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Nintendo 3DS: PETA Is Anti Super Mario 3D Land, Starts Online Campaign

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has launched a campaign against Super Mario 3D Land because they believe the Tanooki Suit endorses animal cruelty. The PETA website states the following:

When on a mission to rescue the princess, Mario has been known to use any means necessary to defeat his enemy — even wearing the skin of a raccoon dog to give him special powers.

Tanooki may be just a “suit” in Mario games, but in real life, tanuki are raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for their fur. By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur.


300 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: PETA Is Anti Super Mario 3D Land, Starts Online Campaign”

    1. I guess Nintendo should’ve said ‘No Tanooki’s were harmed in the making of this game’. Shoot, PETA didn’t make a big deal when Super Mario Bros. 3 came out almost 20 years ago! This is just a publicity stunt to gain popularity.

      1. It’s so ridiculous I really have to consider it a joke. Regarding PETA, when it comes to members that feel this is a reasonable cause, I may (kidding here folks) consider cannibalism :)

        1. PETA is 2 things.

          1. A Terrorist organization. They firebomb labs and do all sorts of crazy violent things.

          2. Insane. Not only do they do things like this and act violently. But, they also capture stray animals and KILL THEM.

    1. For real, in fact native americans use to where fur to protect them from harsh cold weather. PETA is being too literal.

      1. nokel yes there is a God just because you don’t belive in him doesn’t mean you need to go around spreading lies about him

        1. God does not exist. And if he did he would be the most malevolent being in the universe. According to your Christian lore, God created everything in the universe, which means he created the Devil and allows him to do as wants with us. Look at Job, he was faithful servant of God, but just to prove a point to his son, Lucifer, God allowed Lucifer to torture the dude, kill his family, livestock and whatever else, to prove that Job would not abandon God. How fucked up is that? I guess the lives of Job’s wife and children are pretty petty next to God’s will. He’s like “Fuck ’em, I’ll make new ones” LOL.

          1. quit dising God unlike u i am christian and when u get sent to hell and wish u would of believed me and become saved i’ll be in heaven with God partying. He created the devil as a angel and gave him a chose and the devil took the wrong chose and it is the devil’s fault and he will be sent in the lake of fire with u guys if u don’t get saved.

            1. But God is supposed to know the past, present and future, right? That means he knew the devil would make that choice and everything else too. So that means that free will is a lie. If an all powerful being is controlling everything then you don’t have free will, you have a script.

              1. like i said it was the devils chose and God knew that the devil would do that. God gave us a choose if God wanted he could make u kill urself but he doesn’t becasue he gave u a chose.

              2. It’s funny how you think you’re so smart and that you, a feeble human being, can sum up existence by telling us the purpose of free will and God’s will. You have nothing to base your beliefs on except what you’ve ‘observed’ and been ‘told’ by other atheists/scientists.

                If the devil didn’t choose, then we would all be programmed just to be good. God controls everything except ‘human will’. That’s the biggest gift and responsibility given to mankind.

                Because the devil chose evil, we now have to decide whether we’ll follow God or be lead by His enemy. Honestly, I used to be on the other side but life was just a waste before. Debating the Bible never gets anything done, so I’ll just pray for you to see the Truth. Discussion over.

        2. i know it doesnt mean people are going to wear racoon tails and ears and start beating people with it it is a game like really i had super mario bros 3 and no one said shit

    2. An imaginary being did not give us animals. They are the result of millions of years of small genetic mutations to each generation of organisms that resulted in a more complex creature. Humans are animals too. By your logic we can use black people as slaves and it’d be fine. Even though PETA is retarded for the way they’re complaining about a video game, that doesn’t mean you should kill animals for no reason.

      1. You’re right that an imaginary being didn’t give us animals. God is most definitely NOT just some random imaginary being. (Not trying to turn this into a stupid fight that will get people mad at each other, I’m just standing up for what I believe in, please understand that.)

