Nintendo 3DS: Analysts Are Extremely Optimistic About The Nintendo 3DS In Japan

With the holiday season fast approaching now is a more crucial time than ever for Nintendo to shift plenty of Nintendo 3DS units, thankfully Japanese analysts are confident that Nintendo will do just that. With big hitters such as Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land and Monster Hunter Tri G things are looking especially good for Nintendo in the run up to Christmas.

“Hardware sales are usually five to eight times what they usually are for the rest of the year,  reflecting that, I think around 2 to 2.5 million systems sold [in November and December] is a given, and it being the first Christmas for the 3DS, I think it’s possible to expect more than that.”

– SMBC Nikko Securities analyst Eiji Maeda

I think it’s plain that they’ll sell at least a million in November and December alone, pushing it past three million systems sold for the year. Already in October we’re seeing a lot of people purchase the system by itself in anticipation of supplies running tight toward the end of the year.”

“With Mario 3D Land leading the way and Mario Kart 7 and MH3G following, the 3DS has nothing but big-name titles up ahead.”

–  Tamio Yanaka, game manager at Japanese electronics chain Bic Camera

“MH3G, Inazuma Eleven, Mario Kart 7, and Super Mario 3D Land will be the key to everything here. If the 3DS can reach 2.5 million systems before the end of the year, I imagine all of those titles will break half a million in sales.”

– Akinori Nakamura, professor of media studies at Kyoto-based Ritsumeikan University.


  1. the 3ds will skyrocket this holiday. and if pokemon gray is exclusive to it, it will skyrocket even more!

    1. I doubt that Gray will come out so soon, but with the fact that Cave Story 3D is coming out in a matter of days, we should see a decent boost in sales.

  2. Sure, it’ll skyrocket in Japan and for Europe, but Nintendo of America needs to retire the Nintendo DS because of the stupid DSi XL bundles coming this Sunday if they hope to make sure that the 3DS will sell very well is American territory, too. I’m sorry, but most consumers in the US aren’t that bright between the DS and the 3DS when they should have done research on the products to know that the 3DS is the successor with boatloads of newer things that the DS does not have. Pulling a confusing stunt like that is only going to hurt sales of the 3DS is this territory while Japan and Europe are going to do extremely well, this holiday season.

    1. They’re making money both ways; more, in fact, on DSi(XL) sales because not only are they making a profit off the system (unlike the 3DS), but these new customers haven’t played a single game from the entire DS library! It’s 2004 all over again for them, except they don’t have to wait for all the good games to come out. It’s actually a better idea to get a console at the end of its generation; however, the 3DS can play DS games as well… so you’ve got a point there… but that’s only if people are buying DSi’s over 3DS’s. DSiXL comparisons don’t work because people that buy XL’s are looking for the larger screen, which the DSi/3DS don’t have.

  3. Analysts say a lot of things. Like Nintendo’s doomed to go bankrupt, and saying that the PSP will sell extremely well, and that Sugarcube will win the next horse race…

    Admit it, they’re just as good as gypsy fortune tellers.

  4. can’t see why not all those little people asking there hearts out for one with the big sad eyes, also i think the price drop will help. but saying that i think the 3DS is fun. i got a bigger battery for mine even more fun on long trips.

  5. i would say that is much a given 4 of my nephews are wanting 3DS and one of them is saving up for the Wii U. he’s even got a paper round, i must say i am amazed of that.
    but saying that i have zelda ocarina of time in all the formats

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