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Nintendo: Nintendo Of America President Reggie Fils-Aime Comments On Kinect And PlayStation Move

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told Brazilian gaming site Jogos that even though Microsoft and Sony have both launched motion sensing peripherals which were influenced by the Wii, both companies have yet to produce a continuous stream of quality games and continue to offer consumers a ‘cool’ experience.

“After our competitors become aware of what Nintendo can do, as they will innovate and bring new experiences for consumers that can only be made possible with another system? You know, perhaps speaking from the perspective of our performance in the U.S., even after our competitors have launched their movement devices, once the initial excitement, where are the games, cool experiences? They have been slow in putting this into practice.”

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      1. That’s what I was thinking about, but now, as an amateur developer, I really like the disponibility to have libraries to work on Kinect. Japansese device producers should allow all developers to program on their devices. How awesome would it be to make your own programs on Wii on PS3 without playing with your firmware ?

      1. He was badass when he first jumped in E3 2004 and said the immortal words “My name is Reggie, I’m about kicking ass, I’m about taking names, and we’re about making games.” Kevin Butler is a character; Reggie’s a REAL person. DOUCHE!!

      1. Okay D, I do’t know anything about that game and if it’s good or not, but one single games does not qualify the purchase of a costly device.

    1. The thing about Kinect is that, even though it has good technology, it can’t be put in to games very well. It seem limited to mini-games and making just voice commands or a rail game.

  1. The Move is something of a failure so far, they’ve been pushing it two and a half years now and I’ve seen nothing from Sony. The Kinect on the other hand, nothing on the level of Skyward Sword but the dancing games are pretty fun, if I had an XBOX, I’d get a Kinect just for those! On the other hand I do own a PS3, and I have no intention of getting a PSMove.

      1. Microsoft has released a development kit already for using Kinect on the PC. A lot of neat stuff has already come of it and as long as no one is selling anything it’s all legitimate.

  2. Can’t argue there. What the Wii had over other consoles were indeed consistent gameplay experiences that succeeded in utilizing motion controls successfully. That shows where Nintendo’s main focus was throughout this generation.

  3. I actually do like all the console companies…they each have their strength. The thing which just keeps me excited about Nintendo is their innovation…like seriously! Who would have thought to get rid of the controller and replace it with a remote!? Or slap a 6″ touch screen on a controller! Or make a handheld with not one, but TWO screens!

    They have their ups and downs, but if you hold out a bit, Nintendo always bring the goods to the table!

  4. The thing about Nintendo is that it makes things to innovate. Sony and Microsoft make things to get money. We all know that they copied Nintendo when they made their systems.

  5. Honestly, the Kinect has more potential to be used for things in the medical field than for gaming. Seeing some of those hacks people have done for Kinect I can see it being used for more sciencey things.

    1. Dude, Kinect is a toy, and if any medic buy it to see what it can do, and it does nothing more than the usual is for a reason.

  6. Sadly, it is true. I have both Kinect and Playstation Move, both are fantastic devices. The move works great, it usually doesn’t have problems (some games try to utilize it as an alternative, but it doesn’t always work). The movement detection is spot on. The Kinect is also a really good device, it’s usually able to track your movements really well, again, some games don’t always do it well, especially when it’s a “Better With Kinect” title.

    However, the thing is, there’s a really limited number of games for it. But Nintendo shouldn’t talk, they were in the same boat for the 3DS for quite some time! I’m just glad to see they’ve changed that up!

      1. Agree, “quite some time” for the 3DS equals to about less than nine months. Not to mention the comparison between the lack of decent motion control games and the lack of games in general for the 3DS is a faulty comparison.

  7. I have a 360 & wii; ps3 sucks, 360’s eat up $, wii is collecting dust. Skyward sword is the best ever, can’t wait for halo 4, ps3 still sucks

    1. Ps3 is better than 360 by a mile. i don’t even need to present reasons why it is, it just is. I do love my wii though, my personal favourite of them all.

    2. Only a ninny who doesn’t really own a PS3 would say it sucks. It has the best HD exclusives on the market as well as a well rounded online network.

        1. One major outage in 5 years isn’t bad. Xbox LIVE has been hacked several times and has suffered more outages and it’s a service people have to pay for. PSN isn’t without flaws but it still a great service. This is where Nintendo failed in my opinion. Playing Wii games online is practically impossible as the games lag so bad they’re unplayable.

    3. More like fanboys suck.
      To say any console flat out sucks with nothing to back it up is complete ignorance.
      Also console exclusives don’t mean a whole lot unless they exclusives are exactly what you want to play over the competitors exclusives.

  8. The problem with Move is the support. I hear that MW 3 on PS3 does not support Move. The other thing is that it relies too much on the PS Eye (the camera). The position of it can screw up if it loses track of your ‘ball.’ I remember some fanboys saying that the game Sorcerer was going to become the Wii’s, and Skyward Sword’s, killer. You have to wonder if that game is still in development or if it was canned.

    The problem with Kinnect is that there are too many companies making games for it in such a short time that the quality is just bad. That Star Wars game is laughable, and so is the Fable game.

    1. Move has potential but I find it hard to use for FPS’s. The Metroid Prime controls on Wii are perfect. Killzone 3 was too jarring and all over the place.