          1. I’m with IcyPhantom too. God isn’t imaginary at all. People think God doesn’t exist cuz THEY’VE never SEEN or FELT His presence. Just because they haven’t and MILLIONS (yes, millions) others have, doesn’t mean He’s imaginary. It just means that those who don’t believe in Him can’t rationally fathom Him with your small minds.

            1. I love that you think you’re being rational right now. The concept that even a religious person could truly “fathom” God is blasphemous in and of itself, so keep your ignorant opinions and prejudice of others away from here. Being religious in no way elevates you above anyone else; the very idea is against the humility your religions advocate.

              1. Everyone’s equal but being Religous and believing in God doesn’t not make me think that I am better than ANYONE not even a murderer we all sin we fall short of glory but I would never ever think that I am better than anyone else

        1. you’re right. god is not a random imaginary being. he is just something that is not real in any way at all and you can’t prove me otherwise

      2. Wtf kk d of backwards logic do you have? What separates humans from animals is conscience and free will. We are more than just animals because we don’t simply rely on instinct. Seriously not tryin to sound like an ass but think logically before you post because all you are doing is regurgitating what is taught out of a book. OH and answer this, if we come from apes why are they still around. No doubt that certain things change over time but evolution is still just a theory meaning its no law. Whether you want to believe in God is a personal choice, but know this. There is something higher governing based on simple reasoning. There is a natural order tolife through examination of it, hence why we can discover scientific laws. In addition to that there is a moral guidance to one center truth that governs how people behave.

        Anyway sorry for the tangent but please leave religion out of these forums because people lack the civility to agree to disagree

          1. Good point, his argument was not very valid. But I think I know what his point was suppose to be:
            He was trying to say that if we evolved from Apes then either there wouldn’t be anymore because they all changed, or we’d see some “big foots” walking around if they were still evolving. Since the latter idea is obviously the accurate one, I think he meant that ;)

        1. Man evolved from an ape-like creature. How many different species of monkeys are there on the earth currently? Around 3, is it so hard to understand that however millions of years ago, one of those ape species experienced an anomaly that lead to slow process that created the human race?

          1. Yes it kinda is. 1. Where’s all the half man half ape creatures? 2. Why don’t we have any proof that genetic changes can alter an organism into an organism of another species? 3. Why did we lose good traits like a strong grip, or fur to keep us warm?

            There are a lot of things wrong with evolutionary ideas, and that’s only a beginning.

          2. It’s not hard to understand lol it’s not like I’m ignorant to the theories and explaination to evolution. Infact it should still be going on today. I find it hard to believe that we do originate from apes because of how findamentally different we are in terms of our mental development over millions of years. My point was that there are distinct feature that humans have that separate them from every single other species. It’s not something u can really argue about if u examine things. Sure we bear certain relations but that doesn’t mean that it’s not for certain. And just because people don’t understand or see where I’m coming from doesn’t mean they should dismiss me altogether. It’s certain civilitaty and intolerance people have for each other. In my experience this has been from radical religious men and atheist. People can’t tolerate separate opinions. Ironically we live in a country that supposedly promotes freedom of expression yet we are less socially accepted

        1. What the fuck is wrong with you idiots, those who are acting like they must spread their shit. Whether “God” exist or not, doesn’t matter. Take it to a site that discuss these things, not here.

          @Ryo: I believe it’s called line of our common ancestor splitting into many different lines. Y’know, there wasn’t just one version of humans.

      3. Wait, what? I don’t get what your saying? If you believe evolution,and that were animals, you would have to say that treating black people like animals is okay(survival of the fittest). So why are you saying that my idea of a God would support this when it doesn’t?

