg explosives on screen, over head rc plane mission, drug selling system like china town wars, interactive gps, hot wire cars, drive with the controller, play top down like gta 1and2 on the controller and much more! The wiiU version might be the only one worth playing if rockstar steps up like they ALWAYS do. I can’t wait to see if they’re making a wiiU version.

  4. WHOHOOO! Hope GTA is coming to Wii U, most likely it will happen expect if the Develupers lissened to Patchers bullcr*p

  5. Nintendo need this game if they want a chance with the so called “Core gamers”. GTA was one of the reasons the Game Cube lost the fight agains the PS2. Nintendo I don’t like GTA games, but if you don’t get this game, you could say at least 10% of the core gamers won’t be interested on the Wii U.

    1. GTA: SA was on PS2, Xbox and PC/Mac, the GC is powerful enough to handle the game, but still didn’t get it. Bully is a old PS2 game, so that doesn’t really count. I’m sure it will come to the Wii U, isn’t now rockstar wants to bring Nintendo fans to the GTA series, thats why they released GTA:CW, but that game didn’t sell well and Rockstar may still be pissed at Nintendo. As long as the Wii U is powerful enough (of course it is) then i’m sure it will be on the platform.

          1. I know, Chinatown wars is my best DS game, it is so freaking fun and the touch screen makes it better. The Wii U would have the best version of GTA V, not just graphically but controls and that touchscreen, even if GTA V was on the PS4 and Next-Box , the Wii U will still have the better version.

        1. But if they released first on the PSP then i’m sure it would’ve sold 10x better. GTA LS and VC sold great on the PSP.

          1. Yeah, because the PSP wasn’t dead by then in the West, right? The game was announced for the PSP and had its campaign. People just weren’t interested in it regardless of what system it was on.

            1. If it was on the PSP to begin with it would be like Liberty City Stories, and not a birds eye view thats why peope didn’t buy it.

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  7. You people hope for too much. Even if this game is built to work with the Wii U, they wouldn’t announced it because Nintendo is not talking about at the moment. Like how Team Ninja has announced Dead or Alive 5 for the 360 and PS3, but with their relationship with Nintendo and Ninja Gaiden 3 announced for Wii U, it will come to that system as well. There is not a reason not to do that since they get the chance to expand their audience.

    Even if they announce it for the other consoles and not for Wii U, it will most likely be announced for Wii U once Nintendo starts talking about it.

  8. I would be happy if they released this on the Wii U, I liked playing the older games 3, Vice City, San Andreas on the ps2, but I havn’t played in years and I don’t get the chance to play on any other console other than Nintendo (through my chosing however) and it would be nice to play this on the Wii U, it would be good for Nintendo too since it means they’re opening up to more 3rd parties, and it might encourage more sales for the Wii U.

  9. This is an opportunity for Rockstar to take advantage of here. Instead of “why?” they should be asking themselves, “why not?”

  10. Bah! Do you have to post news that isn’t necessarily Nintendo news? It’s REALLY annoying. If I wanted general gaming news, I’d browse general gaming sites.

    Really hoping this is on Wii U though.

  11. Wii U would have the best version because of the touch screen, your map, phone, PDA, weaponary, mission list, ect. basically what Chinatown Wars had but better. Heck touchscreen could show a bird-eye view of the game, while the TV show the normal view… you can pretty much do anything.

        1. No one said that u idiot, dont put words in my mouth. Im saying the wiiU version of a multiplatform game made by a dev like R* could be so insanely better on the wiiU. There are endless possibilities and i wouldn’t even bother with my other systems for anything other than their exclusives. Thats how much big of a difference games made for the wiiU compared to other systems could be. It comes down to how developers handle the control interface. And it is very possible will buy it for those extra features, like someone buying a ps3 over a 360 for blu-ray.

  12. well considering each GTA game is really seperated (time-wise) from the other sequels (not including episodes or spinoffs). and if rockstar wants GTA5 to be a big improvement over GTA4 then they need to take there time. so i think gta v is going to be released sometime AFTER the WiiU’s release, so that would be good for new Wii U owners (and probably PS4/NewXbox too, depending on the time of release). but taking in mind that nintendo or rockstar cancelled GTA:SA and GTA 3 for the gamecube for UKNOWN REASONs, it would be kinda hard predicting if GTA 5 is gonna make it to the Wii U.

    1. Ok, that would be 2 generations ago, a span of what? 7years! I doubt nintendo wont capitalize on the chance to have a series like grand theft auto @ or around the wiiUs launch. Plus this game must already have been in development for a while, so who knows if theres a wiiU version being made or considered. Ill just get the ps3 version if it doesnt come to the wiiU.

      1. i just ment that if they really want there game to be the best of the series, and that if its going to have major change’s from gta 4 then they have to take there time. and hey, you dont now if it could happen again (gta not coming to nintendo platform), nintendo already did it once so theres a possibility they can do it again. but i doubt it, they can lose a chance like that. btw i too am getting it for ps3.

  13. Hehe, GTA V exclusively on Wii U. :-)

    Seriously though, the 360 got a timed exclusive didn’t it? Either for the game or the Episodes? And it could come to Wii U. Was reading somewhere else that since Max Payne is out in March it’ll probably be a nearer the end of 2012 before GTA V gets released

    1. Well a Nintendo console has already had one of the most viloent games(MadWorld) and one of the games with the most swearing(House of the Dead Overkill) as exclusives, at least until Overkill got the PS3 release. So it’s possible.

  14. I have never played a GTA game or had any interest too but if this comes to Wii U I just might get it to support the third-parties.

  15. Probably what will happen;
    Game is announced for PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 2.
    After Nintendo’s big press conference on the Wii U sometime in January, when they release many, many more details about the Wii U including launch date and possibly lauch games, Rockstar and a bunch of other developers will then announce all of their planned Wii U games as well, since the press conference and details showcase will be the green light for game announcements.
    I think that GTA V will be coming to Wii U. Sure the games weren’t on Gamecube or Wii, but that was because of poor sales, and power/graphics+control problems, respectively. The Wii U will almost assuredly not have either of these problems.

    1. Yeah i just hope it comes to the wiiU. They could even turn chinarown wars into a full fledge game. It had some great ideas that would be great for any touchscreen based gta. I could see gta wiiU blowing away the othet versions of the game though! If anyome could make wiiU magic its ROCKSTAR. I thought about a Ps3 vita combo to do the same but thats big risk, plus ps3 isnt easy to develop for already. It wouldn’t run even close to as good as it would on the Upad anyway, and buying the game twice for added experience wouldn’t be worth it. *kinda off topic bit something to consider…*

  16. wii u launch title please :D otherwise im not getting the game cos im not keeping my old consoles after wii u release

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