    2. The reason I peffer Nintendo is because they really think and create the game and not rush it. what that = is BEST GAME EVER

      Microsofts Kinect is a Sony Eye toy rip-off the kinect does everything a eyetoy does.

      Sonys move is a Wii rip-off.

      The Kinect has no Killer apps and Star wars is just…. WHAT ON EARTH? In a Mag it sayed it was laughable.

      PS Move is better in my opinion but its still a rip-off.

      I play FPS games, Kinect does not do that… in kinect you need to stand up. Im tired from a days work, oh no I need to stand up to play Kinect….

    1. i must say that game looks brilliant, but the fact that you keep on repeating that showcases the lack of games. Over £100s investment in a device that is essentially the Ps2 Eyetoy, for a £39.99 game, until they utilise the system by introducing a way to play not on rails, then it shall be a success.

  9. This is an extremely true statement. Not that they haven’t seen a handful of decent titles but nothing on Kinect or Move makes me want to go out and purchase them as well as while both devices are good in their own respect, they tend to be a bit glitchy’er and less responsive regularly then the Wiimote with Wii Motion Plus, though I will say when they’re at their best they’re incredibly fun. Hopefully down the road, there will be some strong titles on both platforms that aren’t just dancing and exercise games.

  10. Out of all of them, the Playstation move looks the most like a Wii-mote Ripoff. I swear, when I first saw it, I thought it was a Black Wii controller. I’m willing to bet that Sony will try to make a controller with a screen in 1-3 years.

    1. Yeah, no kidding. I hear Sony is incorporating their PS ‘Vita’ as a substitute controller (or something like that) for the PS4 already.

  11. I agree though Nintendo has been slow to release stellar motion controlled games themselves. Metroid Prime Collection is excellent and Skyward Sword will prove that Nintendo knows motion controls better than the competition. I just wish Nintendo would have release more core games this gen. I feel like the Wii’s potential was a bit wasted.

  12. Don’t go gettin’ cocky Reggie.

    What I want to know is: If the casual market is lost to competitors, will Nintendo begin to spend time and resources trying to counter with Wiiu, neglecting the core all over again? Leaving us with only a sprinkle of titles worth celebrating. If I am expected to settle for 3rd party multi-plats while Nintendo and co develop for families… Ima be pissed.

  13. If it took Nintendo this long to make Skyward Sword thus FULLY actualizing the potential of the motion control system THEY developed, it will take much longer for 360 and PS game developers to even adequately understand how to effectively utilize MS and Sony’s motion systems. Their so-called 1st party game developers probably have very little assistance from their console development teams so even they will have much difficulty programming for them.

    Nintendo also had pretty much as much as time as they wanted to develop the Wiimote. Sony and MS only started developing their motion systems some point after the Wii was announced, inevitably rushing them to the market out of obligation, and thus are more likely to be unstable and difficult to program.

    That being said, even though my allegiance will always lie with Nintendo, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Kinect be successful. I don’t think it could stand alone as a console controller or see it actually making as much of an impact on the video game industry as the Wiimote, BUT it has lot of potential in a more technological sense so it is worth being interested in.

    As for Sony, until Jack Tretton is fired, they realize VGs aren’t about graphics, and begin to actually care about the VG industry, I won’t ever take them seriously.

    1. Why would Jack need to be fired? You’re right, games aren’t always about graphics but its nice to have a console that actually supports my HDTV. There is nothing on Wii that compares to Killzone, Infamous, Uncharted, God of War, Battlefield, Gran Turismo, Etc.

      Look, I love Nintendo and Zelda happens to be my favorite franchise of all time. It’s lack of HD graphics doesn’t bother me one bit, but to say Jack should be fired and console makers shouldn’t work to improve graphic fidelity is just silly and borderline fan boyish. It’s clear even Nintendo cares about graphics otherwise we wouldn’t be getting the Wii U.

  14. reason wii suceeds with motion controll is that it has great motion games,its nintendo,and a well know trustfull company and that its a console,not an acessorry that costs 200$ on top of your console,plus developers would not spend extratime to use the move acessory or kinect with regular games like call of duty or ninja gaiden or maybe Elder Scrolls,Wii is based upon motion controlls along with a Classic Controller Pro,so it has the best of both worlds,not one and a gimped one.

  15. On the PS3, move was a late-to-market added extra. It’s still just an added extra.
    XBOX’s kinect is similar, in that it was never the focus of the console, but differs in that it actually isn’t a direct rip-off of Nintendo hardware. Microsoft went a better route, and in my opinion are better off for it.
    With the Wii, the motion controls were the focus. That’s what it was about. And a 8 button joystick? That was an added extra.
    Nintendo went balls to the wall with the Wii’s motion controls. They gambled a bit, but it’s paid off handsomely, and now the rest are scrambling for a piece of the motion-controlled pie.

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  18. I have a PS3 and a 360 (which is broken and I hate it -__-), but I never felt obligated to buy Kinect and Move, just because at the time I thought they were just obvious rip offs. My opinion on Kinect has kind of changed, but it still doesn’t have anything that feels like I’d enjoy. I know the 3DS didn’t have a lot of games at launch, but I knew games were going to come out that I’d enjoy eventually, Mario Kart and Zelda always reel me back in XD.

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