        P.S. Please no stupid argumentative replies, keep this on an adult level guys ;)

        1. “If you believe evolution, and that we are animals, you would have to say that treating black people like animals is okay(survival of the fittest).” I’m thinking you meant “we are”.
          SO, I don’t get this at all. If white people are animals and black people are animals, we don’t really have to TRY to treat them LIKE animals (it would just logically happen), do we? Are you implying black people are animals whereas white people are NOT somehow? (not sure)
          Maybe you mean to say is ok to treat anyone like animals if we are all animals, but, then why are you separating “black people” of everyone else. You are saying “treatment of animals” as if all animals SHOULD be threaten in a certain kind of way, and since we are assuming people are animals, all “human conduct” is “animal conduct”, so, again, it doesn’t actually matter.

          So I think you ACTUALLY are saying is: treating anyone as inferior is part of the survival of the fittest (I mean, that’s what you are saying evolution states). Well, that is not evolution at all, the way you are using it. Also, you are applying a biological attribute to something social, and that never really works well. Is the same mistake as in relating evolution and migration.

          I find it great (not that it should matter) that you are standing for what you believe, I will probably never reply to this, so yeah, sorry.

    3. Sorry to make this a direct reply to your comment, I’d just like to address everyone here by saying the following:

      I am an Atheist, Everyone in this thread is intolerant and stupid, that includes Christians, Atheists, and everyone alike. Now can we shut the fuck up and get back to talking about PETA hating on Mario?

      1. Maybe I shouldn’t mention the word “God”, it makes people go crazy :?

        But I would like to point out how everyone here, including people who believe in God, are acting a little rude. Let’s be a little nicer and the world will be a better place.

        1. I don’t think we’re being rude. Just standing up for what we believe in. Many of us are tired of people saying ‘Screw you, God doesn’t exist’. Does that give us any excuse to react? No, but at the end of the day, one of us will be right. :D

          The End.

          Back to Mario. :)

          This game rocks!

          1. I don’t think we’re being rude. Just standing up for what we believe in. Many of us are tired of people saying ‘God exists, screw you, ’…

    1. Lol who gives a damn what PETA thinks anyways? I dont want to wear an animal but they should seriously get out of peoples business.

  1. PETA, the last I checked, the Tanuki was a goddamn myth. You are petitioning to save an animal that doesn’t exist in real life.

      1. Oh that explains it. I always Tanuki in general were fictional because of things like having magic transformation abilities and big well…y’know.

    1. Tanuki is actually a real animal. There are myths about them though.

      It’s still retarded and PETA has proved once again that they are a joke and a waste of resources.

    1. Wearing fur is wrong, I’ll give you that but I really don’t think that the power up which has been shown by Nintendo to not be real Tanooki will actually make human beings kill more animals. Actually, wearing fur isn’t wrong, killinganimals for fur is.

      1. what’s wrong with you? PETA is overreacting things but they do have a point, we are where we are right now with such enviromental disasters because people like to destroy the forests and killing animals for fun or fashion…. I’m not saying that we have to turn vegetarian, I love meat but I don’t like wearing things like leather, I think that’s cruel

        well, at the end I just think this post is

        1. Yes but to connect that to a power-up in Mario, regardless how long it’s been around, is fucking retarded. Especially when the game itself makes pretty fucking obvious you get it from touching a magical maple leaf. Not once does Mario actually skin a raccoon and where its pelt.

          Hell we don’t even know if the Tanooki Suit is actual fur. For all we know, it’s made of cotton. That’s what PETA doesn’t get. They automatically assume that because it’s a costume in the appearance of an animal, they think it’s unethical for some ridiculous reason.

      1. >they tried this with Cooking Mama and Super Meat Boy
        >this with Cooking Mama and Super Meat Boy
        >Cooking Mama
        >Super Meat Boy

        Oh god.

  2. How do they know Mario doesnt wear polyester, fake fur? Dumb bastards…

    I like how they totally ignored that fact Mario kills Koopa troopers which are basically turtles. :P Such idiots.

        1. In read deaf redemption you can go hunting and then after you shoot the animal you can skin it lol also in cod you can shoot plenty of dogs….I’d never shoot a dog unless it was rabbid but it was pretty fun in a videogame lol

            1. YEH!! In the MW series you can kill innocent chickens.

              Look at Big Buck Hunting, you kill dears running around and yet PETA does not care.

    1. Everyone knows animals are more important than people. In one of my classes when posed with the question of when it’s ethical to kill people some of the students replied “If they attack you or someone.” and when asked when it’s ethical to kill an animal those same students replied “never”. None of those students were vegetarians.

          1. Yeah but I was kind of exaggerating most students said it was ok there were around three or five that said it wasn’t…(And one of them said it was ok if the animal tasted good but otherwise never.)

  3. This may not be grammaticly correct, but here’s what I have to say;
    I’m literally dying of laughter here, how can there even exist such a stupid and just plain foolish organization? Maybe their goals are valid, but to start a campaign against MARIO because of the TANOOKI SUIT just baffles my mind!

  4. There’s a word for these kind of “genius” conclusions. Oh, what was it again…? Oh yeah, it’s called INCOMPETENCE!!!
    Seriously, PETA just buried themselves to a new low. (>_<;)

    (Just so we're on the same page, the tanooki that appear in the Mario games are based on the tanuki from Japanese folklore, not from real-life!)

  5. Just think of it this way PETA (People Entertained by Teased Animals), when Mario touches the suit, he puts on the Tanuki Suit, then when he is touched by a moving mushroom, he properly takes the suit off and kills the mushroom! (PETA, please don’t get mad at me about the mushrooms, their not animals.)

  6. So next ‘frank’ will be starting a campaign because they think that watching Mario touch mushrooms will also make people think you can become physically bigger if you touch real mushrooms

  7. What the hell?!? Why complain about this tiny thing, when guard dogs get killed on Call of Duty every minute? I think all organisations which think video games promote unethical behaviour are a pile of bullocks, but if they are ever going to complain, they need to get their priorities right…

  8. Because Mario games depict real life situations, and we should take their advice literally and apply it to our real lives.

  9. This is dumb. It’s not like Mario skins a racoon in the game to wear that suit. They should look up what they’re shoes, belts, and car seats (the fancy ones) are made of.

    This is clearly a way to promote their goals using popular mediums. It happened again with the 3DS. My question is, why Nintendo? There are way more things that cause more harm to our environment than Nintendo, you know.

  10. Let’s ask a PETA member to prove that one person can fit in Tanooki suit made from one Tanooki. (It’s actually a trick because then they’ll have to buy animal skin products which should be against their “rules”.

  11. Hey people, just STFO. All they want is that you talk about them and that’s exactly what you’re doing. Just don’t pay attention to that campaign and pretend it never existed. That’s all they deserve.

  12. I just wish these types of people would shut up and let us play games in peace, it has been in SMB3 and did PETA exist then?


    What a massive joke, what about the penguin suit from New Super Mario Bros. Wii?
    Or the Bee Suit in Super Mario Galaxy?
    What about the “killing” of Koopas(turtles)

    Seriously, PETA deserves to be flamed out for that sort of BS.

  14. Well……………………………I…………………………….have………………………………………………………………….no words for………………………………………………………………………………….this amount…………………………………………………………………of………………………………………………………………………………………stupidity -______-

  15. ok PETA you are stupid i mean since when can a tanuki fly in the air (for short time) and become a statue also you get the power up from a leaf so…

    1. If Nintendo can sue PETA in any way for making that game they should. And I think there are better things for PETA to do than create demented flash games.

  16. I’d like to thank PETA for giving this game free publicity.

    So an invented character with an invented suit is animal cruelty? So when the invented character wears a FROG suit, or a RACCOON suit, or a PENGUIN suit, it’s okay?

  17. well better buy this game before they get their way.

    hahahahahaha yeah right.

    PETA also was going after Sea World cuz they thought that since slavery was abolished it also the whale to be free from captivity.

    if they would stop making STUPID claims like this then people would really take them more seriously.
    Nintendo is probably having a huge laugh over this.
    I’m surprised they having gone after Sega for having Eggman trap animals inside of robots. or Kirby inhaling and also transforming into what he eats.

  18. For an company that says that animals should be left free, even though animals live more years in captivity or that weals should be considered to be in the constitution even though their not human, i should be a fucking retard to think this makes sence.

  19. im sad about the pixel animals…
    they bieng killed to dress up mario…
    oh, and the turttles!!! mario is saying that is fine to smash them…

    -.- come on… it’s just a video game!!!!
    actually, the suit isn’t new… it’s available since mario 3

  20. I have supported PETA on many fronts inthe past and understand the cause, but I’m fairly certain that anyone has actually put this much thought into the ethics of a Mario game.
    I don’t see how putting on a virtual costume remotely condones people to skin a tanuki, or any other animal in hopes that they can amp themselves up.
    Until there’s a couture fur tanuki suit that can make you shit a rainbow, I think this is completely asinine.

  21. Because the first thing I thought when I saw Mario wearing a Tanuki suit was that it makes me want to wear fur. These people are morons. But everyone knows that.

  22. I'm a bad human being: SOOORRRYY

    I guess I would be very VERY good at Donkey Kong Country Returns because if I let die Donkey or Dixie PETA would start a campaign against me for not taking care well the monkeys :(.

    And when playing Resident Evil 4 I would never shoot to the dogs again, oh I like dogs sorry little zombie dogs for all the pain I might cause you :(.

    I will never again, never, would kill the lyotes in StarCraft II in honour of the Coyotes (specially for Willy E. Coyote).

    Oh, I’ve just remembered… :'( I will cry all the night because I’ve just remember… it’s so sad… sorry people… but I just have to confess that I enjoyed so much everytime playing Duck Hunt…

    I’m a bad person :(.

  23. OMFG REALY At this point I supported PETA a little but now for this it’s a fucking game with a suit that Mario’s been wearing since smb3 seriously now just so PETA can be right let’s all wear fur fuck it just coz Mario does SERIOUSLY PEOPLE NEED TO GET LIVES!!!

  24. Golly, they go out of their way to make a disgusting campaign against a harmless game I like?

    BRB, gonna wear a tanooki hide and bounce around the PETA HQ.

  25. PETA probably spent alot of time making that crappy little page that could’ve been spent dong something productive, like stopping whaling. Probably a more pressing animal rights issue in Japan, right?

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  28. Say what you will about the actual contents of the campaign, the Flash game they made is surprisingly entertaining. I mean, at least as entertaining as a lot of fan-made games based on Mario. You can’t design something like this and not have had at least a passing interest in Nintendo. I mean, look at the background in that game, and compare it to Super Mario World on SNES. Admit it PETA, you love Mario just as much as we do.

  29. Fuck that! Nintendo doesn’t have to take this shit!! PETA is going to regret this if Nintendo and its fans have something to say about it! I want a public apology for starters, this is some BS!

  30. I always thought that the suit made Mario turn into a Tanooki. I never, EVER thought that he was wearing fur.

    Do they think that people are going to go out and kill animals and try to get in the skin? Like a Hannibal Lecter/TaunTaun sort of thing?

  31. Is there like an official PETA Facebook page or something? I’d like to go spam it right about now. Or at least see how some PETA followers support this claim.

  32. If PETA dislikes this then they’re really gonna dislike furs XD. I’m not a fur but I would love to see 2 The Ranting Gryphon rip them a new one for this level of stupidity.

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  34. They’re absolutely correct. The Tanooki suit will lead to people skinning Raccoon Dogs in real life… just like the fire flower has lead to arson…

  35. Two things. First, I like the fact that only an animal protection group would notice this thing. Second, I understand stopping animal cruelty is PETA’s (Penis Entering The Anus) focus but don’t they notice that every single game for children over 6 has SOME form of injury. Pacman eats ghosts, Mario stomps on Goombas (mushrooms), the original Donkey Kong is injuring DK, and even Madden games feature injuries. Add some more to this list if you could think of any.

  36. When I went vegetarian, I started looking on their site for different veg-friendly foods. But I couldn’t, and still can’t, agree with 90% of what they say. I don’t like the idea of wearing fur, or using it for fashion. It’s gross, and it’s cruel. But this is a video game. I don’t think anyone is about to run out and skin a Tanooki and put it on and try flying around. Most people don’t even know what a Tanooki is! I always thought it was just a fiction raccoon. PETA really just likes attention, and the way they get it is by making bizarre and outrageous petitions. Nobody cares, nobody will. I think I’ll go find a leaf and float around now. Catch ya later!

    1. Same here. I like PETA’s site because there’s a ton of helpful information there for practicing vegetarians like myself.

      I can even agree with their complaints about killing animals in games, but they often take things too far. I don’t understand half of what they’re doing anymore.

  37. So they hate the Tanooki suit? What about the Frog Suit or Racoon Tail (The Leaf) form from SMB3, or how about The Bee Suit (SMGalaxy), or the Penguin Suit (SMBWii), or the fact that Boomerang Mario uses a Turtle Shell? Come on PETA you sure did miss a lot to be truly animal lovers?

    And in my opinion Mario is somewhat of a plant eater he likes Mushrooms and Flowers.

    It is a game and a suit ………… it is not like there is a level where you go and skin a animal to unlock said power up! They just had nothing else to pick on at the moment and they wanted to make some flash game to bring kids to their site.

  38. Oh come on, really PETA? And what about Skyrim? The guy wears a fur loincloth in the trailer and you can collect animal pelts from mobs, FFS. If you’re going after video games for “endorsing animal cruelty” then go after the ones that actually do “promote” wearing animal skin.

  39. The next Mario Game Peta is going to protest against the massacre of Goomabas And Koopas, So maybe in two more Mario’s, Mario won’t be even able to touch Bowser So the game will end at the moment the princess is capture. Hahahahaha this is just moronic.

  40. Completely idiotic. PETA is just going to waste everyone’s time. I personally am against using animals in such a way. No one ever said the Tanooki suit was an actual fur coat. What about the penguin suit from New Super Mario bros??? I never heard anyone make a case about that. ITS A GAME.

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  42. “By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur.”

    Aha, it’s more like PETA that’s sending the message that “by wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur.” The whole cruelty with the raccoon/fur business was no where near my mind until I read this.

  43. ROFL I’m sorry, I just can’t believe that some naturalist could ever interpretate something like that. I mean, let’s pick up the in-game information: how, exactly, does Mario get the Tanooki Suit? By catching A LEAF! He doesn’t kill any innocent animal to transform. Actually, the word “transformation” itself shall solve the problem: he doesn’t wear any tanooki skinned animal, he TURNS INTO ONE! That charge is just bullshit!
    The question is: will Nintendo ever have problems with PETA? My guess is no, I think Big N is far bigger and more important than that (not saying that the enviroment isn’t important, but some groups are really extreme sometimes, which is a sad thing).

    1. I don’t think it’s considered being “extreme”.

      You see, people would love to support saving poor animals and saving the environment, but groups like PETA push people away. PETA makes the overall cause look stupid. More people would support their cause if PETA didn’t exist.

  44. That’s just fucking stupid. They weren’t talking this shit when Super Mario 3 came out. PETA is just trying to score some publicity by riding Nintendo, just like everybody else.

    What’s next? Are they going to protest the treatment of the poor half bird/half turtle Koopa Trooper, or Piranha Plants. And I personally wish they would start a campaign to free Chain Chomps from those restricted chains.

  45. Wait a minute. Shouldn’t PETA actually be supporting this? Mario is finding out what it’s like to live under a Tanooki’s skin. If anything, they should be in favor of this improvement in Human-Tanooki relations.

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  47. PETA, please realize it’s a Tanooki SUIT. Emphasis on SUIT.

    Children dress up as puppies and kitties and other animals on Halloween. During the holiday season, shameless employees dress up as reindeer. People dress up as bunnies during Easter.

    People dress up in costumes of animals all the time. That doesn’t mean they support the shaving of animal for their fur to make costumes.

    1. Let’s spam these motherfuckers!

      :: Because everytime I see mario wearing a tanuki suit all i can think of is how much i want to skin a racoon and wear its fur::

  48. oh yeah its not like its called the tanooki SUIT, or anything, its definately called the tanooki FUR, in the commercial for SM3DL they said this exactly “alright kids, when you see a tanooki, be SURE you kill it, but thats not all, take its fur to! itll let you fly just like mario!” -.-

  49. It is alright to skin animals. Just like it’s alright to boil lobsters and it’s alright to eat meat. PETA is alone on this one.

  50. I really think PETA should get back to more meaningful endeavors like destroying private property, harrassment, and criminal stupidity.
    Real fur coats FTW. Even Mario won’t settle for that faux crap.

  51. Wow I didn’t realize a Tanooki was a real animal and that skinning a leaf magically becomes ones coat. I need to watch more animal planet.

  52. Cause so many of us as kids skinned animals so we could fly. Fuck, when I was little, all I thought was I grab a leaf from this box, get this raccoon suit and fly. I didn’t think “Oh look, mario skinned an animal and gained super powers! I should do that!.” It was, and always will mean nothing to me, and I’m sure everyone agrees. I’m all for animals being treated right, but fuck sake, stop shitting all over my childhood. Btw, anyone see what they did to cooking mama?

  53. so isn’t it more resourceful to use every part the animal? not just the meat? i mean seriously what are we going to do with the pelt? burn it? oh…. well i guess we can’t do that because it will destroy the environment… then the EPA will get upset…

  54. We should submit their flash game to some coders so they create a longer version, killing more and more animals in each stage, and at the end when you beat the game, it should say that it was an initiative started by PETA.

    The it should be added to minigames websites, so everybody can play it.

    If PETA what to associate Mario with cruelty, we wil associate PETA to cuerlty.

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  56. Honestly PETA is maknig a big fucken trolling mess over a childs game just to grab attention of the buyers and screw them over, plus if they were around they would have been bitching about the Bunny ears from super mario land 2,the bee suit,frog suit,the penguin suit,Bull wario and dragon wario from Wario land super mario land 3 and if they care so fucking much by now they probably would’ve called kicking turtle shells off a cliff plummeting to their death is cruel.

  57. That’s ridiculous no one would even think it’s “ok” to skin a tanooki from a video game. People don’t take it that seriously lol

    1. I mean for crying out loud they even have fucking hunting games for the wii and other consoles like hunting season why the fuck did it have to be mario after grabbing some magical brown maple tree leaf does not mean he killed some fucken tanuki for its fur so for all PETA knows they have no fucking facts to even back up their campaign

  58. What next, ban whack a mole games because it promotes stoving a moles head in with a mallet?

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree with what PETA does but it takes a special kind of idiot to have thought of this.

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  60. oh the new COD has come out its saying that its ok to kill

  61. So the PETA complain now about the wearing of fur suits during missions but haven’t uttered a peep about Mario’s behaviour regarding turtles, sealife or beetles over the last 25 years. So the message here is… wearing fur BAD!.. kicking, stomping, burning or in any way harming animals OK!

  62. Seriously peta shut the hell up. This organization kills more animals world wide than every animal shelter put together. At one point in time the founder of peta killed more than 30 animals a day because they were imperfect. So please for the love of animals if you are a member of peta or a follower of them castrate yourself.

  63. Seriously????? This whole thing is total bullshit. They HAVE to know that Mario is not wearing the fur of a defenseless animal; it’s all just to get attention. Everyone keeps talking about it and saying how dumb they are, when THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. Publicity is publicity, even this comment is creating more publicity for them. I just want to forget about this whole thing and not give PETA what they want, and I wish everyone else would too. This whole thing is just stupid and it’s giving me a bad impression and imagery in my head that has ruined my thoughts when I see Tanooki Mario, even though it could not be even close to true.

  64. I love animals as much as the next person but we are on top of the food chain… PETA is taking it a little too far!!! It’s a video game I would understand if it was real life than maybe we should do something kids are not gonna go out n shoot a raccoon. If they have enough money to purchase these games they are not going to do that.

  65. PETA is definitely taking it too far.
    Mario has lots of different suits. What about the penguin suit, and the rabbit one? And the frog and bee one? It’s not like Nintendo sat down calmly one day and said “Hey, lets start thinking of animal suits for Mario to wear, so we can encourage people to skin animals and wear their fur.”

  66. Did some wikiing and learned the history of “The Tanooki Suit”

    Legends of the tanuki have them using leaves to shape-shift. They also use leaves that fool merchants, they resemble money, and turn back into leaves once the creature has left. Tanuki stories are a great example of Japanese tall tales/folklore, and a clever addition to Nintendo’s Italian plumber’s adventures.

    Here’s why PETA is (kinda) full of it:

    Has anyone noticed that the suit is clearly modeled after the tanuki creatures, yet it is named “The Tanooki suit” There is a reason for this. The name “Tanooki” reefers to Mushroomland’s first tailor. His name was simply “Tanooki” and he sewed tanuki tails to the back of each of his suits. These tails give the wearer magic powers. The suit would shape-shift into a leaf, and turn into a suit once used. PETA may have a case against Mr. Tanooki, it is unknown if actual tanuki tails were used for the suits. This would be a fair assumption since the tanuki’s themselves have the magic powers. While this may seem cruel to PETA I’m sure many a swindled Japanese merchant must be thrilled that a tradesman finally got revenge on the huckster raccoon-dogs.

    Sadly for Mr. Tanooki the Mushroom Kingdom was not spared during the global economic crisis, and due to the recession he was forced to close up shop. His suits are now incredibly rare. Mario, and his brother must have great luck in finding the few still left in Mushroomland.

    While PETA has a right to be offended, their anger should be sated by the sick satisfaction that Mr. Tanooki died penniless while Tanukis run free. Yet they insist on conducting a smear campaign against the Mushroom Kingdom’s most celebrated hero. Mario has, and will continue to use any means necessary to protect the sacred monarchy in Mushroomland, and while a few tanukis may have lost their tails, the horrific dictatorship of the King of the dragon-turtles has consistently been averting thanks to the Italian foreigner. A Bowser rule would spell utter peril for tanukis, and anyone unfortunate enough to be his subject.


  67. On a more serious note: Nintendo is the video gaming artist’s video gaming artist. The Mario franchise is one of the best examples of video gaming as a respectable medium. It engages all ages, and its innovation is unparalleled. Graphical differences aside, just one, or two frames of Sunshine, Galaxy, and 64 are all you need to tell the games apart. No FPS can claim such creativity.

    I was depressed that there were no Midnight releases for the game. While I have no moral objection to violent video games, and I understand their success; I just don’t see how video gamers of all stripes don’t want a copy of Mario.


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  71. Actually Mario “transforms” into Tanooki Mario. That “skin” as they call it is actually “part” of Mario himself. He isnt wearing a suit, he is a new form of Mario! After touching the special mushroom Mario morphs into Tanooki Mario therefore PETA is wrong about Mario endorsing the wearing of fur.

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